Act 4 Page 16

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Alunacard: You must hurry up and find your fourth companion, and the Master. The Enemy is increasing in power. He will be ready to approach this island soon. He must not find us unprepared. Kim: what happens if he does? Alunacard: Total destruction. Integra: We understand, Alunacard. We won’t lose! [Act IV – End]

Act 9 Page 7

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Knights: Alunacard! Alutimis!! …Which one of them is which? Alu: Sailor Knights! this is the Enemy! You’re not ready for this! Alu: Get out of here, now! Integra: Sorry, we can’t do that. Not now. We’ve come too far. Incognito: Is that so? After the way you dealt so splendidly with my “freaks,” I was… Continue reading Act 9 Page 7

Act 9 Page 8

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Integra: Did you cause the power outage? Incognito: Yes. Integra: Why? Incognito: To bring you out. It seems like a wasted effort, now… Integra: Knights — Fire. Knights: Kill a Monster!! / Dust to Dust!! / Search and Destroy! // Transcend Force!

Act 9 Page 10

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[BOOM] Integra: Alunacard…was…? And Alutimis…? Alucard: No, Sailor Hellsing. Alunacard and Alutimis are my familiars. Extensions of myself, in canine form. I felt you’d accept a dog more readily than a vampire.

Act 9 Page 11

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[he he he HA HA HA HA] Incognito: I’ll be back on the full moon for the summoning. Goodbye, Sailor Knights! [WHOOSH] Integra (thinking): That much silver…if it hits the Masked Vampire, it should be fatal…!

Act 12 Page 4

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Alex (thinking): Well, I really wanted to talk to Integra, but she’s not here, and Pip’s the only other person who will talk to me. Since when do I need people to talk to, anyway? Since an enemy showed up that I can’t deal with on my own? All my regeneration power, and there’s nothing… Continue reading Act 12 Page 4