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Shine‘s heroes, villains, and everyone in between. Not including the plethora of minor cameos.

Nameless masses: Hellsing soldiers, British military, Iscariot agents, Catholics, Millennium agents, demons, vampires, ghouls.

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The Hellsing Organization


Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing

In canon: Tough, super-competent, and androgynously sexy head of the Hellsing Organization. Knight of the Round Table and master of the vampire Alucard. Inspires fierce respect and devotion from her forces. More awesome than you.

In Shine: The last time Walter and Seras tried to get her to relax, she ended up stranded on a desert island. (Not that it fazed her.) Wields icy glare of death. Equally capable in an ancient demon-filled forest or the skyscrapers of a modern demon-hunting business. Definitely not in love with Alucard. Nope. Not at all.

See also: Young Integra, AU versions of Integra, Peruntegra, Mysterious Fake Integra.



In canon: Blood-soaked and power-heavy True Undead who serves Hellsing — specifically, Integra. Generally glides through (un)life with a carefree air, lots of style, and big guns. Can take any form he likes, teenage girl included. Is not-so-secretly Dracula.

In Shine: Looking for a good fight, but is embarrassed to reveal his servant status to worthy opponents. Has seen a lot over the centuries, including the Doctor (and Wowbagger, for that matter). Certainly not in love with his Master. Oh no.

Familiars: hellhounds, Coffin, Alucard’s army


Seras Victoria

In canon: Orphaned young police officer who lets Alucard make her a vampire. At first shy and unwilling to drink blood, she eventually embraces her nature and pwns utterly. Rejects Pip’s early advances, but eventually falls in love. Wields a freakin’ huge gun.

In Shine: In spite of her insecurities about her new identity, she’s settled into life at the Hellsing mansion, and even brightened it up a bit. Wavers on whether to take Pip’s romantic overtures seriously; something in her past makes her hesitant to accept him. May or may not have a competing crush on Integra.

Family: Seras’ parents


Walter Dornez

In canon: Deceptively mild-mannered valet of the Hellsing house. Known as Hellsing’s “Angel of Death” when he fought alongside Alucard during World War II. A Dune fan. Spends most of his time lurking in the background, but when he breaks out the dental floss of doom, watch out.

In Shine: His ability to sense when Integra needs his help approaches Spider-Sense levels. As a child, raised and trained by Reginald Jeeves. Sci-fi geek. Makes a mean cup of tea. His only weak point is his daughter. (You didn’t know he had a daughter? Until recently, neither did he.)


Pip Bernadette

In canon: Roguish French captain of the mercenaries known as the Wild Geese. Quick at thinking on his feet. His early fear of monsters soon becomes a genuine affection (and, yes, lust) for Seras. Has a strong sense of honor mixed with a penchant for dirty jokes.

In Shine: Makes a lot of ill-fated attempts to win Seras’ affections. He’ll go to any lengths to protect her…when he’s not the one accidentally causing the danger. Thinks in French. Raised by his grandfather, who fought in the French Resistance during WWII. He gave up one eye in the service of money; love has dibs on the other.

Family: Grand-père Bernadette, Grand-mère Natalie


The Wild Geese

In canon: The mercenaries led by Pip, initially skeptical about the existence of vampires, but loyal to Hellsing as long as they get paid. Replacements for Hellsing’s original troops. One has a young daughter named Michelle. Pretty much all of them are doomed.

In Shine: Several of the Geese have been distinguished as people, especially when they go out drinking with Pip and attempt to give him love-life advice. Bob, the black guy with the scar, has struck up a relationship with Thien, also known as the Nameless Woman from Order 07. Most of them are still doomed.


Reginald Jeeves (Jeeves & Wooster)

In canon: Brilliant and talented valet with a strong grasp of “the psychology of the individual.” Uses his formidable powers of strategy to keep his employer out of trouble.

