All Your Base 17/39

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Joker: Um… [SWISH] Integra: Yomiko Readman was no traitor. She burned down the British Library to stop you from doing something. Give me one good reason why I should trust you. Joker: We’ve been experimenting with I-jin. When Readman found out, she…disapproved. Integra: We’ve known for years that you’ve worked with I-jin. Readman carried out… Continue reading All Your Base 17/39

Triptych (Part II) 21/35

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Maggie was still wearing parts of her pinstriped suit under the nifty paper outfit. You may remember that Michelle is in Los Angeles, where she is also being controlled with threats to Anita.

World Enough And Time 11/13

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The Paper Sisters, all grown up! A different set of influences over the past eight years has given them slightly different hairstyles.

Moonlight Romancia 22/27

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The Japanese phrase in the original Hellsing that gets translated as “Angel of Death” is “shinigami”, made from the characters “shi” (death) + “kami” (god/spirit). The word for “paper” is also pronounced “kami”, and this is used for puns in the original R.O.D manga, as in “May the blessings of paper be with you.” In… Continue reading Moonlight Romancia 22/27