2004: Return of the Fangirls

GraphThe first fangirl storyline to take reader submissions was also the longest: 107 strips (including two flash animations) over four and a half months. It was also the first storyline that ran completely in color.

The profiles of these fans painted the first such picture of Hellsing fandom at the time. Alucard was the runaway favorite, as he would continue to be in future storylines, especially among people who had only seen part of the TV series. The number of fans who support Hellsing-Iscariot cooperation was about equal to the number that held their obsession's rival organization in contempt.

GraphThe easiest factor to distill into simple numbers is shipping, or who pairs who with who. Of PxS fans, the majority also shipped IxA. However, a lot of fans support multiple pairings for the same character, in defiance of the conventional wisdom about ship wars.

Dawn-era WalterxAlucard had a small following, mostly among Pip fans, possibly because they were more aware of the not-yet-officially-released manga. IntegraxSeras only registered as a rarepair, no more popular than Seras with any of a variety of one-off characters from the TV series.

Pip Bernadette

Just-introduced Captain of the Wild Goose Army, hired to replace Hellsing's lost forces. Cheerful, relaxed, in his element on a battlefield as much as when harassing Seras. Manga-only. His fans:

Fangirl Name: MissCha
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP, "and for the sick (which I am)": AxA, YoungWxA
Personality: Very compassionate and caring, but won't hesitate to make a crack on you given the chance. Tends to be on the insane side; can often be found howling at the full moon and cackling for no particular reason (then coughing embarrassedly and apologizing).
Rant: The problem with Hellsing is that Pip just DOESN'T GET THE AIR TIME. What's up with that? Volume 3, he's hardly ther at all! He just pops in at the end with the rescue chopper. Pip could have kicked butt! Volume 4?  Pip-less! Serverly lacking in the pip-ish-ness.....next to none! Wahh!
Miscellany: Will find any reason at all, and even make a few things up, to pick out a yaoi pairing.

Fangirl Name: Mel
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP
Personality: Supports AxI to an extent; loves Alucard too but Pip seems . . . more attainable. Rarely takes any of the more serious characters . . . uhm, seriously (especially the Nazis). Loves everybody, but is scared witless of the Iscariots. Can be demoted to a very happy yet totally helpless purring kitty if patted on the head. Says "Nya" a lot.
Rant: Pip is amazing even though he curses a lot and he's really a jerk all the time but I love him sooo much just because he uses explosives and land mines and that's really not nice in any way shape or form but really who cares when your battling legions of undead but he was so cute when he was a little boy and I'm going to name my kid after Pip just because he's Pip and he has the most amazing grandfather and I'm really jealous of Seras because he obviously likes her but no matter I shall fight tooth and claw for my Pippin!
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Lorena
Pairings shipped: PxS, AxI, IxM, AxIxS (anime only threesome), YoungWxA; many more with other characters
Personality: Believes Manga!Alucard is a [censored], therefore Integral and Maxwell should hook up and have gorgeous kids together. However, likes AxI in the anime and can give it a chance in the manga as well. Pip and Seras is the only canon pairing; worships Pip's heroics. Hates character bashing and fanon personality characters.
Rant: Pip is the best Hellsing male character. Like Integral, he's just human without special abilities, yet he tried to get his job done. He's funny, pervert at times, efficient and sweet. He didn't only like Seras for the looks, else he wouldn't just dashed and risked his life for her. Even in the end, he had a sense of humor and thought in others (Seras, in particular but also his men. Making Seras strong would save them). Pip can be very handsome for a chap with a braid and one eye! Even laying dead he's cute, now that's style.
Miscellany: Livejournal; Fanfiction.Net

Walter Dornez

Calm, mild-mannered, supremely efficient butler of the Hellsing organization. Makes a mean cup of tea - and can take out armies of ghouls with what is essentially dental floss. His fans:

fangirl Name: Jan McNeville
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP
Personality: Likes when Walter takes care of things or finds something important for Integra or, fates forbid, gets out the wires. Is terrified of the Iscariot females, but sticks out tongue at Anderson, because he is Scottish and Walter is British, therefore Walter could take him. Bit of a fierce little fangirl.
Rant: Walter's so spiffy and neat and Walter's British so British God save the Queen makes tea and the WIRES! Yes, the wires, Walter has them and he slays ghouls with them and is SO fast and is an old guy but so nice and takes care of EVERYBODY even makes Integra smile sometimes NOBODY can do that and puts up with Iscariot and finds things on his laptop and the WIRES! Walter is so spiffy and could scare you playing cat's-cradle and is nice to Seras poor Seras nobody likes her at first but spiffy Walter! (continues ad infinitum)
Miscellany: Fanfiction.Net

fangirl Name: Shadow
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: Is a very random person; could be raving about one thing and then, upon hearing something else, switch subjects or blend the two in a way that makes no sense whatsoever. Also very hyper and somewhat noisy; seems somewhat psychotic. Obsessive and very happy-go-lucky, and it's truly not odd for her to actually follow people around (hence the nickname "shadow").
Rant: Walter is SO awesome! How could he not be awesome? He uses wires as a weapon! And he dresses so spiffy! He's is so great! And he helps Integra-sama and Alucard! I want to be just like Walter. He is the coolest person in the whole wide world...
Miscellany: Website

fangirl Name: Tisha
Pairings shipped: AxI, youngWxA, SxHarry (anime)
Personality: Shy, introverted, but easily excited by "nifty things" (Anime? COOL! Cirque? COOL! Young Walter? XDDDDDDD!). Weird sense of humor.
Rant: When is The Dawn coming out in tankouban? Tisha wants Walter goodness!!!!! NOW!
Miscellany: Website

fangirl Name: Tommy
Pairings shipped: "Integra with Alucard, but afraid Walter might be jealous. Might be fun to watch the two of them think about what kind of relationship that would be."
Personality: Fairly calm except when someone tries to insult his friends (or his obsession). Likes to insult Alucard.
Rant: Walter is the coolest he is the best in the whole series he could beat Alucard any day and Anderson really sucks compared to him too and look I made my own gloves and I got the outfit too and watch my workwith the killer floss, OMG I'm sure they can fix that and I floss every day.
Miscellany: Obsessive enough to dress just like Walter.

fangirl Name: Matt
Pairings shipped: WxS! WxS! And MORE WxS!
Personality: Hyperactive. And...more hyperactive. And has the attention span of an ADHD Fox News Reporter. Gets bored easily, unless Walter and Seras are involved (or there are lots of shiny things. Shinies are almost as cool as Walter and Seras.) Dislikes Integral because he thinks Walter shouldn't be serving her. Dislikes Alucard 'cause he gets better guns from Walter and isn't grateful. Dislikes Andersong just 'cause. Dislikes Ferguson 'cause he's trying to take Walter's place as cool old man. Likes Ghouls 'cause Walter can cut them up.
Rant: Walter! And more Walter! And Seras thrown in! And the Floss! And...and...Walter's hair is shiny, is that a rant? And he's got a MONOCLE! Love the monocle! And he makes TEA! I wish I could make tea! And he's a BUTLER! The butlers always get everything done! Y'know, all those old movies? "The Butler did it!" See? Love the old British man! Even the pointy nose is cool!
Miscellany: Would like to see Walter in a trenchcoat. Would also like to see young Walter.