In Shine: Trained Walter in all things from vampire-slaying to making good tea. After Bertie was nearly killed in a vampire attack, Jeeves let him in on the secret — and the two of them finally got together, so that the trio made an improvised family until Hellsing called Jeeves and Walter away to fight WWII.

characterAbraham Van Helsing: Monster-hunter who originally bound Alucard to the family, with the aid of Mina Harker.

Arthur Hellsing: Ran Hellsing during WWII; locked Alucard away afterward. Taught his daughter Integra everything he knew about monster-hunting, before his tragic death when she was 13.

Richard Hellsing: Arthur’s younger brother. Tried to cause Integra’s tragic death when she was 13.

characterThien: The nameless woman from Order 07. Handles paperwork and other administrative support. For Shine purposes, she’s Vietnamese-British, and ends up dating one of the Wild Geese.

Peter Ferguson: Commander of Hellsing troops before the Valentine Brothers attack.

Dr. Trevelyan: Hellsing family physician, also with a famous ancestor. Specializes in supernatural injuries.

Hellsing staff: Everyone else who works at the mansion. Because Walter can’t clean the whole place by himself.


Hellsing Allies and Civilians

characterSir Shelby Penwood

Round Table councillor whose duties include supplying Hellsing with weapons and equipment. Friends with Arthur during WWII. Got his position largely by being in the right womb at the right time, but turns out to be better suited for it than anyone could have guessed.

Family: Penwood Jr. (grandson)
See also: Round Table Council, The Queen

characterGun Spirits

Dream manifestations of the Hellsing weapons, here to give advice…and weird everyone out. The Harkonnen Cannon appears as Baron Harkonnen, from Dune. The Jackal mostly appears as Bruce Willis from The Jackal.

characterBertram Wooster, Lord Yaxley (Jeeves & Wooster)

Absentminded but well-meaning member of the 1930s idle rich, with a flair for writing, playing piano, and accidentally getting engaged. Has trouble with the Wooster relations. Jeeves’ employer-turned-partner, and eventual co-guardian of young Walter.

characterHakim Atawari (Victorian Romance Emma)

A minor Indian prince who regularly visits London, attendants and parade of elephants in tow, to visit his school friend William Jones (they were classmates at Eton). Supports William’s romance with Emma, though she’s a maid and their society disapproves. Eventually becomes the father of Integra’s mother.

characterIntegra’s Mother

Daughter of Hakim Atawari, and love of Arthur Hellsing’s life. Died when Integra was very young, but has kept watching over her ever since.


Vatican Section XIII: The Iscariot Organization


Enrico Maxwell

In canon: Fanatic leader of the Iscariot Organization. Talks with a smirk and can be very petty, although Integra never rises to his bait. Serious abandonment issues. Willing to have anyone killed for the Vatican’s sake. Eventually goes (even further) off the deep end.

In Shine: Has an overwhelming crush on Integra, which he compensates for by trying to get her killed. Occasionally relates stories about his childhood, most of which are complete fabrications. Known on the con scene as a Pray Pray Revolution champion.

Fictional family: Lady Maxwell


“Bayonet” Alexander Anderson

In canon: Iscariot’s ace, scientifically augmented into a regenerator: able to heal bullet wounds in seconds, grow back lost limbs, and pull an infinite supply of bayonets from the fourth dimension. Fights like a berserker when vampires are around, although he’s capable of sharp insights when his mind is clear. In his spare time, he takes care of orphans. No, really.

In Shine: By far the oldest of the Iscariots, he’s often the calm onlooker, except in the aforementioned cases of vampires. Involved in raising both Heinkel and Enrico, and, later, Timothy.


Heinkel Wolfe

In canon: The more level-headed half of the Vatican’s dynamic duo of assassins. In charge of shooting people and keeping Yumie under control; can also act as bodyguard and troop leader. Canon intersex.

In Shine: In love with both Yumiko and Yumie, hesitant to voice it but determined to protect them both however they can. Has 5-ARD and no fixed gender identity. Knows secrets about Yumiko that Yumiko herself hasn’t been told. Becomes something of a reluctant mentor to Timothy when he tags along for training.


