Fangirl Karaoke: Happy Birthday

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All the fangirls and fanboys in the final panel are friends of mine. – And now for something completely different… – Today’s karaoke will be a rather unusual one. – We’re singing the real lyrics, not a parody. – Unfortunately, we have no idea who wrote this song, so we can’t give them credit… –… Continue reading Fangirl Karaoke: Happy Birthday

Thanksgiving Bonus

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Fangirls at Thanksgiving… Erin: And I’m thankful for Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing! Mom: She’s not real. [This is my mom. She’s very much a literalist.] Erin: Well then, can I be thankful for Kouta Hirano? He’s real. Mom: I guess so. Why? Erin: Because he created Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing! Mom: I give up.

New Year Bonus

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Integra: You know, the famous ball may be about to drop in New York City, signaling the official arrival of the New Year, but they’re on Eastern Time, we’re on Greenwich Mean Time, the year started six hours ago here, and it’s time to get back to work.

Seussentennial Bonus

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Cameo: a Wocket. We interrupt this storyline to bring you… Integra (thinking): …? Integra: Walter, could you come up here for a moment? Walter: You called, sir? Integra: Tell me, is there any particular reason to be commemorating Dr. Seuss today? Walter: Dr. Seuss, the famous, whimsical, rhyming genius who is probably the best-selling children’s… Continue reading Seussentennial Bonus

St. Patrick’s Day/Manga Release

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The release date was in fact delayed until April 7, setting a pattern. *pinch* Manga Integra: What was that for? Alucard: It’s St. Patrick’s Day and you’re not wearing green. Therefore, according to the Police Girl, I have every right to pinch you. Integra: I don’t have time to deal with you right now, Alucard.… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day/Manga Release

April 1, 2004

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Jan: I’d like to take a moment to address all Hellsing fans. As you have probably sorted out by now, I swear. A lot. And it’s come to my attention that this upsets some of you. Frankly… …I had no idea that it was so objectionable! And I certainly had no intention of offending anyone!… Continue reading April 1, 2004

A Brief History of Christianity (from Adam to Zwingli) Part 2

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According to Catholic doctrine, if you weren’t a member of the Catholic Church, you went to hell. Oh, and the Pope can kick you out of the Catholic Church. (It’s called excommunication.) Even if you’re the king. Since everyone in Europe was Catholic, and none of them wanted to be ruled by a king who… Continue reading A Brief History of Christianity (from Adam to Zwingli) Part 2

First Anniversary

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Erin: Three hundred sixty-six days. Three hundred twenty-four comics. I’ve lost track of the number of sketchbooks… Walter: Nine hundred thirty-nine cups of tea. Integra: Two hundred sixty-one cigars. Walter: That figure sounds low. Integra: Well, I quit for that month, and was on an island without cigars for one storyline. Seras: Three pints of… Continue reading First Anniversary

Second Anniversary

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The characters shown: Reseda (in her uniform from the Sailor Moon ficverse) Tabitha (my cat) Integra (because you can never have too much Integra) Me (you knew that, right?) Lisa (you haven’t met her yet, but you will) and Baalberith (still Hell’s best secretary). Shine is two years old today! Here’s to the next two… Continue reading Second Anniversary

Father’s Day 2005

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Seras: Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I know I’m immortal, so I may never see you again, or at least not for a long time…but I’m trying to do what you would’ve wanted me to do. I may not be human any more, but I’m trying to protect people like you did…the way I wanted to… Continue reading Father’s Day 2005