Visiting Dr. Trevelyan

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You can read “The Resident Patient” on WikiSource. (General Ferguson’s name may also be drawn from Holmes; there’s a character with that name in “The Problem of Thor Bridge”. Wild Geese guy: So, Dr. Trevelyan, I’ve been wondering… Trevelyan: Keep quiet for a moment. I need to listen to your pulse. Guy: What do you… Continue reading Visiting Dr. Trevelyan

The Lost Storyline 5-9

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Note from The Future: That first speech bubble should’ve pointed to Dr. Trevelyan. On DA: Nurse Seras. Trevelyan: She seems to have an ordinary flu. No unusual symptoms. The best thing she can do for herself is rest, and she should be fine by tomorrow. If she shows any worse symptoms, however… Integra: I do… Continue reading The Lost Storyline 5-9