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Hellsing Summaries

Just so you know where to look for what screenshots and which scans, here’s a brief rundown of the contents of the tankōbon and DVDs.

American DVD Release (Geneon)

Every DVD contains a collection of concept art, and some trailers for other Geneon (then Pioneer) releases – plus of course the original Japanese audio, the English dub, and optional English subtitles.

Volume 1 cover

Vol. 1 – Impure Souls

Order 01: The Undead
Integra introduced; Alucard introduced; Hellsing introduced; Seras runs away from ghouls; Seras captured by vampire priest, saved by Alucard; Seras becomes a vampire; Seras to join Hellsing

Order 02: Club M
Seras hesitates to shoot vampire attacking Kim; Hellsing given exposition; Leif and Jessica drive around and shoot people; Alucard releases to level five and creates illusions; Walter introduced; Seras gets used to living with Hellsing; Seras shoots Jessica

Order 03: Sword Dancer
Boarding-school young adults turn vampire; Alex comes to England to deal with them; Integra makes a joke; Captain Gareth killed; Seras stabbed by Alex; Alex and Alucard fight until Integra interrupts


  • Psalm of the Darkness (music video/trailer/thing)
  • Creditless opening
  • Action figure info

Volume 2 Cover

Vol. 2 – Blood Brothers

Order 04: Innocent as a Human
Seras refuses to drink blood; new captain introduced; footage of Hellsing makes it onto the Internet; Seras plays detective, meets Harry Anders; Kim reports on Hellsing’s activities on TV; Kim, captain, and vampire-film makers tracked down; Kim’s blood drunk

Order 05: Brotherhood
Harkonnen Cannon, Jackal introduced; Valentine brothers hang out with scantily clad women in eerie bars; Valentine brothers attack Hellsing mansion; Knights of the Round Table introduced, rag on Integra; Integra out-awesomes them all

Order 06: Dead Zone
Luke challenges Alucard; Aluchard releases to level one, starts shapechanging; Luke gets whipped; Jan brings in ghoul army, smokes Integra’s cigars; Walter holds Jan off while Seras battles ghoul army, including former Hellsing soldiers; Integra shoots Jan


  • Staff interview
  • Creditless ending v.1

Volume 3 Cover

Vol. 3 – Search and Destroy

Order 07: Duel
Mess from 05 and 06 is cleaned up; Integra hears reports on troop loss, meets with Enrico Maxwell in museum; Seras and others chase vampire into a subway; Alex kills vampire, several Hellsing soldiers; more information on FREAK chips given; Alex attacks Seras, who is saved by Alucard; Alucard beats Alex again; Integra pwns Enrico

Order 08: Kill House
Seras introduces new troops to the idea of vampires; Seras goes back to old apartment, encounters Harry Anders, taken to see Helena; Helena waxes philosophic; Alucard messes with Integra’s dreams

Order 09: Red Rose Vertigo
Regular Army attempts
to do Hellsing’s job, fails miserably; Alucard distracted by first appearance of Incognito; baobhan sith shows up, hypnotizes Walter, unnerves Seras, poses as Integra’s sister; Incognito gains small army, inducts Paul Wilson in odd rose-petal scene; baobhan sith undresses, bites Integra; Alucard kills her; Integra stabs self


  • Japanese cover art
  • Creditless ending v.2

Volume 4 Cover

Vol. 4 – Eternal Damnation

Order 10: Master of Monster
Integra goes through surgery, has dream-flashback: Young Integra takes lessons from father, watches father die, chased by Uncle Richard & minions, finds Alucard in basement, awakes Alucard, kills uncle; Seras realizes Integra is Alucard’s master, their relationship is special; Alucard waits until Integra’s awake to leave

Order 11: Transcend Force
Attempt to trap the bad guys leads into counter-trap; Seras goes to find Helena, finds her eaten; Helena pwns Incognito, burns down own house; Integra does cool knight-ceremony thing; traitor in the Round Table sends British military to Tower of London to attack Hellsing; Helena gives Seras information; Seras runs to save day

Order 12: Total Destruction Counter-trap springs into full force; Ferguson killed; Seras shows up, shoots things, meets Paul Wilson; Alucard gets to Incognito, battles; Alucard shot to pieces with own bullets

Order 13: Hellfire
Integra and Walter arrive via helicopter chase; Walter, in helicopter, shot down; Integra, still recovering from surgery, captured, used in demon-summoning ritual; Alucard’s full power released; big scary battle; Dracula Alucard wins; Integra held in prison pending investigation, offered vampirism by Alucard; cliffhanger left


  • Magazine ad art
  • Weapons art
  • Creditless ending v.3

American Manga Release (Dark Horse)