Yumiko/Yumie Takagi

In canon: Has dissociative identity disorder. Glasses on, she’s sweet and gentle nun Yumiko; glasses off, she’s Heinkel’s sword-wielding berserker partner Yumie. Yumiko has no memory of Yumie, but is aware of her DID, and wishes her violent half could just stay asleep.

In Shine: Both Yumiko and Yumie are devoted fans of Nenene Sumiregawa. Went to Lillian Girls’ School for junior high. Her DID, initially created in response to trauma, is these days reinforced by Section XIII’s conditioning, and runs deeper than they’ve revealed.


Timothy Maccabee

Junior agent of Iscariot. Named after Saint Timothy, who gained great admiration from Saint Paul for devotion at a young age.

Like Enrico, Timothy grew up in the Ferdinant Lukes orphanage, and was recruited to Iscariot at a young age. Initially in awe of Father Maxwell and Father Anderson, and an enthusiastic sidekick in training missions with Heinkel and Yumie. Eventually starts to second-guess a lot of things — including, ever since that time he got possessed, his gender.

characterFather Renaldo

General administrative support for Iscariot, usually seen at Enrico’s side. Often the reluctant audience for Enrico’s latest completely-made-up life story.

characterStephen Colbert

Undercover Iscariot agent operating in the United States. Also seen in flashback at Catholicon. Protects Jon Stewart during the final battle, a story told more fully in The Eagle Of Hermes.


The Last Battalion: Millennium


Major Montana Max

In canon: The head of the Millennium Nazis, originally in charge of the Nazi vampire research project. Despite this affiliation, he doesn’t seem to share much of the party’s ideology. He just has a thing for war, and his dream is to start a big one. Secretly an otaku.

In Shine: His plan for destroying Hellsing has a lot of preludes to get through before the actual invasion of England, especially considering that there are so many other vampire-hunting organizations to keep out of the way. Has been seen conspiring with a mysterious shadowy figure. Has pictures of ’40s DC Comics villains in his bedroom.


Tubalcain Alhambra “The Dandy”

In canon: The suave and skilled card shark who, during the attack on Alucard and Seras’ hotel in Rio de Janeiro, directed the forces and eventually faced Alucard himself. Put up a very cool-looking fight before he was killed.

In Shine: He’s not just a vampire, he’s a paper user, making him doubly dangerous…and doubly vulnerable to holy water. A ladies’ man, charming and smooth to a fault, though something about Rip seems to fluster him. Native to Rio, which the Hellsing operatives never managed to reach. Mildly obsessed with card games.


Rip Van Winkle “The Huntress”

In canon: The opera-singing, parasol-twirling, magic-bullet-wielding Millennium vampire who hijacked the battleship H.M.S. Eagle. Had previously fought Alucard during WWII, and survived. Fought him again on the deck of the ship, this time in parallel with the themes of Der Freischütz. Didn’t survive this one.

In Shine: Cute and perky when in a good mood; snappish when in a bad one. She and Schrödinger bicker like siblings. Takes the Dandy’s flirting in stride, as he hits on everyone. Still wields a musket firing magic bullets, in a design stolen from the Warbucks Organization.



In canon: The mischievous catboy created by Doc. Like the cat in the scientific parable, exists in a state of quantum uncertainty: he is “everywhere and nowhere,” self-perpetuating as long as he can recognize himself. In practice, this means he can walk through the walls of the Hellsing mansion without tripping their security. Mostly used as a messenger.

In Shine: An I-Jin of Erwin Schrödinger. In one of Doc’s experiments, was temporarily bodyswapped with not!Schrödinger, a demon whose consciousness couldn’t cope with his quantum existence. She was left in his body for Seras to find, and he stuck around after they were swapped back.


Herr Doktor “Doc

In canon: The slightly mad scientist who ran the experiments that eventually led to Millennium’s use of vampires. Polydactylic. Created Schrödinger somewhere along the line, as well as the chips implanted in Millennium’s agents that transmit information back to headquarters (and set them on fire when they fail).

In Shine: His repertoire of inventions is even greater here; he’s created custom I-Jin and swapped minds around. So long as his experiments work, he doesn’t worry about much else.


