You like to listen to the songs on the Hellsing soundtracks, but haven't many of you have always wanted to play them? (I know I have. I dabble in piano, because I can't sing but there are songs that I love.)

I've found a handful of PDFs of sheet music for some of the Hellsing songs, arranged by interested volunteers. Here are the links:

At josh's anime sheet music collection:

Kamen Shinpu to Chapel no Kane (RAID 12)
Sei (Sei) Mono e no Chinkonkyoku (RAID 17)
Netsu Tsukusareta Back Ground (RUINS 13)
Saraba Ponkotsu WORLD (RUINS 18)

At josh's anime sheet music: submissions:
Kikyou Kaoro Iroha Michi (RUINS 11)

From Symphony Sheet Music
(if anyone knows where it moved, please let me know):

Genzai ~ Shoujo wo Mamorinukenaiga Tameni~ (RAID 10)

Disclaimer: Hellsing is copyright lots of people who aren't me; the music in particular is by Yasushi Ishii.