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Shopping Spree 14/28

Shopping Spree 14/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 14/28

No, vampires don’t show up in mirrors, he’s actually in the mirror. In the TV series he has a habit of spying on watching Integra from reflective surfaces.

Alucard: What am I doing here? Looking out for you and the police girl, of course.
Integra (thinking): If I button up my shirt, it’ll look as though I’m trying to hide. I can’t look like I’m trying to hide from a vampire.

Integra: You don’t need to look out for me all the time, you know.

Alucard: [completely ignoring that] Seras and Walter were wrong, by the way.

Shopping Spree 11/28

Shopping Spree 11/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 11/28

Screencaps from Intensity.

Integra (thinking): I haven’t wondered this since I was a child…do I have a pretty face?

An authoritative face, clearly…A stern face…A face that shows no fear, when older men recoil in terror…the kind of face I need, to lead Hellsing effectively. I have that. But…is it a pretty face? Does it matter?

Shopping Spree 9/28

Shopping Spree 9/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 9/28

I don’t know why she’s back in her suit in that last panel. For continuity purposes, pretend she’s in another wacky dress.

Walter: A good thought, Seras.

Seras: Thanks…So, what do you think is Sir Integra’s best feature?

Seras&Walter: Her eyes.

Shopping Spree 8/28

Shopping Spree 8/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 8/28

Seras: Perhaps if you smiled and relaxed, instead of looking so stern…
Walter: Perhaps if you chose outfits to match Integra, instead of just what you find appealing…

Seras: Oh…right…I…
Alucard (telepathy): Stop dwelling on your error and focus on the problem at hand.

Seras (thinking): Right!
Seras: Let’s see. An outfit should accent your best feature, right…?

Shopping Spree 7/28

Shopping Spree 7/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 7/28

This is where I ran out of dress ideas, so I started purloining from Sailor Moon.

Seras: Eh…no.
Walter: It doesn’t suit you.

Seras: I don’t think so.
Walter: Just like the last four.

Integra: I’m not even showing this one to you.
Seras: The salmon?
Walter: Probably a good idea.

Shopping Spree 6/28

Shopping Spree 6/28 published on No Comments on Shopping Spree 6/28

The International House Of (X) will be shopped at again.

International House of Designer Dresses
Seras: Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Incredible!

Integra: I think we lost Seras.
Walter: At least we can still hear her…

Seras: I found some outfits for you to try on, Sir Integra!
Integra (thinking): What have I gotten myself into?

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