Captain Hans Günsche

In canon: The strong, silent type. (Whether he can’t speak or just refuses to, nobody knows for sure.) Also, a werewolf, in the “man who turns into a wolf” sense. Fought Walter in 1944; the fight was never finished, at least until they met again on the battlefield of London.

In Shine: Still spends most of his time standing around and saying nothing. When briefly in the Major’s body during the body-swap storyline, locked himself in the Major’s room and sang disco.

characterZorin Blitz

In canon: Vampire with great muscles, a mastery of illusion, and solid tattoos covering the whole right half of her body. Attacks the Hellsing mansion while it’s defended by Seras and the Wild Geese, and makes a lot of deadly progress before running up against a wall.

In Shine: Pretty much the same. Her canon hair color wasn’t confirmed for a long time, so here she dyes it a different color every storyline.

characterThe Valentine Brothers:
Luke Valentine & Jan Valentine

In canon: Vampire brothers who led a devastating attack on the Hellsing mansion. Luke is suave and pretty, and ended up getting eaten by a doggy. Jan slings profanity like it’s going out of style and can’t go near magnets, and was incapacitated by Integra before Millennium remotely took him out.

In Shine: They’ve made posthumous appearances, mostly in Hell. Luke is still traumatized and spends most of his time hiding behind rocks. Jan’s greatest torture is that all his swearing gets bleeped.

characterIncognito: Final boss in the TV anime. Has a complex about how he’s seen as inferior to the manga villains, not least because of his gratuitous funny-shaped head.

Leif and Jessica, Paul Wilson: Other posthumous agents of Millennium occasionally seen in Hell.

“She”: Mysterious bandage-wrapped body in a box. Subject of mysterious experiments by Doc.

characterJames & Diane: Extra OC cannon-fodder vampires, deceased.

H. G. Wells: I-jin created by Millennium with stolen tech. Made a bunch of Morlocks and invented time travel. Also seen: his original human self, and a heroic AU version.

characterThe Man in Shadows: Super-extra-mysterious ally of Millennium. The lights around him always seem to be broken.


British Library Special Ops (R.O.D Read Or Die)


Yomiko Readman “The Paper”

In canon: The ace of the British Library Special Ops division, she’s an enthusiastic bibliomaniac and a paper user. Trained by her predecessor and first love (books excluded). Has saved the world several times. Declares herself Nenene’s “biggest fan.”

In Shine: Works with Hellsing when their duties overlap, and acts as a bodyguard on Nenene’s book tours in her spare time. Able to match Alucard evenly in battle. In spite of her feelings for Nenene, has other duties that come first. Thanks to a temporal snafu, there’s an extra version of her hopping around with a time machine.

Partners: Nancy Makuhari (I-jin), Donnie Nakajima (paper user)


Sumiregawa Nenene

In canon: An author whose first book, written when she was thirteen, became a smash hit. Writer’s block hits in her late twenties after Yomiko’s disappearance. Has a knack for getting tangled in the affairs of paper users. Carries a locket with Yomiko’s picture.

In Shine: Nineteen when we meet her. The one who knows Yomiko best: their closeness goes beyond author and fan. Also perhaps the only person who can hold her own in a staring contest with Integra. Still has that locket after Yomiko goes MIA.

The Paper Sisters:
Michelle Cheung, Maggie Mui, Anita King

character In canon: A trio of paper users who work for the British Library, act as bodyguards to Nenene, and have “adopted” each other as sisters. Michelle and Maggie are bibliomaniacs, and can’t understand why Anita isn’t. Their origins are far murkier and more tangled than they realize.

characterIn Shine: Kidnapped and co-opted into service by Millennium (which controls each of them by threatening the others) at a young age. Doc was able to give the Dandy his card-manipulation powers after experimenting on Anita.

character Maggie is Walter’s long-lost daughter, and takes after him in attack style, albeit with paper rather than wires. Michelle and Maggie are both sent into the field during the final battle; Anita’s whereabouts remain unknown.


