Falling Into a Trap with a Sexy Lure
bubbancy in lore and literature

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A vampire classic older than Dracula is Carmilla, by J. Sheridan LeFanu. It is the story of nineteen-year-old Laura, whose father takes in a girl about her age to be her companion. This girl is the nervous but alluring Carmilla, who fascinates Laura from the beginning of their friendship - enough that Laura overlooks the times when Carmilla grows unnervingly familiar with her.

With mysterious deaths occurring in the area, the haunting circumstances of the loss of the girl who was going to meet Laura but had died just before Carmilla arrived, and the dreams that disturb the sleep of both Laura and Carmilla, the two draw closer together in the face of fear. But it is in fact Carmilla, who was born Mircalla, Countess of Karnstein, who is behind the attacks in the night.

The baobhan sith uses the name "Laura Hellsing" to enter the Hellsing household; Integral demands to know if this is part of some sick joke, a reference to that same Laura who was Mircalla's next target. However, the dub dialogue is a bit awkward on this point, so let's clear a few things up right here.

The baobhan sith is not Mircalla. First of all, Mircalla dies at the end of Carmilla. Second, she has a certain curious restruction placed on her: she is "limited to a name which, if not her real one, should at least reproduce, without the omission or addition of a single letter, those, as we say, anagrammatically, which compose it." Her two aliases, Carmilla and Millarca, both do this. (A side note: could Alucard have the same restriction?)

It's conceivable, even probable, that the baobhan sith was a relation of Mircalla - if not from the same human family, the same type of vampire. There are similarities. Both of them work their way into acceptance in their victim's household; Mircalla through clever ruses, the baobhan sith through outright hypnotism. They also both favor female victims, and are very physical with these girls/women before draining them. But they are two different people.

baobhan sith
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A Scottish legend, the Baobhan Sith - pronounced "baa'-van shee" - are also called the White Women of the Scottish highlands. They are ghost-like vampires who assume the shape of beautiful women and lure victims to their deaths. They usually appear dressed in green, and one legend mentions blonde hair. Sound familiar?

I think it's clear that this is what the vampire who calls herself Laura really is. In fact, the word is spoken by Integral's Japanese seiyuu, but Geneon doesn't realize what it means and simply spells it in the subtitles as "Boobanshee". Since in Japanese the "B" and "V" sounds are so similar, like "R" and "L", you can see how "baa-van-shee" becomes "buu-ban-shee".

When Integral says "Tell me your true name, Bubbancy," it is really the following, mangled through three languages: "Tell me your true name, Baobhan Sith." Integral knows darn well what type of vampire this is, even if the translators have no idea. And I think I'll leave it at that, because I feel an Integral-fangirl rant coming on.