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The Iscariots

Sailor Iscariot

Name: Heinkel Wolfe
Age: 16
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Favorite color: Brown
Religion: Catholic
Race/ethnicity: Austrian
Likes: Guns, gold, Yumie/ko
Dislikes: Vampires, people who ask “What are you, anyway?”
Talents: Passing as either gender

Transformation phrase: Iscariot Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross bracelet
Attack phrase: Iscariot Order: Into The Depths!
Weapon: Dagger

Heinkel was created to be the next-generation Alex: a faster, better, stronger regenerator, out to do the Church’s dirty work. The current quest: finding three Holy Relics, which will be used to summon the Messiah and bring about the Apocalypse. The Iscariot Organization want this done by any means necessary…but is Heinkel really ready for the world to end?

Heinkel is intersex, and will present as whatever gender is most advantageous at the time, but her underlying preference is for being seen as female.

The first Holy Relic, the Belt of Thomas, belongs to her.

Sailor Berserker

Name: Yumiko/Yumie Takagi
Age: 15
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Favorite color: Blue
Religion: Catholic
Race/ethnicity: Japanese
Likes: Killing things (Yumie); flowers and stained glass (Yumiko); Heinkel (both)
Dislikes: Killing things (Yumiko); flowers and stained glass (Yumie)
Talents: Self-defense (Yumie); grace and benevolence (Yumiko)

Transformation phrase: Berserker Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross rosary
Attack phrase: Berserker Order: Tougen Battou Ryuu! (Island-Plain Drawn Sword Style)
Weapon: Katana

Sweet nun-in-training Yumiko has an alternate personality, Yumie, whose ruthless defensive abilities were cultivated by the Church to make her an assassin. She’s accompanying Heinkel on the quest for the Holy Relics. Her switching, like Heinkel’s passing for male when not transformed, helps keep up her secret identity.

Yumiko doesn’t want the world to end, but may believe it’s God’s Will. Yumie, meanwhile, doesn’t care one way or another about the rest of the world…as long as she gets to keep Heinkel.

The second Holy Relic, the Sword of Saint Peter, belongs to them.

(The third Holy Relic, Helena’s Nail, belongs to Alex Anderson.)