Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

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To see the whole thing: Start from page 1 To see the pages never posted before: Skip to the Chapter 16 intro page If all you want is an executive summary of the fun bits: Skip to the arc overviews Other links: Chapter index | Characters | Artbook A most unlikely fusion. Lots of genderswap… Continue reading Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing

Sailor Hellsing: Arc Summaries

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If you just finished reading the entire Sailor Hellsing doujinshi: congratulations! If you skipped straight here, because you didn’t want to slog through every poorly-drawn page: yeah, I don’t blame you. Here’s an executive summary of the fun bits. Scroll past Season 1 for the plot outlines of all the never-written arcs that would have… Continue reading Sailor Hellsing: Arc Summaries