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Shopping Spree 4/28

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Pulled the sound effects (*twinkle*) from a scan the Hellsing manga.

Seras: You have to wear a dress to a fancy ball like this. A special dress, bought just for the occasion! Which means that you have to go SHOPPING!

Can I come? Please? I may not be human anymore, but I still have female shopping instincts…Um…

Er…I didn’t mean to imply that you don’t have female instincts..ehehehe…

Shopping Spree 3/28

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Note from The Future: Of course women can wear tuxedos (and look amazing doing it) anywhere they like. And on some level Seras knows this. She just really wants to see Integra in a dress, and is jumping on this excuse like a cat on a laser pointer.

Integra: When will this “ball” take place?
Walter: A week from Saturday.
Integra: can we rent a tuxedo in time?

Seras: A TUXEDO?!

Seras: You can’t wear a tuxedo to a fancy ball, Sir Integra! Even though you wear men’s suits most of the time — it would be sacreligious!

Shopping Spree 2/28

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Walter: Sir, I think this might be a beneficial thing for you to attend. You do need to take a break every once in a while.
[It’s an old-fashioned fancy dress ball…]

Integra: I have my duties, Walter. I don’t have time to waste on social frivolities such as exchanging small talk with the rest of the aristocracy. You know that as well as I do.

Walter: Actually, Integra, we’ve had no major cases in the past three weeks, not a single freak chip vampire has made itself known in quite some time, you’re entirely caught up on your paperwork, intelligence is on top of all its issues, every agent is performing adequately, the study of the freak chip mechanism is progressing slowly but steadily — in fact, everything is going as smoothly as it ever has…
Integra: All right, all right! I’m convinced!

Shopping Spree 1/28

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Walter: Sir Integra, the mail is here.

Integra: Anything useful?
Walter: Let’s see…credit card offer — junk…magazine subscription — junk…local store promotion — junk…

Walter: Party invitation…
Integra: Junk…

Integra Figurine

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This is a hard figure to find these days. Which is a shame, for obvious reasons.

Just thought I’d share with you all the niftiness of this Integra figurine. Stand in awe of the really-darn-spiffiness and utter calm cool controlledness that is Integra. Worship Integra.

When Fangirls Attack 25/25

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Alucard: And do you know why I won’t apologize?
Integra: Do enlighten me.

Alucard: Because the whole situation made you rather royally ticked off, which I quite enjoy.

Integra: Go away.
Alucard: Already gone.

Limited release complete. See you next time!

When Fangirls Attack 24/25

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Integra: Actually, I…
Alucard: Go on.
Integra: I called you because I needed to apologize. Even under the fangirl influence, my actions were inappropriate.

Alucard: You have my forgiveness. Not that it will mean much to you, coming as it does for a vampire.

Integra: You assume too much.
Alucard: You’re assuming I won’t apologize.
Integra: Will you?
Alucard: No.
Integra: Well then.

When Fangirls Attack 23/25

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The great part is, those are the most dire insults either of them could think of.


Alucard: You called?
Integra: I have a question. What exactly did you tell that fangirl?
Alucard: It’s a secret.

Alucard: Don’t worry; it had nothing to do with you.
Integra: But what was it?
Alucard: Well, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, now would it?

Integra: Stubborn vampire.
Alucard: Nosy human.

When Fangirls Attack 22/25

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Walter: Now, if you’ll just deposit the fangirls here, in the interdimensional portal…
Seras: Right.

Walter: Alucard, if you will?
Alucard: Easily.

Seras: Is this portal-closing power just an excuse for Alucard to look cool?
Walter: Isn’t everything?

When Fangirls Attack 21/25

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Top: Original strip from 2003.

Bottom: Sample redraw from the strip’s 8th anniversary, in 2011.

Will this scene ever be brought up again? Keep reading.

Fangirl: A…lu…card…
Seras: Uh-oh, it’s waking up!

Alucard: Allow me.

Alucard: *whisper whisper*
Seras (thinking): So quiet even I can’t hear him?
Fangirl: Oh…that’s so COOL! MEEP!…*snap*