April 1, 2004

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Jan: I’d like to take a moment to address all Hellsing fans. As you have probably sorted out by now, I swear. A lot. And it’s come to my attention that this upsets some of you. Frankly… …I had no idea that it was so objectionable! And I certainly had no intention of offending anyone!… Continue reading April 1, 2004

Art Interlude: Iron Chef

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April Fool’s art: From now on, Shine’s regular canon-based plot will be replaced with a bakery AU. They are making carrot cake. Awesome, holy, anti-FREAK carrot cake. Also on Deviantart.

Marco, Polo, Incognito

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Skip to two weeks later for the follow-up. Erin: Oh, I’ve got something fun to share with you today. [Yes, it’s still your doujinshi-ka. I just got a haircut.] I’m currently taking a c lass about the history of the book. For centuries the most popular books in western Europe were religious: the Book of… Continue reading Marco, Polo, Incognito

The Cursed Storyline – April 1

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Witch cameos, next to Yumi: Hazuki and Aiko (Ojamajo Doremi), Elphaba (Wicked), Hermione and Luna (Harry Potter), Doremi, Yuuko (xxxHOLiC), Ai (Love Witch). Ai: Why did these people have a hard time finding witches at this school? Yuuko: This is just the April Fool’s Day strip, that’s why.