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The Year In Doodles

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11/4/04: Lime from Saber Marionette J, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Integra.

(I had a red pen out at the time, so I added a bit of spot-coloring. This was scanned in greyscale, and the color restored digitally.)

12/22: Leslie (from the SNRPG)

1/5/05: Jesus (from this often bizarre but occasionally cool historical novel. You’ve probably heard of it; it’s pretty famous)

[a Mary Sue, but so cute.]

1/25: A whole lot of Enrico Maxwell plus one sketch of his mom.

(I was working on the “Enrico looks like a male version of his mother” idea. As it turned out, I haven’t needed to draw her yet anyway.)

2/23: Baalberith and its angelic counterpart. (You still haven’t met the angel yet.)

3/23: Alex and baby Enrico.

(I’d just seen the manga scene in which Alex has a flashback to little-kid Enrico, so I was inspired.)

As it turns out, my young-Enrico art has all been inaccurate. The actual young Enrico looked a whole lot more like Draco Malfoy. Oh well.

Fangirls Are Hell 17/60

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Fanboy: kick everyone’s behind if only he was a real vampire. It would be so cool if they had had him join Hellsing as a permanat character or even as a secondary one because he is just sooo handsome and cool. I wish I could be like him

Luke: A little help here, please?

Kim: Oh…sorry.

Fanboy: He is sharp, confident, and tactful. Keen and quick on his feet, he can out do hardly any other with his deft wit. Not to mention his vogue fashion and looks. His hair is to die for, as is his wardrobe. His pale, dead

Luke (thinking): Strange…why do I feel so conflicted?

It’s as if I’m simultaneously being pushed towards her and pulled away…

Fanboy: because he always has a good plan and he seems to be one of if not the smartest artificial vampire that attacked

Fan 1: I ship LukexKim!

Fan 2: Well, I hate Kim!

Fangirls Are Hell 16/60

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Sean and Lake the Luke fanboys enter, while Kim, as usual, thinks about TV.


Kim (thinking): So…”fangirls” can compel a hot blond guy to make out with his dead brother.

Fanboy: Take a look at Luke. He looks like Alucard with blonde hair and it makes him look soooo handsome! Look at how even

Kim (thinking): (And they don’t need to be female, either; some are more like “fanboys”.)

Fanboy 1: Alucard praised him in Order 6. He’s sooo cool and relaxed about everything until Alucard went all crazy on him and killed him ;-;. I think that Luke would definitely come out

Kim (thinking): Oh, think of the ratings that would bring!

Luke: Don’t say “dogging”!

Fanboy 2: Luke is simply the perfect example of a undogging mind set.

Fangirls Are Hell 15/60

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Enter Hannah the Jan fangirl.

Fangirl: holy *bleeping bleep* Jan is the best *bleeping* character known to *bleeping* man!!! he’s so *bleeping* nifty and shmexy and he has those PIERCINGS and hes got that *bleeping* fabulously amazing BEANIE!!! omg!! How could anyone not LOVE JAN???? JAN is the *BLEEPING BLEEP*!! I love the way he SWEARS ALL THE *BLEEPING* TIME!! and hes so shmexy with his

Jan: Oh, bleep, another bleeper!

Fangirl: gorgeous little dialated eyes that make him look so cool and he has that awsome eye on his hat!!!! And his name is just so *bleeping* cool cause its Jan VALENTINE! and hes soooo nifty I can’t talk about all the spiffy *bleeping* niftynesss!!!! And I LOVE THAT HE *BLEEPING* SWEARS ALL THE *BLEEPING* TIME!!!!!!!!

Jan: You better not bleepin’ make me snog anyone, bleep.

Fangirl: Who cares about pairings as long as there’s Jan?

Jan: I don’t bleepin’ trust you bleepers anymore.

Fangirls Are Hell 14/60

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Luke: Aaaahhhhoww!

Luke (thinking): How many tongue piercings does he have?

Jan: Blaarrgh!

You are a sick bleep, bro! A bleeping sick bleep!

Luke: Aah yuu thaying thangirlth did thith?

Fangirl: Teehee~!

Laura: Exactly.

Luke: Buh…tha’ wath inthane!

Laura: Plausibility makes no difference to them.

Jan: Well, then, you bleeps are bleepin’ sick!!

Fangirls: Hee! Jan’s swearing at us! / Party!

Fangirls Are Hell 13/60

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For once, it’s Luke as well as Jan screaming the obscenities.

Note from The Future: continuity error! Paul Wilson shouldn’t be in the background yet….


Laura: Does that answer your question?

Fangirls Are Hell 12/60

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Fangirl: blonde hair like mine

Jan: Shut the bleep up, bleep! What the bleep could go wrong with…

Fangirl: and he puts it in a nice little pony tail and thats coolies cool and luke is a total bishounen and luke ROCKS!!!

Jan: …with…

Fangirls Are Hell 11/60

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Sett: Your ssspeculationsss on the dangersss of fangirlsss are most assstute, baobhan sssith.

Laura: How much do you know about these things, Sett?

Sett: Plenty. For instanccce…

Laura: Luke! Jan! We need to get these things off, now!!