Mr. Joker (Joseph Carpenter)

Head of British Library Special Ops, though he has his own agenda that few know — certainly not the paper users he employs. People comment on how much he looks like Enrico Maxwell. Integra, wisely, trusts Yomiko over him.


Other Organizations


Holy League: Madeline (Madeline)

In canon: In a Catholic boarding school in Paris that was covered in vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines. The smallest (and bravest) was Madeline.

In Shine: The ace of the French equivalent of Hellsing, known as the Holy League. Like Anderson, a regenerator; also like Anderson, much older than she looks. Still incredibly petite — and still overflowing with courage, willing to singlehandedly take on much taller vampires without a moment’s hesitation. Travels in a miniature helicopter.


STN-J: Robin Sena (Witch Hunter Robin)

In canon: An agent of STN-J, the Japanese branch of the global witch-hunting organization Solomon. Born in Japan but raised in Italy by a priest. Has the power to start and control fires; because she uses it for good, she is classified as “a craft user” rather than “a witch.” At least, as long as she plays by Solomon’s rules.

In Shine: Appeared in (where else?) the witch-hunting storyline. (Like the Hellsing Organization, STN-J regularly comes into conflict with Section XIII.) Fluent in Italian, she was one of the few people able to converse with Timothy.

character characterAmon & Michael Lee

Robin’s colleagues at STN-J. Amon is her partner and supervisor on witch-hunting missions. Michael is the tech guy, confined to headquarters.

characterWarbucks Organization: Ann Warbucks (Little Orphan Annie)

In canon: As a child Annie was taken in by wealthy weapons baron Oliver Warbucks, whom she called “Daddy” from then on. Had a penchant for getting kidnapped, but more than enough gumption to survive it. Kind of a badass capitalist. Nobody knows what happened to her pupils.

In Shine: Born on February 29, she only ages one year in every four, so she’s still around. Inherited the leadership of the Chicago-based Warbucks Organization, which still sets the global standard in high-tech weaponry. Only accepts customers who are (a) allies of the United States and (b) filthy rich.

characterWarbucks Employees

Ann’s employees include Mickey Dugan (The Yellow Kid); Marcie Johnson and “Peppermint” Patty Reichardt (Peanuts); and the eponymous Buster Brown. She has an under-the-table arrangement with Minnie May Hopkins (Gunsmith Cats).


Free Agents (Inhuman)


In canon: An ancient vampire in a child’s body, who lives alone with her vast collection of books and an old record player. Gives Seras aid and advice in the lead-up to the Incognito fiasco. Killed (for real this time), but undisturbed by her death, explaining that her spirit will be freed to wander the sky.

In Shine: After the timeline was rearranged, gave Seras aid in the lead-up to the Valentine Brothers fiasco. Longtime friend of Reseda. Inadvertently drawn into Hell once; rescued through divine intervention. Occasionally does book reviews.

characterThe baobhan sith “Laura”

In canon: A Scottish vampire who, working for Millennium, infiltrated the Hellsing mansion by hypnotizing the humans to believe she was “Integra’s younger sister, Laura.” While Incognito distracted Alucard, she tried to kill Integra, and very nearly succeeded.

In Shine: Briefly seen in Hell before the time travel storyline. In the new timeline she was never recruited by Millennium at all, but still has ambitions of defeating Hellsing, and takes the initiative on her own.

characterThe other baobhan sith “Marian (see also this character meme)

Originally: Based loosely on every Mary Sue you’ve ever met. (Her full alias is Marian Amethyst Raven Yumi Sappho Urania Elizabeth.) The difference is that she can’t actually warp canon; she just thinks she can.

In Shine: A young baobhan sith who accompanied “Laura” in leaving her sisters to seek out, and hopefully hit on, Sir Hellsing. Thinks of herself as a dramatic heroine, and acts accordingly — which is part of what makes her a comedic sidekick.

characterAnthy Himemiya & Chuchu (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

In canon: The symbolic Rose Bride, passed around among the Student Council of Ohtori Academy in a mysterious system of duels. Shunned by most of the student body, considered weird at best and a witch at worst. Her only friend is her pet (familiar?) Chuchu, until Tenjou Utena comes along.