Seras Victoria

Cheerful senior officer in the Hellsing organization and formerly average police girl turned vampire. Tries to balance using her new powers to help people with holding on to her humanity. Her fans:

fangirl Name: Caitie
Pairings shipped: AxI, ExI, SxP, A(lex)xI
Personality: Constantly talks about how cool Seras's hair is, babbles randomly on about how cool it would be to have red eyes, 'SQUEE!'s at AxI or SxP, loves ANY weapons, idolizes the Seras and wants to live in Britain and be a police officer.
Rant: Ohmygod did I mention how AWESOME Seras is?She's got cool hair that defies the laws of gravity and shes got a cool gun did I mention how AWESOME that gun is and shes got cool socks and she's almost always happy and she's so funny and she's so smart but yet so confused and she's so sad about her humanity but that's ok cause she's so darn AWESOME!
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Meredith
Pairings shipped: AxS; SxP
Personality: Is obsessed with all things Hellsing, supports both Hellsing and Iscariot ('cuz Heinkel's just so cool!!), idolizes both Alucard and Heinkel (because they're both so cool).
Rant: Seras is so cool and Seras is so funny sometimes and Seras is so cool when she goes medeival on ghouls and Seras's spiky hair is so nifty and Seras has the cool Harkonnen and Seras has the spiffiest bed and Seras always pulls through a bad situation despite being afraid or uncertain.
Miscellany: Website

fangirl Name: Todd
Pairings shipped: SxP, AxI
Personality: Likes Young Walter, plays off AxI tension as well, enjoys seeing Millenium/Hellsing interaction where possible, amused by Pip, adores Heinkel almost as much as Seras. Thinks Iscariot's pretty cool for a bunch of crazy people. Tends to be rather picky about grammar when in a bad mood. Also is male, despite some people online thinking otherwise. Annoyed because all three of his attempts to join comicgenesis and thus get his own comic have failed miserably. Has inspiration to draw at the most inopportune moments.
Rant: Seras is cool. End of story. She has a big gun that she can actually use pretty well. She's got a sense of humor. She's stubborn. She doesn't get enough credit for her determination and slpirit. Alucard wouldn't have picked if she didn't have potential. She knows how to push Integral's buttons (see Shine's Xmas arc) to get funny reactions--maybe not like Alucard can, but she's still very good at dealing with the Hellsing inhabitants considering she hasn't really been there that long.
Miscellany: Wants to poke Seras' hair. Yes, her hair.

fangirl Name: Ben
Pairings shipped: "I don't believe romance belongs in Hellsing. I do wish I could be there to help Seras through her changes. Maybe as a friend, maybe as something more."
Personality: Obsessed with guns, big guns, big powerful guns; Harkonnen cannon is a sacred relic to him. Thinks Seras will soon grow into her greater vampiric powers like shapeshifting, phasing through solid matter, instant-regeneration, sprouting demonic servants, and all the other cool stuff Alucard does; will continuously encourage her to work towards this end, even if it annoys her or creeps her out.
Rant: SerasSerasSeras, why don't you try turning into a dog or into bats like Master Alucard can? It would be so cool to fly around like that! You've already got the Harkonnen cannon and that's the coolest gun ever! You can be even cooler if you grow into your vampiric powers! I love your outfits too! They're so sexy! Blue's my favorite color you know! -gasp- is that the Harkonnen cannon? Can I touch it? Can I shoot it? I promise to be careful...
Miscellany: Supports gratuitous pyrotechnics.

fangirl Name: Matthew Henry
Pairings shipped: "Call me crazy, but Maxwell and Yumiko."
Personality: Has minor doubts that it was necessary to turn Seras into a vampire. Fears Andersong, and will climb into Seras' collar if he sees him.
Rant: Seras is so cool and has a sexy body and because she's young at heart she can wear stuff that Integra is too serious to wear. But think about it Seras, with all the powers he has at his command, did your "master" really have to shoot through you to get at the preist? But then you would have just been a one-shot character, so I'm cool with it. AHHHH! ANDERSONG! No wait, false alarm. So anyway, Integra is pretty hot too, but Seras...

fangirl Name: Willow
Pairings shipped: Doesn't ship pairings; vehemently anti-AxA. "If you MUST hook some people up, and in a perverted way, I wanna see a Seras/Integra/Arucard threeway."
Personality: Adores the personality conflicts, the big guns, the clothes, the dialog, Seras' master obsession, her conflicts with being a vampire, her basic girly kick-***ness. Thinks the very idea of Anderson and Arucard as a couple is one of the STUPIDEST things she's ever heard, but could see brief liasions between other people. Makes fun of everyone! Including herself.
Rant: Seras deserves more respect! She's the only female field agent in Hellsing (that we've seen). She does all this in a miniskirt, while being given a hard time by everyone and she uses that marvelous gun that weighs more than most pepole. She's so cool! She's tough, and capable, and wonderful! She's got class in uniform, and style out of it! Seras should be a more main character! More Seras Victoria! I wanna know EVERYTHING about her!
Secondary rant: Excuse me? You want to see what happens between Anderson and Arucard? One, they both strike me as pretty agressively hetro, two they hate each other, three, the only time they see each other, they try to... well, admittedly do very phallic mutilations, especially Anderson, but he's Catholic, and you know about -them-... Well, quite frankly, it just makes my teeth itch. I want to go out and bite every single last person who came up with it, wrote about it, drew it, etc. I mean, one of them might sodmize the other for the sake of proving his supiriority, but I don't think there'd be any romance there, and .... uh... I've gone too far, haven't I?
Miscellany: DeviantArt; webcomic

fangirl Name: Conor Skehan
Pairings shipped: "What is a pairing?"
Personality: Talks a lot and rambles on a lot.
Rant: Seras is sooooooooooo cool and she is a vamp and she is not all mighty "like Alucard" (I hate him) and she is hot too and she is nice and cool and she is the best Hellsing ever!!!!!!!!!

