Act 3 Page 14

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Integra: That’s “sir.” Soldier: Eh? Integra: The Royal Protestant Knights are an ordained order. As such, I am by inheritance a knight, and the proper form of address for me is “sir.” You don’t have to agree with me, Commander. Just follow orders. Soldier: Yes, m– Sir Integra! Kim (thinking): This is great! No camera,… Continue reading Act 3 Page 14

Act 3 Page 15

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Kim: Hey, ah…do you think you could maybe say something? Because you’re cool, you really are, but it’s freaking me out just a little here… Masked Vampire: I’ve been hungry for so very long… …but you’re going to help me change that. [CHOMP] [Act III – End]

Act 4 Page 1

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[BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP] Integra (narrating): I’m Integra Wingates Van Helsing. Secretly leader of the Hellsing Organization. Integra: Ugh…why did I set my alarm when it’s Saturday? Integra (narrating): Also — and this is an even bigger secret — a Sailor Knight, one of four, looking for the others. Alunacard: Because you wanted to meet… Continue reading Act 4 Page 1