Good Books 21/33

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Integra: I — I’m Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing. We’re on a mission from God. Aziraphale: Oh, I rather doubt that. I would have heard about it. Crowley: Yeah, like Upstairs is so good at communicating with you. Aziraphale: Do shut up, dear. Donnie: Excuse me! You haven’t started without me, have you?

Good Books 23/33

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Integra: This was Donnie Nakajima, the 18th Paper. Predecessor and mentor to Yomiko Readman. Less crazy, but not by much. And, as it turned out, on first-name terms with an angel. Young Integra: You know him? Donnie: Of course! Aziraphale is the best in town at finding rare first editions. I would say he’s “divine”,… Continue reading Good Books 23/33

Good Books 24/33

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Crowley: Can I take on thisss one, or does he have tricks up his sleeves too? Aziraphale: No need to worry, dear. Donnie moves paper with his mind. So I’ve taken the precaution of miracling away the supply he brought with him. Now the only paper left in here is the books. Donnie cares about… Continue reading Good Books 24/33

Good Books 25/33

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And a happy New Year! Donnie: He’s got me there. I won’t hurt the books. Books are like people to me. They have thoughts and feelings, and their lives are just as valuable. Besides, it would be a senseless waste to use all the paper in this shop in a futile attempt to defeat an… Continue reading Good Books 25/33

Good Books 30/33

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Crowley: Look, Angel, I don’t see what’s so hard about this. Don’t you always claim that He finds a use for everything? If you’re going to keep insisting that I’m playing into His hands — that even The Rebellion had a purpose — then how can you object to a vampire? It’s…that word you’re always… Continue reading Good Books 30/33

Good Books 31/33

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Narration: I’ll probably never know what was going through the angel’s mind in those next few moments. But at last he said: Aziraphale: Donnie…I won’t allow the British Library to have the scroll. Donnie: What–? Aziraphale: But she can hold on to it. Is that an acceptable compromise?

Good Books 32/33

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Narration: So Hellsing took possession of the Ripley Scroll. We still have it today. Come to think of it…if the angel hadn’t taken it in the first place, it would still have been in the library when it was burned to the ground. Integra: …Thanks. Crowley: Don’t mention it. Narration: Perhaps there was something ineffable… Continue reading Good Books 32/33