Falling Into a Trap with a Sexy Lure
order 09: red rose vertigo

We open in Baobhan Castle, a suspected hideout for the mysterious creators of the "freak chips". Another military group is approaching, and Hellsing is ordered to withdraw. "Just remember," says the commander to Integral, "you're not the only outfit protecting this country." (He and his entire unit die, and are turned into freaks. Oops.)

Returning home, Integral meets Walter, who informes her that "Miss Laura has been waiting for you." Integral looks up - there's a woman on the stairs, a pale young woman with blonde hair falling into her face, hiding one eye; the other is blue. "Laura Hellsing..." murmurs Integral. "Integra!" she exclaims delightedly. "It's been too long." "Laura," repeats Integral. "Hello, dear sister."

Integral and "Laura" have a conversation in her office, while Integra opens a letter; she is obviously uncomfortable, voice faltering, developing a headache. Assorted camera angles seem to enunciate Laura's sensuality, while her voice purrs, "Don't you ever get lonely living here, Integra?" (She doesn't answer.)

Seras, also returning home, looks exhausted but can't seem to fall asleep; something is very wrong, though she doesn't know what. She comes upstairs to disturbing sights - a vision of a corpse on the stairs, a black shadow passing behind her (it's Alucard in hellhound form), an unfamiliar woman walking by, and Walter seeming decidedly not himself. When she remarks that Laura doesn't look anything like Integral, he looks first stern, then distraught, clutching his heart.

Integral falls asleep at her desk, and her dreams are no less disturbing; she wakes up to find Laura embracing her. As Laura sits her up and starts methodically undressing her, it doesn't take her long to shake off the mental influence and remember that she never had a sister. Unfortunately, the influence has moved from mind to body, and she can barely lift a finger in defense. Outside, a floss-wielding Walter prevents Seras from entering.

Alucard, meanwhile, has returned to Baobhan Castle; he finds Incognito there, and challenges him to a battle. Incognito isn't very talkative, so Alucard, like Integral, does all the talking. Finally, Incognito speaks - "The two of us . . . we are different. The difference is, you don't have a master . . . anymore." Integral, having been unable to dissuade "Laura" - or should I say, the baobhan sith - with her sharp tongue, stutters, "A...lu...card!"

Bubbancy, running her fingers through Integral's hair, gloats a bit in her oh-so-soft voice before letting out a girlish giggle and chomping down on her neck. Alucard shows up and shouts at baobhan sith (her influence falls off of Walter at this point), angrier than he's ever been; one shot from the Jackal takes care of her. Walter and Seras charge in, but it's too late for Integral; there's only one way to keep from turning into a vampire or a ghoul, and that is to . . . stab herself in the throat, with that handy letter opener.

And so Order 09 ends, with Integral collapsed on the floor in a pool of her own blood, next to a pile of dust and a single slender white hand . . .