Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

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To see the whole thing: Start from page 1 To see the pages never posted before: Skip to the Chapter 16 intro page If all you want is an executive summary of the fun bits: Skip to the arc overviews Other links: Chapter index | Characters | Artbook A most unlikely fusion. Lots of genderswap… Continue reading Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

Framing Device 1

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A., There’s a bizarre story behind these pages. Two years ago the artist, one Naoko Hirano, pitched a terribly compelling manga series. She included pints of half a chapter, and the publisher was so intrigued that they immediately made an offer. They never heard back. She was reported missing the next day. Police found nothing.… Continue reading Framing Device 1

Act 1 Page 01

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[CHEDDAR KILLING SPREE] Arthur (thinking): Another “incident” made its way into the news…which would perhaps be less worrisome if only my dear daughter could wake up on time. [RARE BOOKS RECOVERED] [MERGERS PLANNED] Arthur: INTEGRA! Integra: Oh no! I’m going to be late again!

Act 1 Page 04

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Integra: Oh, no, now I’m really late! Teacher’s gonna kill me… Integra (narrating): Which is how I missed my first class, lost my bag, and didn’t turn in my homework. And to top it all off, I failed a quiz because I was up all night watching a vampire hunt. That’s right — vampires. My… Continue reading Act 1 Page 04

Act 1 Page 06

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Brenner: I wasn’t mocking how you look, only pointing out that you have pointy hair. Pointy-hair. Integra: Fine. Just forget it! [STOMP STOMP] Brenner: She’s tough. Integra: What a day! I need a nap… [flop] [TAP TAP] Come in! Nobody at the door? What the…?