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Good Books 14/33

Good Books 14/33 published on No Comments on Good Books 14/33

Still 1991, on the M16:

Radio: I see a little silhouette-oh of a man
Scaramouche, Scaramouche, can you do the fandango
Thunderbolts and lighting, very very frighting —

Aziraphale: Crowley? Be a dear and come down to the shop, will you? I seem to be under attack.

Good Books 13/33

Good Books 13/33 published on No Comments on Good Books 13/33

Aziraphale: You’re another of those agents from the library, then? I’m afraid you can’t have the scroll.

In fact, it’s probably best if you just forget all about this…

Alucard: Releasing control art restriction system to level three.

You do not touch my Master.

Good Books 12/33

Good Books 12/33 published on No Comments on Good Books 12/33

Integra (thinking): Your assessment, Alucard?

Alucard (telepathy): Not human, but no threat.

I can take him.

Integra: Yes, Mr. Fell, there is something you can do for us.

We’re here for the Ripley Scroll.

Aziraphale: Oh, my.

Good Books 11/33

Good Books 11/33 published on No Comments on Good Books 11/33

Back in Integra’s office:

Integra: There was nobody in the used bookstore except for the owner. He was the one we were looking for…

Pip: What was he, then?

Seras: A monster? A vampire?

Integra: No…

…a pudgy little man in tartan.

Aziraphale: Can I help you find something?

When Enrico’s Alone

When Enrico’s Alone published on No Comments on When Enrico’s Alone

Props to Matthew Henry for sending me the script for this one (adpated from Spaceballs). Enrico in the live-action shots is portrayed by my incredibly patient mother.

Paper Enrico: Take that, Alucard! Pow!

Toy Seras: Hey! What did you do to my Master?

Paper Enrico: The same thing I’m going to do to you! Wham!

And to you, Walter! Thud!

Toy Integra! Oh! Oh, no! You killed my vampires and my butler!

Paper Enrico: Yes!

And now you, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, are at my mercy!

Toy Integra: I’ll never give in! Never!

And yet…I’m finding you strangely attractive…mmm…

Timothy: Papers for you to sign, Father–

Enrico: GAH! Don’t you knock?

Good Books 8/33

Good Books 8/33 published on No Comments on Good Books 8/33

Walter: It’s been about six months since our fight with Wells. A lot has happened since then.

Yomiko: Don’t tell me!

I’ll find out soon enough!

Walter: Wait! Just one thing!

The manuscripts in the library that Integra would like to have — get them to her.

Yomiko: I can’t–

Walter: Steal them. Just do it!

Good Books 7/33

Good Books 7/33 published on No Comments on Good Books 7/33

And now you know how, even when the full time-travel storyline never happened, Yomiko was still able to engineer the destruction of the time machine.

While the machine exploded in winter of 1997, this Yomiko is from around January 1998. It’s currently around May ’98 in Shine time.

And to everyone who has ever wished the comic would Hurry Up And Get To The Plot, Already: Yomiko’s visit to herself can be found on this timeline, meaning it’s been in the cards for two and a half years now. So you see there is a method to my madness, after all!

Walter: Youv’e been time traveling?

Yomiko: That’s right! Have you met the I-jin H. G. Wells yet?

(1) I woke to find myself, holding a shiny new time machine.

(s) I took it and set off.

(3) Since then, I’ve been hopping from time to time…

(4) …waiting for it to wear out.

(5) Then I take the old one back to the lab where it was made…

(6) …swap it for the new one…

(7) …and take the new one to myself.

(8) Then I’ll go back to sleep!

Walter: I see.

Yomiko: Oh, good! I thought nobody but me would get it!