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Raid the Sketchbook: Eyes

Raid the Sketchbook: Eyes published on No Comments on Raid the Sketchbook: Eyes

If you can’t figure the eyes out, it’s probably the art’s fault.

Up for a little game? Then try some matching: which characters do each of these eye sketches go with?

When Fangirls Attack 19/25

When Fangirls Attack 19/25 published on No Comments on When Fangirls Attack 19/25

Fangirl #1: Integra isn’t fighting this! Why? She said she’d never give up, she would die before giving up! What’s going on here?
Fangirl #2: Does Alucard resent Integra for keeping him as a servant, or himself for coming to accept it, and losing his pride?…OH, THE PSYCHOLOGY!
Fanboy: Walter thought up this plan, of course, Walter thinks up all the nifty plans, but now Walter can’t do anything and the situation has spun beyond his control! A situation Walter cannot handle?!? Those are almost nonexistent! Walter really should be able to handle anything that might come up!
Fangirl #3: Defend her master or the master of her master? Oh no! Seras is torn by internal conflict! What ever will she do?!?!?!

Fangirls: This…is…so…COOL!


When Fangirls Attack 18/25

When Fangirls Attack 18/25 published on No Comments on When Fangirls Attack 18/25

I remember when I first saw that picture. My first reaction was a combination of “really freaked out” and “this is so cool.”

(My mother, who wasn’t in on the “he can’t actually shoot her, she’s his Master” detail, was just freaked-out.)

When Fangirls Attack 17/25

When Fangirls Attack 17/25 published on No Comments on When Fangirls Attack 17/25

Walter: The point is, if tensions ran high enough, it could be sufficient to overwork every fangirl and fanboy in this room. Our little infestation problem would be solved.

Alucard: Is that what you want, Master?
Integra: Of course it is. But…


When Fangirls Attack 16/25

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Walter: I believe we’ve found our answer…Fangirls of everything to do with Hellsing are fascinated by the “Alucard/Integra dynamic.” The Master/servant relationship, the pride that each has in their race, the clash of strong personalities…

Walter: Fangirls adore these tensions, but can get overwrought by them and “spaz out” — especially by what they perceive as romantic possibilities.
[Anatomy of a Fangirl: Hair is only sign of gender / Simplistic clothing: shirt, pants, shoes / Simplified hands & feet / Roly-poly figure]

Walter: Alucard, Sir Integra, please! You needn’t fly at the fangirls’ throats every time one of them mentions romance!
Seras: “At the fangirls’ throats” is probably the wrong thing to say where a vampire is involved…

Raid the Sketchbook: Alucard and Helena

Raid the Sketchbook: Alucard and Helena published on No Comments on Raid the Sketchbook: Alucard and Helena

Alucard in color; a better Helena.

One of my better Alucard profiles, as it was drawn directly from the anime…

Helena here, on the other hand, was totally from memory -_-;

When Fangirls Attack 15/25

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In the last panel, that’s the Alucard fangirl talking, not Alucard himself. (Fangirls can appreciate characters other than their own particular obsession. Just not as much.)

Walter: Might we return to the topic at hand?…A number of fangirl sites express enjoyment at something code-named “Order 09: Red Rose Vertigo.”
Integra: What’s that?
Walter: A video clip is now loading.

Seras: Hey! Why are you covering my eyes?
Integra (anime clip): Do you think you’re torturing me?…*choke*
Walter: Oh dear…

Integra: I will NOT go through that again.
Walter: Agreed.
Fangirl: But you were so sexy in that one!
Fangirl #2: And so brave, and so strong…
Seras: I don’t want to see it anymore.

When Fangirls Attack 14/25

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A friend of mine, upon seeing this, remarked, “Suuuuure, you were pulling off fangirls under the desk. I believe you. Let me know how the baby turns out.”

Alucard (thinking): Of course…it won’t come off…
Fangirl: Ooh, Alucard’s mad! Look out!
Fangirl #2: Can’t…let…go…of…nifty…Seras!
Seras: Ouch! You’re hurting me!

Seras: Ohhh…is that what you were doing, under the desk?

Integra: I seem to remember us explaining this to you…did you not believe us?
Seras: Eheheheheheheh…um, er…maybe?
(heh heh heh)

When Fangirls Attack 13/25

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The quote is directly from Metamorphosis, formerly at

Walter: I just can’t decipher some of these sites. Look at this quote, from a Seras fangirl’s website: “I suppose Alucard’s feelings could be stretched out into something romantic, but he seems much more distracted by Integral.” What do you suppose that means?

Walter: …Alucard?
Seras: Where’d he go?

Alucard: I’ll show you ‘distracted’!
Fangirl: EEP!