An Eye For An Eye 29/54

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Zorin: Hey! Insignificant gnat…! Got any legs? Pip: Oh, come on! Isn’t that running gag getting a little stale by now? Zorin: You think? I guess we’d better do something about that. Let’s start with the “running” part.

An Eye For An Eye 32/54

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“T’es une dure” = “You’re a tough one.” “Bois-moi” = “drink me.” Pip: Seras…you can stop her. T’es une dure. Don’t cry… Let me help you. Let me give you the strength…bois-moi. Seras: Pip–! You can’t! Pip: Ah, Seras. To die protecting a sweet girl like you… That’s the way I want to go. Seras:… Continue reading An Eye For An Eye 32/54

Eurekon! 7/25

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Doc: Some have called me mad…Mostly you people, during my previous presentations on the power of vampires! Well, today you will see the error of your ways! Across the world, the Last Battalion of the Third Reich has launched a thousand vampires to destroy six major cities. But not just vampires, no! That would be… Continue reading Eurekon! 7/25

Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 22/23

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Q. Does anyone from Millennium’s side survive the events of this final battle? If so, what do they do afterward? A. Afraid not. This group was self-selected to be uninterested in redemption. Any who try to hide are tracked down by people like Seras, Saint Tail, and Chris Orcot. Q. Is Timothy still trans* in… Continue reading Doujinshi-Ka’s Last Inbox 22/23

Final Guest Strip Sunday

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1) A motivational poster by Hugo. 2) A remix from the Create a Comic Project. 3) Another motivator, this one from LunatiK on deviantART. 4) One reader illustrates his own reaction to tragic things on the Internet. Manly tears were shed.