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Act 3 Page 13

Act 3 Page 13 published on No Comments on Act 3 Page 13

Integra: We can’t possibly do that–

Alunacard: Yes…actually, we can.

Kim: Eeeeek! Talking eight-eyed dog!

Integra (thinking): I though the Sailor Knights were chosen by destiny.

Alunacard (thinking): They are. She already is one. But she doesn’t need to know that.

Integra (thinking): And since when are you telepathic?

Alunacard (thinking): Since always. I just haven’t had cause to make use of the ability before.

Integra: I don’t like you keeping secrets from me, Alunacard.

Kim: Aiiieee!
[she’s thrilled by vampires, but talking dogs freak her out?]

Alunacard: …

Integra: It sounds as though our backup is here. Alex, Alunacard, get Kim out of here.

Ale: Come on.

Soldier: Miss Integra? Are you out here?

Integra: Here I am, Commander. The targets have been silenced. Deal with the dust piles and sweep the area for ghouls.

Soldier: Yes, ma’am!

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