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Hellsing Graphics

Hellsing Graphics published on

Pretty things, as they get brought over from the old site.


Shine Icons (DW)
Icons for every character in And Shine Heaven Now.


Artwork and icons in the style of the Powerpuff Girls.

Buddy icons and other avatars in various sizes.

Pixel Dolls
Characters captured in cartoon-doll form.

Wallpapers (DA)
Desktop wallpapers, both official art and fanart.

  • Ptah’s fanart (DA)
    Offsite collection of all the artist’s Hellsing fanart.

Usage policy: All of the graphics (icons, banners, etc) are made to be used! Take them and enjoy them, as long as you credit and link back to SHINE where you can.

General fanart is mine. If you want to use that for anything, please ask first.

Act 16 Page 8

Act 16 Page 8 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 8

Walter: Good to see you back, Sir Integra! There’s some inventory and media statements that need attention in your office.

Why, where’d you pick up this child? She’s so cute . . . she reminds me of you when you were little.

Kim: eheheh . . . was integra ever “little”?

Seras (thinking): I can’t even imagine Sir Integra being that young . . .

Seras: Say — doesn’t that toy look a bit like “Alutimis”? Or “Alunacard,” for that matter . . .

Act 16 Page 7

Act 16 Page 7 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 7

Integra: . . . Carry her.

Alucard: This is a ridiculously simple task to waste my strength on.

Integra: Just do it.

Alucard/Laura: . . .

Laura: You’re cold . . .

Integra (thinking): Well, of course he is!

Integra: Let’s go.

Act 16 Page 4

Act 16 Page 4 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 4

Integra: . . . your reaction was truly pathetic. The Hellsing Organization has no use for a vampire . . . who can’t hold on to a little girl.

Alucard: You certainly are inconsistent, Master. Only a moment ago you were praising me.

Integra: Alucard? Shut up.

Your actions at the time deserved praise. Your loss of the girl did not.

You’re going to have to act intelligently all the time if you want to earn and keep my respect. And, as I understand it, it doesn’t matter what you think of me — inconsistent, childish, or anything else. I am still your Master.

Act 16 Page 3

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Integra: So much for vampiric strength and reflexes . . .

Alucard: She surprised me. She is stronger than she looks.

Integra: So, is she one of you?

Alucard: No. That child is no vampire.

Integra: Well, in that case . . .

Act 16 Page 1

Act 16 Page 1 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 1

Integra: What do you think you’re doing, kid?

Who are you? Where did you come from? Why do you want the Staff of the Master of Monster? How do you even know about it? Take the questions one at a time. And get that gun out of my face.

Laura: You’re mocking me…

Do you think I won’t fire?

Integra (thinking): Alucard . . . work with me here.

Laura: Give me the staff, or I’ll shoot you and find it myself.

Integra: Go on and try.


Act 16: Little Stranger

Act 16: Little Stranger published on No Comments on Act 16: Little Stranger

Author’s note from The Future: These pages were drawn in 2004 like the rest, but the lettering and shading was done here and now in 2017. Which explains why it’s much smoother. Photoshop brushes are a gift.

The new dialog font is Bird of Hermes (TTF download link).

The audience for this is probably a maximum of 5 people, but oh well. It’s cute and it makes me happy.