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Act 3 Page 3

Act 3 Page 3 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 3

Integra: You idiot!

Spying? Who told you to spy? You can’t just go violating a person’s privacy like that! I asked for information, not illegal video!

You’re such a child, Kim. You and your conspiracy theories. This isn’t America, you know! Grow up and leave Alexandra alone!

Teacher: Class is about to begin! Everyone take your seats!

Kim (thinking): Just now, Integra looked so…well, she was furious, but she also looked much older…

Voice: The last one I sent failed miserably. Will you two fare any better? Will you succeed or will you die?

Leif: Oh, stop worrying. We can’t die!

We’ll exist forever. And we’ll send your message out to England!

Jessica: To the British empire. To Protestantism. And to the Hellsing Organization!

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