Betrayal 1/17

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Seras: What a nice story. Pip: Yeah. Okay, now for the point. Integra: For a paper user, books have feelings. When Readman set that fire, it wasn’t simply destruction of her property. To her, it was mass murder. Pip: Ow. Seras: …okay, that’s less nice.

Betrayal 2/17

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Integra: Readman does not enjoy death. The only reason she would have killed so many is if she truly believed it was necessary. If the British Library did something so horrible that she had no choice. Downstairs: Yomiko: So you understand now, Walter? Walter: I do. If the one in danger had been Integra…I would… Continue reading Betrayal 2/17

Betrayal 3/17

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Yomiko: I didn’t want to do it, Walter! If there had been any other way…! But there wasn’t. And the books understood that. They told me they weren’t afraid. They were willing to be martyrs! For me! It would have been safer to sneak away, but I had to honor their sacrifice, had to… I… Continue reading Betrayal 3/17

Betrayal 5/17

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Yomiko: I should get going. I’ve already been here too long. We’re getting out of the country tonight. Thank you for everything. Do you mind if I disguise as you again? I can’t exactly walk around London as myself… Walter: Go ahead. Unsettling though it is. Yomiko: Sorry about that.

Betrayal 6/17

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A list of I-Jin from the R.O.D continuity. And surely you all know about this guy by now… Yomiko: Remember to be careful! When I destroyed the library, it wiped out the archive of DNA… Integra: …but our enemies have stolen samples in the past. The ones used to create I-jin. The clones of exceptional… Continue reading Betrayal 6/17

Betrayal 8/17

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Walter: Seras’ catboy. You can talk. You’re with them. The ones behind the artificial vampires. Schrödinger: Right in three! And I have some instructions for you. Walter: If you think I would ever betray Sir Integra– [swoosh] –you’re crazy. Schrödinger: Ah, but I know something you don’t know.

Betrayal 10/17

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Schrödinger: Maggie Mui. Born fifteen years ago in Hong Kong. Named for her mother, who never knew the identity of that gentleman secret agent. She’s always been easy to please. Give her a cupboard to sit in and a good book, and she’s thrilled. But it would be just as easy to make her UNhappy.… Continue reading Betrayal 10/17