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When Fangirls Attack 2/25

When Fangirls Attack 2/25 published on No Comments on When Fangirls Attack 2/25

Guess who wasn’t comfortable with drawing Alucard’s face yet when this strip was sketched?

Integra (thinking): What is this thing? And why won’t it come off?

Fangirl: Integra’s always in control and Integra’s so smart and clever and she always knows just what to do when a crisis hits

Integra: ALUCARD!

Fangirl: and Integra keeps her secret watch over England as leader of Hellsing and she has the nifty huge glasses and the prettiest eyes and when Integra gets mad she’s so very cool and she’s got a spiffy gold cross pin that looks so very nice and

Alucard: I must say, of all the women who could have fallen at my feet, you’re the last I would have expected.

Integra: Just shut up and help me up.

Fangirl: everyone loves Integra and she’s so strong and such a good shot and no vampire has a chance

When Fangirls Attack 1/25

When Fangirls Attack 1/25 published on No Comments on When Fangirls Attack 1/25

Top: Original strip from 2003.

Bottom: Sample redraw from the strip’s 8th anniversary, in 2011.

Integra: (hmm hmm hmm)

Fangirl: EEEEEEEEE!!!

Integra: ?

Fangirl: Integra’s so cool and Integra’s so nifty and she has a cool scarf and she has the best hair because Integra’s bangs do that cool pointy thing and Integra’s a knight of the round table and Integra’s the niftiest and Integra’s so so so utterly spiffishly drop-dead super!

Raid The Sketchbook: Early Integra

Raid The Sketchbook: Early Integra published on No Comments on Raid The Sketchbook: Early Integra

The historic first test of the system. Happy Pentecost!

(Strip-by-strip commentary was updated in 2008.)

VERY early from-memory Integra sketches, as evidenced by the tucked-in scarf.

And Shine Heaven Now

And Shine Heaven Now published on No Comments on And Shine Heaven Now

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