fangirl Name: Michelle
Pairings shipped: "...of course I wouldn't mind pairing with [Seras], but that may be a bit awkward...maybe if I could get some DNA to clone her..."
Personality: Is in love with Seras,also has the hots for Integra and is jealous of Arucard, however thinks that he has a sexiness about him (basically a horny teenage girl).
Rant: Seras is teh cutest and I love her outfit! She has the bestest fashion sense and always looks so hot! Oh my god did she just look at me? He eyes are so sexy and she's just so hot! Seras's so innocent looking and so cute and she's so outspoken and she has the cutest voice (both japanese and english dub ^_^) and she's just so pretty!
Miscellany: Webcomic

fangirl Name: Molly
Pairings shipped: SxA, SxP, AxI, WxS, M(e)xA
Personality: A fairly soft-spoken person; doesn't like arguing, debating is okay . . . Has a nutty streak in her like one time she said "rooty tooty fresh and fruity" and nearly drove her circle of friends to kill her. (But really though, it isn't a phrase you can say once.) Loves to sing; usually sings stuff from the Phantom of the Opera, her other obsession, as well as whatever else comes to mind. Likes animals and laughing; is a mocha coconut frappachino kind of person; spends most of her money on books and music; misses Kurt Cobain and John Lennon; is terrible at talking about herself.
Rant: Seras is NOT useless! I'm so sick of hearing that! Why on earth would Kouta Hirano create a character with no purpose? He wouldn't! Seras is a perfect counterbalance for all of the violence and domineering personalities in Hellsing. I forget who had said it but someone had said that she represents what Hellsing fights for--the pure within the dark evils of the world. If Sir Integra didn't think she could pull off being a member of the Organization she would have had Alucard stick it to her and that would be that. But that doesn't happen, she's still around. I trust Sir Integra's judgement. And it may just be that she is the eye candy of the anime, but she is more than that. She has a personality! Seras also represents a point of view that would normally be looked over. She is the eyes and voice of the reader/viewer... she is new to all of the shoot the living dead bad guys. We really don't competely know what is going on and neither does she and we discover that as the anime progresses. And why is it that the cheery people are always looked down upon, eh? Seras has integrity! (hehe....that word always makes me smile to find when its in books...) Granted that hers is a caliber different from Sir Integra and the rest of the crew, but still it is her own! Just because she cries and is hesitant doesn't mean that she is weak. It just means she's a newbie! Let's have a little respect for the Police Girl! I know that if I ever was turned into a vampire I'd wish I'd be half as well as she's doing considering the circumstances. And if anyone would care to notice the "weak and useless Police Girl" is in manga number 6 and still kicking although a little on the banged up side, but none the less she is still around! *pant pant pant* Rant sequence completed!
Miscellany: Hellsing's a really out-of-character anime for her. Was told that it would gross her out . . . well, nope. Granted it's violent, and it sure isn't Sailor Moon (which she loves to pieces), but she likes it.

Enrico Maxwell

The leader of Hellsing's Catholic counterpart and not friendly rival, the Iscariot organization. Uptight about his religion, and more competent than he looks - but then, he'd have to be. His fans:

fangirl Name: Trin
Pairings shipped: AxI and ExL: Enrico . . . and Luke.
Personality: Kind of rude, attacks people who touch her bishis . . . namely Luke and Enrico. Likes to talk and whack people with frying pans.
Rant: Dude . . . Enrico is great. He's . . . he's NIFTY!! I mean, come on. He enjoys annoying the **** out of Integra, which makes him hot. He's my idol 'cause he acts all stupid and five-year-old ish and he sits aorund while everybody else does what he wants. I mean, is there a better guy to lead an insane bunch of Catholics?
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Araq
Pairings shipped: Never really thought about it . . .
Personality: Questions why people ship AxI; supports Iscariot and brags about how they don't use vampires (filthy blood suckers!); will furiously defend Maxwell . . . childishly; thinks Maxwell is the only true bishounen in Hellsing.
Rant: Father Maxwell reeks with so much coolness and Father Maxwell sticks to his ideas and Father Maxwell is very smart and Father Maxwell is blessed by the Most High with boyish good looks and Father Maxwell never gives up and Father Maxwell knows good artwork and Father Maxwell can withstand Integra glare and Father Maxwell is the only person in Hellsing who wares contacts and the most best Father EVER!
Miscellany: AIM - Super Araq

fangirl Name: Great Teacher Kuri
Pairings shipped: PxS
Personality: Multipersonalitied. Hyperactive, happy, cheerful, obsessive, childish. Loves crossover roleplaying; supports Millennium, Hellsing, and Iscariot things; completely obsessed with Hellsing and would rarely insult any other characters or fangirls. Will defend her obsession when she gets mad. Doesn't really like shoujo-ai or shounen-ai.
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Raven
Pairings shipped: ExI, ExHeinkel; not totally against any well-done pairing
Personality: Absolutely completely crazy. Every bit as psychotic as Andersong. Supports both Hellsing and Iscariot despite obvious differences. Idolizes and worships Mr Maxwell, which is reason enough for him to dislike her, what with the whole Catholic having one god shtick...
Rant: Enrico is so cool and enrico has such pretty hair and I love him so much and Enrico wears the coolest clothes with the coolest collar and I love Enrico and Enrico's so funny and so cute and I love Enrico.
Miscellany: Fanfiction.Net

fangirl Name: Sarah Nicole Dempster
Pairings shipped: ExI (*backs away from AxI fangirls*...)
Personality: Usually dark, takes a lot of things personally, but when looking at manga scans of Enrico, as well as manga in general, happy, bouncy, and bubbly.
Rant: YEYMAXWELL! Maxwell is so cool! HE likes having fun! He's the best Catholic in the world! No not the world the UNIVERSE! And he's so animated! He's funny and cute and fun to draw and...he smokes but I'm sure he could quit! Cause enrico maxwell can do ANYTHING! He makes Johnny Depp's "Jack Sparrow" look like lunch meat! Not that he already did anyway! He whoops Orlando Vloom out the door! -AND- he has enough style to give YELLOW roses instead of red! HURRAY FOR MAXWELL! I bet if he wanted to he could take out Alucard and then Andersong would bow down!
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Bethany
Pairings shipped: ExI
Personality: Happy, curious, twitchy around anything that has Enrico on it.
Rant: Enrico's so smart, Enrico's so nice, Enrico can control Andersong, Enrico can do anything, Enrico's so mysteriously cool!
Miscellany: Neopets

fangirl Name: Robyn
Pairings shipped: AxI, IxE, AxS
Personality: Adores seeing characters as chibis. Laughs at IxE, her favourite pairing. Giggles insanely when AxI pairings occur. Overall bubbly and cheerful.
Rant: Integra and Enrico deserve eachother. They should be forced to live together. The new vacation idea is absolute perfection. Enrico is most definately a bishonen, he deserves to have more of a role in the series. Why doesn't he have more of a role in the series? It's not FAIR!!

fangirl Name: Jei (Jeichan)
Pairings shipped: AxA(lex), ExI (on occasion)
Personality: Happy, hyper, perverted, slutty.
Miscellany: Wears pink stilettos, and a miniskirt.

fangirl Name: Kay
Pairings shipped: AxI, AxA, SxA(lex), ExA(lex), dislikes AxS
Personality: Insane, as all of her friends tell her. Into weird things like 'Hellsing' and 'manga' that are for 'boys.' Loves to see young Walter; thinks Alex is cool but couldn't beat Alucard; Enrico should give her flowers, not Integra. Basically obsessive to the point of glomping and holding on tightly and refusing to let go and if you try to make her she bites! ^_^
Rant: Wow Enrico's so cool! Did you see his pretty hair? It's all long and soft and shiny like I want my hair to be! And he's the leader of Iscariot, how cool can you get? I wish I was the leader of something like that! He has Alexander on his team too! They're both so cool together, Integra's so mean for refusing the flowers Enrico gave her! See how thoughtful he is? Flowers for everyone! I mean! Look at Enrico in the Crossfire series at the back of the Hellsing manga! He's got a FLUFFY ponytail there! He's so versatile and cool like that! Did I mention he wears black and a cross? That is awesome! He's so hot! Even when he's mad he can pull off looking so cute! He's also kind of evil, sending people to massacre others! He's just so perfect! Very soft featured when he has his hair slicked back, he looks even hotter then! WAH!

