Eurekon! 1/25

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Cameos: Icchan (Chobits), Dr. Horrible, the Master (Doctor Who), Agatha (Girl Genius), Helen Narbon (Narbonic), Beeker (The Muppets), Professor Membrane (Invader Zim), Dr. Forrester and TV’s Frank (MST3K). Japan. Birthplace of the giant robot. Home to astonishing technical genius. Every year, it plays host to the world’s largest convention of mad scientists. Welcome to Eurekon.… Continue reading Eurekon! 1/25

Eurekon! 2/25

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Cameos: Dr. Stein (Soul Eater), Franken Fran, Dr. Gero (Dragon Ball). Phoebe Moreau’s mpreg dreams are realized in Expecting. Stein: Any good panels up next? Fran: “Leveraging the World Wide Web” with Dr. Horrible. And Phoebe Moreau’s going on about male pregnancy again. Stein: What’s this? “Mad Science in the New Millennium.” Fran: Oh, I… Continue reading Eurekon! 2/25

Eurekon! 3/25

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Cameos: Fran, Forrester, and Stein again; Dr. Strangelove, Professor Tomoe (Sailor Moon), and Washuu (Tenchi Muyo). With reference to the Cookie Catapult. Stein: So what is this scientist’s history, exactly? Strangelove? He worked for mein Führer — I mean, Hitler. That makes an excellent résumé! Tomoe: Too bad he’s been riding on that for the… Continue reading Eurekon! 3/25

Eurekon! 4/25

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One more cameo: Baxter Stockman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), post-insectoid transformation. Doc: Welcome, fellow lovers of Science! This is a Eurekon that you will never forget. This is the panel that will change your lives. Ladies, gentlemen, honored guests of all genders and species, I give you… …uh…I give you…can I get a tech minion… Continue reading Eurekon! 4/25

Eurekon! 6/25

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Cameos: Tomoe again, and Professor Utonium (Powerpuff Girls). Tomoe: Oh, like we haven’t all tried that before. Utonium: Hey! I resent the implication that everybody here is evil! Doc: Well, I am. And it’s time someone came up with an evil plot that won’t be taken down by a bunch of girls. Schrödinger: Hey, guess… Continue reading Eurekon! 6/25

Eurekon! 8/25

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Cameos: Pearl Forrester and Brain Guy (MST3K), Major Doctor Ghastly (Evil Con Carne), Dexter (Dexter’s Lab). That’s a copy of “Doc’s Story”, in which the demon Nina was originally summoned. Check out the downloads page for this and other early Hirano hentai. Pearl: What does he mean, “again”? Brain Guy: Here, read this. Just not… Continue reading Eurekon! 8/25

Eurekon! 10/25

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Tomoe refers to Tokyo Mew Mew and Cardcaptor Sakura. Doc: As you can see, the destruction of Japan is imminent! Tomoe: We can’t see anything at this distance! Who are they even fighting? The Sailor Senshi? Those human-animal hybrids? That kid with Clow’s old card game? Doc: You could make yourself useful and take a… Continue reading Eurekon! 10/25

Eurekon! 17/25

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Cameos: Utonium is joined by Kyuubei (Madoka Magica). Doc: Uh… [SNICKER] Doc: I have got to look into getting one of those for my girls! Kyuubei: Me too. Doc: Silence, fools! That wasn’t even the main event anyway! That was only a distraction! Behold!

Eurekon! 20/25

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[BWAHAHA] Stockman: What kind of mutant is that? Fran: Even my first experiment wasn’t that bad. [hee hee] Schrödinger: He is pretty stupid-looking. Doc: Its appearance aside, it is still a vicious demon of Hell! Watch in awe as it terrorizes the school before laying waste to the entire country! Incognito: What to do first?… Continue reading Eurekon! 20/25

Eurekon! 22/25

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Cameo: the Rani (Doctor Who). [SLICE!] [DANCE!] [FOOM!] Audience: Boooo! Schrödinger (thinking): I think this is my cue to leave. Doc: Th-that wasn’t the main event anyway! Audience: Then why did you say it was? Doc: Because shut up! And who turned on the lights? What?? Rani: It’s time to set up for the next… Continue reading Eurekon! 22/25