The second of the battles: Anderson, Alucard, Walter, and Jeeves, with Maggie and Marian not far behind.

Triptych (Part II) 1/35

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Meanwhile, back at the big-name battle… Anderson: I will stab you with my bayonets! Alucard: Not before I shoot you with my big guns! Marian: I’m glad this isn’t our fight. It’s way too phallic for me!

Triptych (Part II) 2/35

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iJeeves: If I might be permitted to interject an opinion? Mister Anderson, perhaps you have observed the behavior of a cat when it feels no pressing need to devour its prey. I believe the metaphor has particular relevance to your present situation. And Mister Alucard… Let us be frank with each other. You deserve better.

Triptych (Part II) 3/35

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That’s right, folks, this Jeeves is an I-jin. (You thought I would make the real Jeeves evil? Seriously? Come on, readers, I’m disappointed in you.) Alucard: This just keeps getting more and more fun! Jeeves! Anderson: Jeeves?! The legendary war hero, vampire slayer, and tactical mastermind? That Jeeves? Alucard: No, you idiot. Anderson: Oh. I… Continue reading Triptych (Part II) 3/35

Triptych (Part II) 4/35

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Alucard: I doubt you’ll hold a candle to the real Jeeves, but I can’t wait to see what powers you have. This should be an interesting fight indeed! iJeeves: Sir, I am afraid you have misunderstood me. I will not be your opponent. That honor falls to this man over here.

Triptych (Part II) 5/35

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Earlier that night: Walter: Jeeves–? You can’t be! iJeeves: Did I really train you so badly, little Walter? Your beloved mentor went missing in action, and was never seen again. Eventually I was presumed to be dead. But in the absence of evidence, how could you be certain? Walter: Easily. I killed him. iJeeves: Ah.… Continue reading Triptych (Part II) 5/35

Triptych (Part II) 6/35

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That’s a Victoria Cross being presented (secretly) to Bertie. His relationship with Jeeves was illegal in the UK at the time, and, as seen with WWII codebreaker Alan Turing, no amount of war heroism would have stopped him from being prosecuted if it had gotten out. Walter: Jeeves was mortally wounded. We couldn’t risk him… Continue reading Triptych (Part II) 6/35

Triptych (Part II) 8/35

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[Perfect 10] Walter: nnngh… A lucky hit. Don’t let it make you cocky, young man. iJeeves: Indeed. Dear Walter. I had hoped you would be more cooperative. But I see it was not to be.

Triptych (Part II) 9/35

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iJeeves: Recall that I-Jin are more than mere clones. We each have a special gift. If you will not be manipulated through subtler means… …then I shall directly alter your mind. Walter: Wh-what are y– –AAAAAIEEE!! iJeeves: You’ll no longer be Hellsing’s retired old trash collector, or Integra’s devoted valet, or even Maggie’s worried father.… Continue reading Triptych (Part II) 9/35