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Helena | Sailor Ghost

Name: Helena
Age: Ancient
Zodiac sign: Unknown
Favorite color: White
Religion: Unknown
Race/ethnicity: English
Likes: Old books, classical music, being alone
Dislikes: Crowds, loud noises, fire
Talents: Languages, history, keeping a cool head

Transformation phrase: Ghost Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross hair clip
Attack phrase: Ghost Order: Eternity!
Weapon: Fire

In the far-future paradise of Crystal London, where vampires and humans live together in relative peace, the ancient Helena was a respected recluse. Sometimes she was approached for advice, which she gave, but all she really wanted was be left alone and read.

To everyone’s surprise, she developed a bond with the Countess’ daughter, Laura.

When a mysterious enemy attacks the city and Helena is killed, her sailor powers awaken. As the time-and-space-bending Sailor Ghost, she sends Laura back to the safety of the past, then works to bring the Sailor Knights of old to the future, where they can keep the enemy from taking the rest of Crystal London down as well.