In Shine: The series has ended and Anthy has left Ohtori, searching for her missing Utena. She’s currently a student at Lillian Girls’ School, which is, if you think about it, the perfect place to go looking for a teenage lesbian.


Originally: The artist’s first Mary Sue (oh, the nostalgia), written for a Sailor Moon fanfic. Has lost almost everything she has; digs her claws tightly into what’s left and hangs on.

In Shine: Reseda is a chordewa: a type of vampire, originating from Bengal, which favors cat form but can be distinguished by its odd way of mewing. Arrived on the Hellsing mansion’s doorstep as a cat, looking for news of Helena, and ended up acting as a pet for Seras until her identity was uncovered.

characterUnaffiliated Vampires

Assorted villains-of-the-week. No relationship with Millennium — they’re just out to menace humans on their own time.

Diane (Tu Seras Avec Moi) was a childhood rival of Madeline’s, who attacked her in France.

The adze (May Flowers) is a Togolese vampire which commonly takes the form of a firefly.

Eustace’s fiancée (Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves?) tried to lure the Wooster relations, and ended up clashing with Jeeves.


The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Ancient, time-traveling, face-changing alien (this is face #6) with a ship that looks like a London police box, and a rotating cast of mostly-human Companions. One was author H. G. Wells, who went on to write some of the earliest modern science fiction, including The Time Machine.

characterHelios (Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon)

Guardian of children’s dreams, including young Integra’s. Moonlights as the Ghost of Iscariot Present when he has some free time.


Count D (Pet Shop of Horrors)

Immortal nature spirit who runs a pet shop. Sells karmically-appropriate pets, and the occasional stuffed tiger. Flirty relationship with Leon Orcot.


Dream Llama

It’s a llama that shows up in your dreams.

No, really, that’s it.


Free Agents (Humans)


Lillian Students (Maria-sama ga Miteru)

In canon: Lillian Girls’ School is a garden for maidens. The pleats on their skits shouldn’t be noticeable. Their white sailor collars should always be tidy. Walking slowly is preferred here. Oh, and all the characters are engaged in intimate, exclusive, intensely personal “soeur” relationships with each other. But it’s totally platonic. They swear.

In Shine: The girls have all their usual troubles to work out, with the occasional bonus intrusion from vampire slayers and witch hunters. And, yes, they’re pretty much all lesbians. Yumiko is a former student, and her soeur now works there as a nurse.


Mystery, Inc. (Scooby-Doo, plus assorted sequels and spinoffs)

In canon: Four young people and a talking dog who wander the country solving mysteries and unmasking fake monsters: upstanding young man Freddie Jones, pretty girl Daphne Blake, genius Velma Dinkley, scaredy-cat Norville “Shaggy” Rogers, and of course their Great Dane.

In Shine: A group of touring twentysomethings who travel the world, seeking out and exposing monster hoaxes. When they meet Alucard, they naturally try to pull off his mask.


Haneoka Meimi & Mimori Seira (Saint Tail)

Magical Catholics from Japan. Meimi is a former freelance thief/magical girl, now mostly-retired. Rivals Enrico at Pray Pray Revolution. Seira is her nun-in-training partner in chaotic good. Annoys Yumie by being too nice.


Plucky girl reporter. Contributes a lot of realistic footage to the online vampire-snuff-film aficionado community. Ends up suffering death by Alucard.

characterSailor Senshi (Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon)

Protectors of Japan, wielders of the Holy Grail, not impressed with demons.

Sailor Pluto guards the flow of history, and kept a close eye on the time travel storyline to make sure it turned out okay. The result was, if not a straight line, a self-sustaining loop without any paradoxes. Sometimes that’s the best you can do.

characterCalvin & Hobbes & Susie (Calvin and Hobbes)

A kid with a vivid imagination and a knack for monster-hunting; his usually-stuffed tiger; and a neighbor kid who gets in on the action. They were on a school trip in Washington DC during ’99.

characterMad Scientists

A whole swath of Doc’s professional colleagues (the one depicted here is Franken Fran). Mostly human. Some more evil than others, but they all put aside those differences to talk shop at Eurekon.


