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Act 6 Page 12

Act 6 Page 12 published on No Comments on Act 6 Page 12

Agent: Walter, sir, there are reports of a couple of vampires in a residential area…

Walter: I believe you report directly to Sir Integra.

Agent: Uh…right.

Well, Sir Integra, there are at least two freaks, plus a few ghouls, near a block of new flats. Captain Steadler’s squad lost them…

Integra: Send down Gareth and a few snipers. Hurry!

Pip: Aieee! She is a vampire! Help!

Alex (thinking): I don’t have any weapons with me…

Alex: Pip! Can you keep a secret?

Pip: Yeah, sure! Just help!

Alex: It’s all real. Vampires…and Sailor Knights. Regenerator Power…

…Make Up! Take your hands off her, vampire!

Mystery Voice: You will have no trouble with the normal human troops. The chip in your body ensures that. The Sailor Knights are another matter. Do not attempt to engage more than one.

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