Integra Hellsing

The amazingly awesome leader of the Hellsing Organization and title character of the series. Cool, calm, coordinated, and in control; also secretly a major babe. Her fans:

fangirl Name: Kate
Pairings shipped: Devoutly AxI, SxP, VERY slightly ExI if done right
Personality: Writes fanfiction about AxI but never seems to quite finish; makes anime music videos until four in the morning. When excited, babbles and mixes up words. When tired, has been told she turns into "Katie" because she's just nuts and will sit and laugh until she can't breathe at just about anything even remotely funny. Katie is also a pervert who is trying to write AxI hentai . . .
Rant: Integra is the best anime character ever and I just absolutely adore her and worship the ground she walks on And her eyes are such a gorgeous blue, I want to get blue contacts just so I can have eyes like Integra Her hair is the coolest 'cause its such a great color and it can defy gravity and she just the coolest person and she target shoots just like me, but she is so much better than me 'cause I could never even come close to the perfection that is Integra she doesn't let her emotions show and if something even hints that she's weak then she will rip them a new one and lets Alucard have them for dinner.

fangirl Name: Kalie
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP
Personality: A computer and anime geek; can get very giddy and goofy when anything Hellsing-related comes up. Loves to see Iscariot and Hellsing get into it, especially if Integra gets to kick some butt!
Rant: I absolutely love Integra! She doesn't take any **** (can I say ****?) from anybody! She could take all of Iscariot by herself! And Alucard is so cool and the two of them should get to get together and kick vampire and Iscariot butt!
Miscellany: Runs the Hellsing Guild on Neopets

fangirl Name: Jess
Pairings shipped: AxI, AxA, IxS
Personality: Loves the tension between Alucard/Integra, likes how everything is a struggle for dominance between them. Thinks Alex has the coolest sharp pointy things and accent, and Integra is sexy (yes, yuri-girl...wishes Integra wasn't straight, but can still drool).
Rant: Integra kicks ***! She has the neatest evil glare and can freeze baddies in their tracks and can be cool and calm when pinned to the floor and... *is a pervert fangirl, starts nosebleeding at mention of her being pinned to the floor* She is totally masterful and gorgeous and smart and I bow before Integra! Oh, Integra-sama! TAKE ME! *running glomp*

fangirl Name: Morgan
Pairings shipped: AxI; dislikes AxW, AxA, and IxE
Personality: Will point out any possible AxI romantic/tense moments and emphasize it, has a tendancy to obsess over AxI - in great and unhealthy amounts, has a deep and passionate dislike for Maxwell and Anderson or their proximity to the presence of Integra and her greatness, wishes Seras would stop being a wuss.
Rant: Integraaaaaaaaaa! Whoamygod, Sir Hellsing is so forceful and strong, compassionate for her work and squeee she's the best there is and will kick your sorry butt and see I can do the Integra dance! Integra dance, wheeee! Prolonged exposure to Integra cannot make you cool because she is the coolest of cool and their is no way you can dominate her greatness becaaaause Integra's so cool and has a pet vampire that can chew on things like whoa and you don't! That's why!!
Miscellany: LiveJournal

fangirl Name: Jenn
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP, IxS, IxRip
Personality: Loves anything to do with Hellsing. Supports Enrico giving up and groveling unworthily at Integra's feet. Integra is the sexiest, and there is no competition. Detests stupidity, and Seras in the anime (totally useless!); would probably give Seras cold stares, unless she and Integra were doing something strange, in which case wouldn't notice her. Would fight anyone for Integra.
Rant: Integra is MINE! And oh so much better than anyone else! She breaks the unspoken boundaries of anime females and could kill you with her little finger! Cold, frosty exterior, with a gooy center you know must be in there somewhere. You, of course, can't get to it before she shoots you down with a glare from one of her amazing violet-blue eyes, hiding behind her glasses. She can do anything! Integra is like, Super Anime Babe! Unlike Seras, of is totally unless and can seldom attract fanboys who aren't solely interested in her everexpanding bust size, and skimpy uniform. Why does she wear that anyway? Did Integra assign her it? .... But Integra could get a girl so much better if she wanted! >_< WTH?! AxI makes more sense! JUST SAY NO TO AxS! Seras, BAD! Integra, GOOD!
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Mish
Pairings shipped: RABIDLY AxI; PxS
Personality: Obsessed with Hellsing and enjoys beating down with the martial arts people who say differently. Though she doesn't beat Lorena down, just guilts her into AxI (Moohahahaha).
Rant: Integra kicks so much *** one can't even describe it. Instead of bawling over her father's death and uncle trying to kill her, she sucked it up and stood up for what she believed in, backing down an undead with a gun that she knew had no effect on him.
Miscellany: Fanfiction.Net

fangirl Name: Edwina
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: Thinks Integra should get together with Alucard, even if things could be a bit tricky sometimes.. Doesn't like Enrico much but thinks that the Iscariot/Hellsing co-operation thing is a good idea. Thinks Integra's fab.
Rant: Integra is just strong and cool and brilliant and and her glasses are nice and her hairstyle is soo original and she's always in control and...and...young Integra's adorable... Integra rules! And she always will!!
Miscellany: Website

fangirl Name: Aver
Pairings shipped: IxS, SxA(lex), SxHelena, SxIxHelenaxBaobhan Sith
Personality: Quiet, calm, slightly shy, though outgoing around friends, funny, happy mostly, wants to see the females of Hellsing in a cheesy visit-to-the-beach fill in episode.
Rant: Integra's like....dude....she's just so damn funky, the way she seems to just take everything in stride, even when Jan broke into her office she was just like 'eh...' BLAM and he's dead, even with the manic laughter she's still like, 'dude...just die' and then when Bub is kissin her she's like 'eh, well....it's cool' and even when she freakin' stabs her throat, she seem to take it all in stride and comes out...ok she comes out of it rather worse for wear, but damn, man, she cool, especially for the fact that she can fit that hot body into that suit and pull it off like she doesn't have a hot body at all!!

fangirl Name: Michelle
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP
Personality: Loves anything with Alucard and Integra; laughs over Hellsing and Iscariot trying to work together; loves Alucard, loves Integra.
Rant: Well what is not to like about her, she is a woman that kicks *** and askes questions later. Even when things are down she doesn't let it get to her, love the color blue her eyes are, love to know how she does that thing with her hair to get it to stay up. She doesn't let her control slip.
Miscellany: LiveJournal, Website

fangirl Name: Jamew85
Pairings shipped:
Personality: Also a fan of Andersong (a strange mixture, she knows); likes Maxwell too, but wouldn't call herself a fan (there are enough things she doesn't like about him, especially his look in the anime. Always feels kind of killed by his snake-eyed look), though her friends say she looks a lot like the manga Maxwell (which is strange as she's a girl...).
Rant: I like Integra because she is such a strong woman (I wish I would be as strong...)
Miscellany: Cosplaying as Integra at the next anime con in Germany.

fangirl Name: Erin the Doujinshi-Ka
Pairings shipped: AxI, youngWxA, SxP
Personality: Plays off AxI tension; supports Hellsing/Iscariot cooperation; may patronize Enrico; idolizes Integra, whom she rightfully considers the sexiest of the lot.
Miscellany: Webcomic (but you knew that.)

