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Act 16 Page 14

Act 16 Page 14 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 14

Integra: Just stay on your guard. This toy of hers is powerful. It might not be the only surprise out there.

Seras: Sir Integra? I have a question . . .

Integra: Yes, schoolgirl?

Seras: Our crosses got a bit destroyed in the last battle, so . . .

What can we do to defend ourselves?


Integra: Seras, you’re a vampire! Alex has regeneration powers! Kim can survive being reduced to a pile of dust. And Pip is strong, coordinated, agile, and fast.

As for me — I can use a gun. And we still have Alucard, if we need him. We can do plenty without our Sailor Knight powers.

Alex: That’s all very true, Integra. But . . .

Integra: But, what?

Alex: But I miss my bayonets.

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