Falling Into a Trap with a Sexy Lure
a baobhan sith shrine

You remember "Laura", don't you? She was the sexy, seductive baobhan sith from Order 09, the female vampire who hypnotized her way into the Hellsing mansion and went on to do the impossible before being shot and promptly forgotten.

The baobhan sith, in my opinion, never gets enough credit. This is my tribute to her, the character who kicks off the turning point in the Hellsing anime, whose brief visit is rooted in vampire tradition, and reverberates throughout the final, climactic episodes. Oh, and she takes Integra's shirt off. Rowr.

red rose vertigo
A refresher course in the events of Order 09.

Not nearly as random as Incognito, this one has literature and lore behind her.


The credit Bubbancy deserves, and why.


Younger viewers, keep out; this part gets a little edgy.