Alexander Anderson

Chief instrument of the Vatican's Section XIII due to his inhuman (though he won't admit that) powers of regeneration. Fanatical and occasionally outright insane. His fans:

fangirl Name: Kris (possum)
Pairings shipped: AxI, AxA, A(lex)xS
Personality: Prowls the net constantly looking for Alex fanfics, art, etcetera; constantly hyper. She bites.
Rant: Alexander so reeks of awesomeness and he has so totall cool masonry trowels that he uses to cut up all the evil vampires and he has a big scary scar down the side of his face but he's so cute anyways and he has really long legs and let us all worship him!
Miscellany: Website, DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Melanie
Pairings shipped: AxA, AxI, A(lex)xSelf
Personality: Hellsing is the first anime she's been able to get intoin about two years; still watches stuff, but Hellsing's the only thing she'd consider a fandom. Working on a massive Iscariot-based fanfic featuring an OC of hers: a Catholic schoolgirl with a chainsaw. Has cosplayed Alucard and plans on doing Heinkel in a few months. For all that she loves the Hellsing organization characters, nothing does it for her like the Vatican.
Rant: The play between the Catholics/Protestants in the series is brilliant. I see real tension between Alucard and Anderson that could easily be argued as sexual, but definately not romantic. I see the pairing as one more facet in a fight for control and power. I'm probably not what you'd call a yaoi fangirl, but for some reason it just makes sense to me. And besides, Anderson's so hot and Anderson's so cool and he could totally kick anyone's ass, and Anderson's accent makes me want to do naughty things, and Anderson has this awesome huge cross bling....*descends into madness*
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Masquerade (Masq for short)
Pairings shipped: Impartial; AxI is cute; wouldn't mind A(lex)xSelf
Personality: Clingy, happy, mature for a fangirl, excites rather easily, can't get enough of Alex, likes Alucard also, does not like Seras, likes fight scenes, weakness: cool poses.
Rant: Alex! I love Alex! He's really strong and really tall and he needs to shave and comb his hair and his glasses are great, gotta love that scar too, and his coat is all flowing and stuff, and I love that Scottish accent, and his blades are so cool and creative and pointy and he wears boots and has sharp teeth and he's so determined and has a great sense of honor and he's......really strong and tall and he needs to shave and......

fangirl Name: Victor
Pairings shipped: None
Personality: Usually pretty quiet (dunno if that fits a fanboy though), makes lots of sarcastic comments, likes pointy objects, slightly insane..is a bit of an Integra fanboy (think Enrico in the previous storyline).
Rant: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEyay for Alex he's so cool and he has a nifty huge cross that glows in the dark and his glasses are all cool and shiny and he has an endless supply of knives and he works night after night protecting us from the evil unclean ghouls and you can shoot him in the face and he gets back up cause he's just that cool and his knives can kill anything even Alucard yes that's right Alucard he thinks he's so tough but really Alucard's just a scared little demon who can't handle a little holy water and Alucard's just no match for the spiffyness of ANDERSONG!!!!
Miscellany: Website, Webcomic

fangirl Name: Katie
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP
Personality: Loves AxI tension; supports Hellsing/Iscariot working together; may make rude comments to Alucard
Rant: Alex is so cool and Alex is so strong and Alex has cool exits/entrances and Alex has cool weapons and Alex is an amazing fighter and Alex can regenerate and Alex is the best fighter in Iscariot and Alex has every passage in the Bible memorized.

fangirl Name: Jess
Pairings shipped: Feels that AxI and SxP are canon; wouldn't mind A(lex)xSelf
Personality: Usually happy, silly, perverted to the nth degree, bouncy, and random. Pollutes her English with Japanese, French, and Latin for no real reason; ingests more sugar than is healthy for a human being. Is a writer graduating from college and going to seminary school; draws, sings, paints, does artistic things.
Rant: YAY! Anderson is so damn nifty! I mean, he's fourth-dimensional (according to his rather bizzare creator...), and just whips swords outta nowhere and KILLS LOTS OF THINGS! and it's cool! and he doesn't even seem to bother to aim and still things DIE IN HOLY RIGHTEOUS DYINGNESS...er, right! But when it comes right down to it, Anderson isn't just a random killing machine; he has the intelligence, control, and finesse to help his most hated enemies (and seem fairly happy about it... witness Vol. 6 of the manga), and he isn't just Maxwell's puppet, but has an established set of values seperate from his superior's... And dammit, he speaks Latin. That's cool. He's cool. *pauses to breathe*
Miscellany: Fully thinks Alucard-baiting would be a great sport.

fangirl Name: Isla (pronounced Eye-La)
Pairings shipped: AxA and AxS
Personality: Adores Andersong, especially his accent (n her eyes, he's all over sexy), loves the hateful relationship between Andersong and Alucard yet she adores the fact that it could give in to a rather sexy encounter. All over supporter of Hellsing and it's wonderful characters.
Rant: Andersong is so TALL with those broad shoulders, those eyes that are the shade of fresh green grass, the handsome 5 o'clock shadow along with that delightful insanity and the way his words come out of his mouth are just... WOW! One moment that accent is soft, warm and friendly the next, psychotic, hard and heated!
Miscellany: Well . . . she's Australian!

fangirl Name: Markus Helmersson
Pairings shipped: ExI
Personality: Kind of a nice and calm guy; can become almost a maniac if it's about something he likes (video games, manga, anime, and of course Hellsing).
Rant: Anderson locks just awesome in the first manga. He just eats bullets and jumps back. He has glimmering weapons and glasses and he is fighting for what he is believing in and is such a fanatic awsesome. He is just so cool.
Miscellany: From Sweden

fangirl Name: Katrina
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP (really anti-AxA)
Personality: Likes to act like she's a cat-girl a lot. Usually sweet and innocent but has a sick and twisted darker side to her. Likes stuff. Really thinks Alex's smile is cool.
Rant: Andersong like has so many cool nickname, he he got really shinny teeth and has all those knifes plus he's soo cool with that bread and those knifes and HE'S IRISH!! =^.^= Did I mention he's got shinny teeth?
Miscellany: Likes to draw; wants to play FF12 really badly

fangirl Name: Chris
Pairings shipped: "I'm not much on the whole relationship thing..."
Personality: Is highly interesting in the entire iscariot organization. Thinks killer priests are the definition of awesome. Believes that Integra is indeed the sexy one in the diginified ladylike way, but Seras is pretty hot in that tomboy carrying a gun taller then me sort of way......yah.....
Rant: *breathes* Alexander is so freaking cool cause he has an awesome grey trechcoat and blessed lawmower blades of death that he can throw around like whooshystab and he's the only one who can even seem to come close to beating Alucard and hes got the swords and he can seal vampires with the paper thingies and he has a Scottish accent and he runs an orphanage and he hunts vampires and did I mention he has cool blades I guess I did anyway he just plain kicks ass and prays whilst doing it. *breathes* Ok...I'm done....phew...
Miscellany: DeviantArt; Website

