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Act 12 Page 5

Act 12 Page 5 published on No Comments on Act 12 Page 5

Integra: Your men became ghouls.

Lieutenant: Eh?

Integra: Animated corpses that move under the vampire’s will. You did attend the lecture?

Lieutenant: Well, yes, but…I didn’t know they’d become something…inhuman!

Integra: You’re a lieutenant in the London police force. One would assume you have the necessary intelligence to assess the situation and respond accordingly. And yet you forgot that the only thing to do in these situations is to call on us.

Lieutenant: Now see here, “Sir” Integral Wingates Van Helsing! I didn’t come here to be insulted by a child —

Integra: Lieutenant? Shut up.

My organization has already sent units in. Your business with this is finished. Hellsing will take it from here.

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