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Chapter 1 Page 16

Chapter 1 Page 16 published on No Comments on Chapter 1 Page 16

Integra: Ouch…Alunacard, who was that masked man? Will you tell me everything? I don’t know why, but…I feel like I can trust you…

Alunacard: I don’t have all the answers you want, but I can tell you this. You’re the knight in a sailor suit, Sailor Hellsing.

There are three other Sailor Knights, which we must find. You were created to protect and guard the Master. I told you a catastrophe is coming. An enemy approaches.

The enemy is not human, but a vampire. And the Master is the only person who can stop him.

Integra: Okay…let me digest that. And get something for my arm.

Alunacard (thinking): You’ll be okay. You’re strong, for a human.

You’ve proven your worth against a human, Integra. But more deadly creatures walk the night of London.

[ACT 1 – END]

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