fangirl Name: Billy
Pairings shipped: A(lex)xS (he threw that pie server into her throat out of love, damnit!!)
Personality: Wants Alucard to lose every fight so Alex can take over, thinks Enrico needs to fire Yumiko and Heikel so Alex can kill more vampires!! Also thinks that Alex and Seras are a cute couple ^-^ Loves pointy blessed blades and shiny crosses too.
Rant: Rant; Alexander’s so cool his scottish accent's so sexy and the stubble gives him such a bad boy look and the guy looks so good when slaying things and he never respects anybody and he so could beat Alucard if he put his mind to it plus he looks so cool and happy slaying things and he's got the sweetest smile when not killing vampires and he takes care of orphans which is just so sweet and cool and kind like he is!!
Miscellany: Has cosplayed Alexander 12 times; has picture of Alexander painted on his wall

fangirl Name: Josh
Pairings shipped: No romantic pairings; hates them - at least, any to do with Alex
Personality: Respects members of Hellsing, especially Alucard and Integra, but sees their attempts at killing the undead not as efficient as the maniacial bloodletting unleashed by Paladin Anderson. Doesn't agree with Anderson that Alucard is inherently evil, but understands his *point*. Has crush on Heinkel. Supports cooperation between Iscariot and Hellsing, but only as long as each side gets their jobs done. If London can't hold up their end, then Rome should step in.
Rant: Andersong is awesome and he is Heaven's agent of divine punishment and his blessed swords can kill more vampires than Hellsing's silver bullets and he can never be killed and he keeps fighting even if he cannot win but he will always win in the end because he is the awesome Paladin Alexander Andersong.

fangirl Name: Alex
Pairings shipped: ExA(lex), ExI, SxP
Personality: Loves ExI staredowns; big time for Hellsing and Iscariot fighting side by side; gets excited when Alex yells scripture. Thinks Enrico and Alex are secretly an item; may have fits of giggles when they talk to each other and fits of swooning.
Rant: Alexander is so strong and he's so fast and he beat up Alucard with his big trowels of DOOM and we have the same name and he has big round glasses like me only they look much better on him just like everything else looks better on him and it's OK that Alucard cut his arms off because we still love him best even if he doesn't have arms because he's the coolest and he had pretty blond hair and a neat accent that's so neat it's all right we can't understand him and his teeth do this blunt vampire fang thing and..
Miscellany: DeviantArt


Enigmatic, strong, powerful, old, learned, and uber-cool vampire who dispatches other vampires for Hellsing. Master of Seras, mastered (to an extent) by Integra, true undead and proud of it. His fans:

fangirl Name: Beth Athena Daigneault
Pairings shipped: AxSelf "but I realize Alucard isn't really the type to get romantic. Actually, I can't really see much romance going on.
Personality: Well, if you view every personality as falling in between a range on a scale between extremes, she's what you'd get if you took that scale and wrapped it around so that the Extreme ends touched and then got rid of the "normal' part of the scale. Can be broody and withdrawn or bouncy and bubbly, depending on how she feels.
Rant: Rant: Sexy sexy Alucard. Ooooo fangs fangs.... So awesome! Kills all the wimpy freaks without any trouble. I love that grin... I wouldn't mind seeing that grin in person, even though it would probably mean I'd be dead in less than ten seconds but dying at Alucard's hands.. (or fangs) would be worth it.
Miscellany: Website

fangirl Name: Wyrren
Pairings shipped: AxS, PxS, IxE
Personality: Adores Alucard to the point of worship (calls him Master all the time rather than Alucard ^.^) and loves Alucard when he's pumped up and fighting and acting reeeally cooool. Supports Hellsing/Iscariot co-operation; absolutely loves Seras when she's scary and berserker and vampiric; finds pairings in things that are really not pairings at all (ie. the bickering of Integra and Maxwell).
Rant: Alucard is so powerful and Alucard has such a sexy voice and Alucard's got two really cool guns and Alucard never lets the enemy get away and Alucard's so dark and mysterious and Alucard always says such cool stuff and everybody's afraid of Alucard and Alucard's always so proud and Alucard makes such a good master and Alucard looks so hot when he smirks (etc etc)
Miscellany: LiveJournal

fangirl Name: Lynn
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: A music geek; a hyeractive twin who loves to do anything to make someone else laugh, even if it means hurting herself ^_^ Favorite colors are blue, read, and black, even before Hellsing.
Rant: Love Alucard! He's the hottest guy in anime! Who cares if he's dead! It just means he'll never go away! He's witty, he's humorous, you can't outsmart him, and he can piss off Integra without stopping for a breath (I wanna do that!) He should always be paired with Integra! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS!
Miscellany: Downloads classical music.

fangirl Name: Crystal
Pairings shipped: AxI, PxS
Personality: Loves it when all hell lets loose! And when Alucard shoots his guns, when Integra and Alucard, are talking, when Alucard and Andersong fight! Has to say that Alucard is the hottest undead guy she's ever seen.
Rant: Want to be one of Alucard's vampire girls, lol. Alucard is my Master! I wish I could join Hellsing so I could hang out with Alucard and kill ghouls! I want a piece of Alucard so I could keep him in my room! I want to be able to do the control art restriction system! I train every day so I could face Andersong and get great respect from Alucard, lol.

fangirl Name: Skye-chan
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: Sometimes quiet, otherwise very talkative
Rant: EEE! Alucard Alucard Alucard! Go kiss Integra! You know you want to! x3
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Lan
Pairings shipped: AxI; finds ExI hilarious
Personality: Absolutely adores AxI in any form; likes to see Integra and Enrico insult each other; will look all over the Internet just to find a specific pciture of Alucard to drool over and possibly use as a wallpaper; loves the bondage outfit; tends to throw fits when people call him 'Arucard' or 'Arkand' (don't ask).
Rant: Alucard's so sexy and his eyes are so scary and his dog form is the best thing and I want a dog like that and he's looks so awesome when he's chewing on a cross and he was so cool when he was fighting Andersong and he had a whole bunch of knives sticking out of his body and he was so sexy in the outfit in Order 10 and he looks great with white hair!

fangirl Name: Jennifer
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: Liable to latch on to Integra too ("She has the coolest voice! And the niftiest tie-pin I have ever seen.") Carries a katana about her whenever she can; is not a homicidal maniac, it's a comfort thing. Student, catburglar in training, part-time translator; gets mistaken for a guy on occasion.
Rant: Alucard is so cool. He's got the most wonderful voice. And Alucard has beautiful vampire fangs which are nice and shiny and white. And he's got the best hairdo which is reminiscent of the out-of-bed-look but better looking and cool and fantastic and infinitely spiffier than anyone else's morning-hair. And he's well-groomed without even trying. And he's got the niftiest hat. And his sunglasses are so neat. And he just laughs when he gets shot in the head which is so cool and I wish I could do that but I can't because I'll probably be dead, being mortal and all. And he's immortal which is peachy keen because he'll stay sexy forever. And he's got the most awe-inspiring set of guns. And he can turn into bats and pools of blood and eyes and insects which is outright marvelous. And his psychopathic dacnomaniacal laughs are so cute. And Alucards ties are delectably dandy and they match with Integra's which is adorable. And his gloves are super...

