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Max | Sailor Millennia

Name: Montana Max
Age: ???
Zodiac sign: Aries
Favorite color: Dark red
Religion: “Who guarantees the sanity of your God?”
Race/ethnicity: well, according to him, the Master Race
Likes: War, bloodshed, violence, destruction
Dislikes: Peace, quiet, long walks on the beach
Talents: Making dramatic speeches

Transformation phrase: Millennium Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold-and-red brooch
Attack phrase: Millennium Order: Let Us Have War!
Weapon: Armored zeppelins

Sailor Millennia is the final villain of the series, and, as it turns out, the power behind all the others. He craves destruction for destruction’s sake, and to that end he commands a small army of Sailor Knights, who wear mind-controlling FREAK bracelets to place them under his control.

With the masked vampire out of the country (supposedly on a cruise…but why hasn’t Integra heard from him?), our heroines are on their own, and Sailor Millennia takes the opportunity to pick them off one by one.

Can Sailor Hellsing bring herself to fight her own friends (even if they are wearing snazzy new dark pinstriped uniforms)? Can she win this battle even after losing an eye? Only time (and several multichapter battle sequences) will tell…