Not Quite Victoria’s England 102/120

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Pip: Hey, there goes another! [RRRRIP] Seras: That isn’t a good thing, Captain… Alt!Yomiko: Where are we? Alt!Nancy: I’ve read about this. It’s called– Pip: –the Whole Sort Of General Mish Mash! Seras: Captain! Alt!Yomiko: Hey, thanks! Seras: We don’t know these people! Pip: Sure we do, mignonette. That’s the point of alternate timelines.

Betrayal 6/17

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A list of I-Jin from the R.O.D continuity. And surely you all know about this guy by now… Yomiko: Remember to be careful! When I destroyed the library, it wiped out the archive of DNA… Integra: …but our enemies have stolen samples in the past. The ones used to create I-jin. The clones of exceptional… Continue reading Betrayal 6/17