Ever noticed how Hellsing lyrics are almost impossible to find?  Nobody ever has anything but Logos Naki World (World Without Logos), and nobody can agree on what those are.  Thus, this site: a cure for the World Without Lyrics.

Unless otherwise noted, the following lyrics are from the American-edition Hellsing Official Sound Tracks. You can order both from Geneon Anime Music.

By the way, if you notice extra spaces, tildes (the ~ symbol), odd capitals, etcetera, they're not typos; I'm copying these things exactly as they come in the lyrics booklets (with the exception of capitalizing English words among the Japanese lyrics).

We now also have piano sheet music for select Hellsing songs!

[Logos Naki World]
[Genzai~Shoujo wo Mamorinukenaiga Tameni~]
[Sensou Suru Nara Yumi, Yari,Ken da Tatakae!]

[Tsumitsukuri Na Nikui Yatsu]
[Soul Kyuumeitai]
[Seishin Keisatsu Sousaka noUrajijou]
[Shi-kuretto Karuma Serenade]
[Tsumihoroboshi Shinpushi]

Neither OST:
[Shine (Mr. Big)]

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Disclaimer: Hellsing is copyright lots of people who aren't me; the music in particular is by Yasushi Ishii.