fangirl Name: Inness
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP, MajorxDonut, AxSelf
Personality: Prone to mischief, hyperness, sometimes aggression if being messed with. Often forms lonely, obsessive attachments to cartoon characters (including Nightcrawler, Basil of Baker St., and others) or others that don't exist. Friends think she's insane for the most part. Fondnof the words "nifty" and "spiffy"; enjoys writing, drawing, sending happy emails, and being devious. Oh, and reading Shine.
Rant: Alucard is so incredibly sexy and tall and dark and red and black and white all together are my favorite colors and his glasses are so friggin' spiffy and and and he has the best guns ever and his ties are a little odd but still wonderful and his coffin is gorgeous and HE is gorgeous and his berserker phase is so amusing and he absolutely makes me swoon when he gets close to Integra and I love his black sense of humour and his nifty hellhound shape and all his lovely little bats and he is the coolest vampire ever and nobody can beat him and I LOVE HIM!!! :)
Miscellany: Website, DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Erica
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP
Personality: Extremely hyper, even for a fangirl. A firm believer of the sexual tension between Alucard and Integra; says "squee" a lot. Incredibly random at times.

fangirl Name: Jared
Pairings shipped: AxS, AxI
Personality: Knows that Alucard cannot be beaten EVER, idolizes Alucard and everything that goes with him. Plays off of Tension between AxI and AxS
Rant: Alucard is so strong and Alucard is so cool and Alucard is so stylish and Alucard has the coolest glasses in the world. I want Alucard's treachcoat! Alucard has such cool powers and Alucard is so sly and Alucard is such a bad*** and Alucard has the coolest smile in the world and Alucard has the coolest guns ever and whenever Alucard kills a bad guy I get all warm and squishy inside =3
Miscellany: Has lots of Alucard wallscrolls. Oh, and vampire teeth too :D

fangirl Name: Megan (aka DeathChocobo)
Pairings shipped: AxA or AxSelf
Personality: Usually drools over Alucard most of the time, doesn't really like Enrico, likes Alex in a strange sort of way (perhaps the scar). Generally idolizes Alucard even when he's blasted into bits and pieces.
Rant: Waii Alucard is so awesome ^.^! Hes so cool and calm and his eyes are really cool..they like stare into your soul. His clothes are so awesome and his hair is so awesome and he has a really really big gun for shooting freaks! w00t! Alucard-sama is the daigomi (best).
Miscellany: Prefers to watch the DVDs in Japanese.

fangirl Name: Jen
Pairings shipped: AxI, PxS; and IxE if they were seriously drunk
Personality: One of nature's cynics; has a weird sense of humor in that she's into black comedy and laughing at the foibles of humanity.
Rant: Alucard is sooo cool. He's got these two huge guns, and he wears a groovy red coat, and he's a vampire! How much cooler can one man get? He's got red eyes, and he's got a great sense of humor, and cool boots, and he smirks! He can walk through walls, and everything, and I wish he'd bite me. I wouldn't mind being one of his children, but I don't care as long as I don't end up a ghoul. (I actually ranted like this to a friend of mine over MSN. She had no idea was Hellsing was... BLASPHEMY!!)
Miscellany: Is a witch. As in, she casts spells. Never without her pentacle, which as a wolf's head on it.

fangirl Name: Laurel
Pairings shipped: Kinda hates pairings, but SxP is obvious; AxI; if he wasn't from the Vatican and she wasn't Protestant, IxE
Personality: Usually insanly hyper, watches hellsing more often than most people she knows... spends hours finding and downloading music, manga translations, and music videos relating to Hellsing.
Rant: Oooh! Alucard's so awesome and powerful and strong and he can turn into a doggie! And eat people and kill things and regenerate and he gets to drink blood and he's so cool he can like, impale idiots who get in his way and he has sexy black hair and the most awesome hat and the coat and he's so awesome!!....
Miscellany: Website

fangirl Name: Kyona Aitoshiima (Kyona the Alucard Wannabe)
Pairings shipped: Strictly AxI; SxP
Personality: Pretty mean and swift at comebacks; would probably be a Seras hater; an Integra and Alucard lover, extra nice to them, semi-nice to everyone but Seras. Usually ends the comeback with "Genius."
Rant: MAHAHA! Yoush have the sexiest voice and hair and glasses and big red hat and coat with the little armie-capie-thinies and the cute pointy nose and the big guns which are AWESOME and the cool red eyes and that cute adorable grin when you're angry and sexy voice and hair and eyes and lasses and sexy voice and the guns and the SUPER HAND OF DOOM! And the sexy voice and master and pink wrappy thingies on your hat and knee-high boots and DID I MENTION TEH SEXY VOICE?!?!
Miscellany: Website

fangirl Name: Caitlyn
Pairings shipped: AxI, ExI, A(lex)xS
Personality: Has a tendency to rant about how hot Alucard's eyes and hair make him look, would do anything to have Alucard as her pet and servant, thinks Alucard is sexier than all the other guys.
Rant: Alucard would make a perfect lover for Integra, he has a nice smile and you can definitely tell that he cares about his master, and I would kill to be his fangirl, oh please please please!
Miscellany: janandlukelover on Shine Oekaki

fangirl Name: Amanda
Pairings shipped: Hates inter-Hellsing pairings; pursues herself with Alucard. Much more ambitious.
Personality: Creative, overly involved, outgoing; likes what she likes and that's all she can say. Is an anime junkie at heart. Draws, a lot: there are enough papers all over the floor of her room to wallpaper half her house. Tries to think for herself most of the time; trends are not her thing, not at all. Will wear what she wants how she wants to wear it, thank you very much. Doesn't care what anyone thinks about her; will tromp around school wearing her Alucard T-shirt.
Rant: ahh!! ohhmygosh Alucard is so freaking amazing and I love him with every fiber of my being and Alucard is just so kick-arse and Alucard's got those amazing guns and Alucard can do anything and I would give my immortal soul to him and Alucard is the one whom I idolize and I want to be Alucard when I grow up and Alucard's so sexy and so hot and Alucard's the most awsome vampire in all of anime and Alucard and kill anyone and Alucard is so cool and keeps everything under control and Alucard has such a nifty outfit and his eyes are the bestest shade of red in the world and Alucard will never give up and he's always willing to fight for the ones he honors and Alucard should be everyone's role model...
Miscellany: Used to loathe Integra and despise AxI, but Shine has made it easy to bear; has actually grown a slight fondness for Integra.