Angels, Demons, and Deities

characterAziraphale & Crowley (Good Omens)

In canon: The angel who used to stand guard outside the Garden of Eden (now a used bookstore owner), and the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve (now a professional ne’er-do-well and terrorizer of house plants). Technically enemies, they’ve come to an Arrangement, and frequently dine together at the Ritz.

In Shine: Aziraphale was a friend of Donnie Nakajima, and can take on any darkish creature (say, a vampire) with a bit of holy light. Crowley once underestimated Integra, and ended up being put out of commission by holy spit. Both are in London during the final battle.


In canon: Ancient serpentine demon summoned by Incognito to destroy London, only to be banished again by Hellsing.

In Shine: Stuck in Hell, trying to regroup. Depowered so severely that he can only manifest as a glowing chibi snake.


In canon: Catgirl demon from the proto-canonical “Doc’s Story.” (Her name there was Azmodeus.)

In Shine: A succubus summoned by Doc, debuted as not!Schrödinger while bodyswapped with the quantum catboy. After being swapped back, she immediately picked a fight with Alucard. Eventually dispatched to Hell, where she manifests as a pink chibi cat.


In canon: Formerly a Cherub, now Hell’s minister of pacts and treaties. The one who notarizes all deals with the devil.

In Shine: Genderless bureaucrat who tallies up sins to assign people to the appropriate sublevel of Hell. Has personal jurisdiction over subcircle 813: the home for opponents of Hellsing’s mission from God. Seems to have the hots for Integra’s shoulder devil.


One of Baalberith’s two angelic counterparts. (In the Fall, one of every three angels sided with the devil.) Cherubic guardian of the section of Heaven frequented by characters relevant to Hellsing. Whether it’s Seras’ parents or the organization’s dead soldiers, she’s around to light up their afterlives.


The ultimate bisexual. (He loves everyone.)

Tried to get everyone to be kind and loving and helpful toward each other. It didn’t exactly work out as planned.

characterThe Endless (Good Omens/Sandman)

Stylish forces of nature and/or horsepersons of the apocalypse. Death has a posthumous chat with Hakim. Morpheus keeps an eye on dreams. War briefly acts as the spirit of Pip’s gun.


Shoulder Angels

Originally: A traditional trope for representing a character’s inner conflict. They appear on the person’s shoulders and give advice: one good, one bad.

In Shine: Integra’s shoulder devil spends her free time with Hell’s succubi, acting out Integra’s suppressed dominatrix impulses (and being irritated by Baalberith’s crush on her). Her shoulder angel relaxes in Heaven, acting out Integral’s suppressed desires to be cheerful and gentle. Both appear with her when necessary. Timothy also has a set, though his shoulder devil is often too embarrassed to urge him to any real evil.


Our Dimension


Fangirls (see also Attack of the Fangirls’ Profiles)

In reality: A flock of real people, Hellsing fans and Shine readers all. Willing to email descriptive information to the artist on request, including loving rants about their favorite characters.

In Shine: They come through a portal that opens every year, for reasons as yet unexplained. It usually opens into Integra’s office (although one year it was diverted to Hell), and the fans shoot out to latch on to their favorite characters. Removing them is a tricky job. When Integra is loaded up on Perun’s Flowers, she can close the portal herself.

Volunteers: Another set of cameos, this time from volunteers at real-world cons, who sent in their info to become staff at Catholicon.

Kohta Hirano: Original creator of Hellsing.

The Artist: Lifelong Integra fangirl. Answers all your Hellsing-related questions.


And one more…

characterVampire Hunter D

A dhampir (half-human, half-vampire) known for hunting monsters in the far future. Born Divyendu Clyde Abraham Hellsing. Conceived by Seras and Integra during Alucard’s 30-year absence, though they consider Alucard his honorary dad.