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Act 12 Page 1

Act 12 Page 1 published on No Comments on Act 12 Page 1

Teacher: When signing up for next year’s courses, choose carefully…most of the 600-level courses have one or more pre- or co-requisites. Waiver of a pre- or co-requisite requires the written permission of blah blah blah…

Pip (thinking): God, this is boring…Okay, maybe I shouldn’t think “God.” It seems a little sacreligious…not that I’ve ever been big on religion. Alex and Integra must be gettin’ to me.

I wonder if Integra’s ever gonna come back to school…people are gonna notice her growth spurt, though.

I’ve watched the news constantly, but there’s nothing about that blackout anymore, and not a peep about military action. Whoever keeps the Hellsing Organization off TV does a bang-up job.

Teacher: Miss Bernadette!

Pip (thinking): Uh-oh.

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