fangirl Name: Danielle (Dani)
Pairings shipped: AxI, SxP
Personality: Big reader, likes anime and manga (of course), quiet, keeps to herself, fairly large imagination (at least I think so).
Rant: OK, I'll keep it brief: I just think Alucard is the shiznit!! Now, my knowledge comes mostly from the manga, so, bear with me a bit. The whole thing where he turned into the Hellhound I thought was just the greatest thing since sliced bread! Plus, he's got the absolute sexiest voice!! *faints*
Miscellany: LiveJournal

fangirl Name: Tama Ki Amada (Tama)
Pairings shipped: AxSelf, AxI
Personality: A bit cynical, tends to have a fangy smirk on her face almost all the time. Slightly hyper but mainly cool headed. Dresses in black and has a Walter-like outfit but a bit more feminine. Overall nice, cynical and a tad evilly.... in a good way
Rant: Ah Alucard is simple the best. He has strength, wits, looks and damn... the sexiest smirk. You can't just help but love him, and the way he acts towards Integra is so cute. As a vampire he kicks major *** and could take the whole Vatican down if he pleased.

fangirl Name: Elizabeth (Liz)
Pairings shipped: AxS, AxI
Personality: Usually nice, but can have a bit of a temper sometimes. Loves reading about vampires; often fantasizes about Alucard.
Rant: Alucard is so great and Alucard is so powerful and Alucard has a spiffy red hat and Alucard dresses so nice and Alucard has mesmerizing eyes and Alucard has awesome weaponry and I love the way Alucard gets on Integra's nerves and Alucard is so sexy and Alucard is so handsome and...and...I JUST LOVE HIM!!!! *spasms*
Miscellany: Loves Metallica, but that's not really important, now is it?

fangirl Name: Alyssa
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: Generally dislikes Iscariot; knows a ton about vampire mythology (and all mythology in general); tends to stare at Alucard for long moments.
Rant: Alucard is the kawaiiest and bestest of all vampires! Even Lestat isn't as cool as he! He has the neatest hat and he must have hundreds of pairs of sunglasses in a drawer or something because they break almost every episode, and his suit is so adorable! And he got his head blown off by ANdersong and then it came back all cool and stuff and then he shoots off Andersong's arm. And then when you think he can't get any greater he can turn into a wonky hellhound and like ate or something Luke!
Miscellany: Hasn't seen all the episodes.

fangirl Name: Valerie
Pairings shipped: AxI; "maybe a little IxE just to be a bit of a masochist . . ."
Personality: When she's not studying, she's hanging out with people watching anime or X-Files. Cynical exterior, but gooey romantic feeling inside . . . which is why she hopes for the best with Alucard and Integra..mm..banter...also loves the tension between Iscariot and Hellsing.
Rant: Alucard is such a bad*** and he's so hot and he has the best fashion sense for someone his age and even when he was tied in that strait-jacket in the dungeon he was sooo sexy and his hair is so cool since it can extend or shorten however he feels like I wish I could have Alucard's hair! And in episode 10 where he watched over Integra through her whole operation was the sweetest romantic thing I've ever seen without going over the top and being too saccharine about it and every time I watch episode 13, I keep rewinding to the last scene where he awaits Integra's order and he's so sexy with the blood dripping from his white glove...
Miscellany: DeviantArt

fangirl Name: Kage
Pairings shipped: SerasxPaul Wilson
Personality: Usually very friendly, lazy, but will do lots of things for strangers, friends, yeah, LOVES anime and manga; has a knack for Greek mythology and about 25 story ideas.
Rant: Alucard always has a spare pair of yellow tinted glasses!
Miscellany: Fan of Alucard, Seras, or Integra; Alucard was always an ultimate favorite but will happily take Integra.

fangirl Name: Zafiel (Z-chan)
Pairings shipped: "I don't want you to hate me for this but I support AxS."
Personality: Fourteen and has an obsession with vampires; Alucard is her favorite vampire. Can get very hyper; loves anime, and tends to annoy people in her fanfics.
Rant: I'll be honest with you I am not good with rants, but I love Arucards evilness, and how hot he looks (I told my brother once I wouldn't mind being married to him).

fangirl Name: Cait
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: Can get extremely excited like most people, but on a higher level, much higher. makes high-pitched noises on the sight of bishis (Alucard). VERY random comments ("OMG I love Alucard, you know Marc right? He was so nice yesterday, and speaking of which I don't like ketchup").
Rant: Alucard.... ya, ya, ya, yaaaaa, yaaa, ya, yaaaaa! I love that song it comes from the soundtrack where Alucard is on the front, YUP YUP! Good God Alucard is a bishie! He is my bishie!!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!! yup yup, thas what it says in my buddy info. Why am I so attracted to men of murder? What do u call a group of crows???? A MURDER!!! REDRUM!!!! Alucard has a RED coat!!! OMG, he looks so good in it too! 'Specially in the picture where he's out on the porch with Integra!!! ooooooooo!!!!!!!

fangirl Name: Staci
Pairings shipped: AxI, AxS, AxA
Personality: Adores Alucard, plays off Alucard being(/hinted at) in (almost) any pairing.^^ Kind of hyper, doesn't dislike any of the characters...well, maybe except Incognito, ick.^_^
Rant: Alucard is the coolest! And he's a vampire, and he's got guns, and he's tough! And no one can beat Alucard! Alucard has fangs, so cool!!^^ And if he transformed or turned into a shadow I would probably be like: Ahhh!!(or Eeee!!)^^ Do it again!! do it again!!
Miscellany: Has only seen the first manga.

fangirl Name: Jessie
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: Pretty much acts like Integra in some ways: loves being dominant over her boyfriend, who looks and acts like Alucard, ironically, and even calls her Master. Hates admitting her feelings, even to him most of the time. Thinks Enrico is a real jerk and should die for being Catholic, not to mention Andersong; sketches a lot of stuff; loves plushies and anthro art.
Rant: Alucard is the most sexiest vamp alive. Alucard can suck my neck any day and I wouldn't care! I wish I could play with his guns! Did you know Alucard spelled backwards is Dracula? I just love it when Alucard gets all insane and violent when he finds a good fight. I felt so sad for him when he killed Luke so easily! I love it when he's a hellhound and I would cuddle him to death if I could without having an arm ripped off! ^^ I love his big red coat, glasses, hat and especially his eye!!! I love his reeeeed eyes O_O That's the best thing about that vampiric man. I just love how Alucard insults people so easily and ****es everyone off cause it's just so cute and he's so uber hotter when he takes off his glasses and hat....Something tells me I need to shut up and get on with it.
Miscellany: "I would come up with a 101 ways for Andersong to die if I had the time, believe me, after him hurting Alucard >_<"

fangirl Name: Alex Short
Pairings shipped: AxI
Personality: "Flamboyantly gay, that should cover it. 'Cept I don't do the whole hand thing."
Rant: Alucard is so cute and I just love the way his glasses are the way they are all shiney and cool and I love his pointy pointy teeth and his blaze-faire attitude and his hair is so rugged and charming and I really love his hat which is all floopy and cute and his pretty pointy teeth and YEEK! did I mention that already??? O.O
Miscellany: Webcomics

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