Volume 1

01 – Vampire Hunter (Hellsing introduced; Seras vampirized)
02 – Master of Monster (Flashback to Integra finding Alucard at age 13)
03 – Murder Club (Leif and Jessica dealt with; idea of artificial vampires surfaces)
04 – Sword Dancer 1
05 – Sword Dancer 2
06 – Sword Dancer 3
(Long battle between Alucard and Alex)
Bonus story: Crossfire (Heinkel and Yumiko/Yumie introduced, kick butt)

Volume 2

01 – Dead Zone 1
02 – Dead Zone 2
03 – Dead Zone 3
04 – Dead Zone 4
(Valentine Brothers attack; word “millennium” surfaces)
05 – Balance of Power 1 (Wild Geese introduced)
06 – Balance of Power 2 (Enrico Maxwell introduced; intelligence points to South America as source of Millennium project)
Bonus story: Crossfire 2 (Heinkel and Yumiko/Yumie kick further butt)
The Afterword, A Merry Manga: Luke’s and Jan’s Life’s A Paper Balloon Beautiful People Corner (don’t ask)

Volume 3

01 – Balance of Power 3 (Walter and Alucard reminisce; Pip and Seras bicker; Pip, Seras, Alucard set off for S. America)
02 – Elevator Action 1
03 – Elevator Action 2
04 – Elevator Action 3
05 – Elevator Action 4
06 – Elevator Action 5
(In S. America: regular police sent against Alucard and Seras; they get killed; someone mildly useful, Tubalcain Alhambra a.k.a. The Dandy, sent to fight Alucard)
The Afterword, A Merry Manga: Luke’s and Jan’s Paper Snow Storm Of Humanity God Is In The TV
Bonus story: Crossfire 3 (Heinkel and Yumiko/Yumie do what they do best)

Volume 4

01 – Elevator Action 6 (Flashback: Integra gets advice from her father; The Dandy defeated)
02 – Age of Empire 1 (Enrico interrogates Vatican authority on the Vatican’s Millennium connections)
03 – Age of Empire 2 (Millennium discusses plans; Alucard, Seras, Pip plan to get out of Brazil)
04 – Age of Empire 3 (Higher-ranking Nazi officers than the Major show up, try to muscle him out; Major has them eaten)
05 – Call to Power (Alucard has dream-flashback to capture by Van Helsing; Schrödinger crashes special Round Table meeting with the Queen, delivers message from the Major)
06 – Ultima On Line (Major finishes message; Schrö shot; Hellsing given royal order to defeat Millennium)
07 – D 1 (Alex fights off Millennium agents tailing him, complains; Schrö snarks; Millennium advances on H.M.S. Eagle)
08 – D 2 (Rip takes over H.M.S. Eagle; Seras attempts to eat until ordered to drink some of Integra’s blood)
09 – D 3 (Rip finishes takeover; Major makes his famous “I Like War” speech; Operation Seelöwe – the advance on England – begins)

Volume 5

01 – Flash Point (Alucard has “Willis” dream)
02 – D 4 (Security Council sends regular troops to H.M.S. Eagle; Rip shoots them down)
03 – D 5 (Integra pwns Security Council folks; Alucard sent to H.M.S. Eagle on adapted one-seater jet)
04 – D 6 (Alucard approaches; “Samiel” monolog by Rip)
05 – D 7 (Alucard lands on H.M.S. Eagle; Rip has flashback, trembles)
06 – D 8 (Rip fights back; Alucard gets upper hand)
07 – D 9 (Alucard finishes off Rip; Millennium members salute her)
08 – Xanado (Attack begins; vampires invade Security Council, are pwned by Walter and Integra)
09 – Final Fantasy 1 (Major gives out orders, pep talk, “Destroy Everything” speech)
10 – Final Fantasy 2 (Things blow up; Sir Penwood stays in danger zone to issue orders; Integra and Penwood have “mutual respect” moment; other officers, inspired by Penwood, stay; Integra prepares to head home)

Volume 6

01 – Final Fantasy 3 (London attacked)
02 – Final Fantasy 4 (Penwood attacked, has flashback, dies; Walter encounters Captain, stays to fight him; Integra drives off)
03 – Final Fantasy 5 (Integra drives, chased; faces down tons of ghouls with sword; joined by Alex and bayonets)
04 – The Screamer (Iscariot forces give speech)
05 – Aubird Force (Enrico, in France, gets news of London burning; orders Iscariot forces into England; gets news of H.M.S. Eagle approaching)
06 – Gun Bullet (Integra pwns Iscariot characters; Seras fires on zeppelins with Harkonnen II)
07 – Balloon Fight (Pip and Seras take out zeppelins, much to Joleen’s dismay; Pip remenisces)
08 – Soldier of Fortune 1 (Pip has flashback; Joleen’s forces walk over minefield)
09 – Soldier of Fortune 2 (Joleen creates giant-self illusion; other soldiers panic, front troops annihilated; Seras sees through it)
10 – Soldier of Fortune 3 (Seras undoes illusion; Pip almost kisses Seras; Seras heads downstairs to replace first line of defense)

Volumes 7-10