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Integra | Sailor Hellsing

Integra | Sailor Hellsing published on

Name: Sir Integral Wingates Van Helsing
Age: 13 (14 as of Act 9)
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Favorite color: Green
Religion: Church of England
Race/ethnicity: Half Indian, half English
Likes: Tea, cigars, classic literature, sleeping in
Dislikes: Weakness, incompetence, vampires, school
Talents: Leadership, dealing with bureaucracy, aiming a gun

Transformation phrase: Hellsing Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross pin
Attack phrase: Hellsing Order: Search and Destroy!
Weapon: Gun; later, a staff

Sir Integral (Integra to her friends) is the heroine of our story. Despite her chronic troubles with waking up on time for school, she manages academia well considering her other duties. Integra has inherited the leadership of the Hellsing organization and the powers of a Sailor Knight, and rises to the challenge.

Integra works hard and pressures everyone, herself most of all. She won’t tolerate weakness or stupidity. She makes for a strict leader – perhaps sometimes too strict – but nobody can say she ever lets herself off easily when things go wrong. She’s proud of her organization, her family, her country, and her religion.

Integra loathes vampires in general, but she comes to accept the mysterious masked one who keeps showing up to save her and her companions, as well as, eventually, Seras. This doesn’t keep her from being ruthless in her dealings with the rest of them, though. With Walter as her right-hand man, she and her organization are out to exterminate them all. (Amen.)

Sailor Knights

Sailor Knights published on

The cast of Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing.

Click the civilian names for their character tags, and the senshi titles for more extended profiles!

Integral Wingates Van Helsing
New leader of her father’s organization, she gets yet another secret identity as the pretty suited sailor soldier Sailor Hellsing. Strong, smart, decisive, a natural leader, but perpetually behind in her schoolwork because she stays up all night.

Alexandra Anderson
A tough transfer student from the nearby Catholic school, she was a vampire hunter and a regenerator before meeting Integra and becoming Sailor Regenerator. She’s strong and stubborn, and, although she acknowledges Sailor Hellsing as leader of the knights, she answers first to God.

A would-be amateur reporter, she follows people around with her camera until she follows the wrong pair and gets caught. Turns out she’s the not-quite-mindless Sailor Ghoul – but she can’t assume this identity until she’s been bitten and drained by the mysterious masked vampire.

Pip Bernadette
The fiery, feisty tomboy Pip is leader of the school’s football (“soccer” for the Americans among you) team, the Wild Geese. And she turns out to be the representative of her species, Sailor Human. She’s yet another strong-willed sailor, and a fiendish tease; there’s very little that she takes seriously.

Seras Victoria
She causes a bit of media hype working on her own as Sailor Vampire before joining up with the other sailors. Sweet, innocent, and rather reluctant about acknowledging what she has become, Seras does much better working with the rest of the team than on her own.

Walter Dornez
Integra’s official guardian as far as the school system’s records are concerned, but for all practical purposes he’s her subordinate. He’s wise and well-versed in the ways of keeping the organization running smoothly, and his first response to any problem is to make some tea.

Integra’s obligatory furry black red-eyed guardian. Gives out the transformation crosses for the Sailor Knights, and guides them on their mission to find the elusive Master and save the world. He’s also been helping Seras under the name Alutimis.

The Masked Vampire
Keeps showing up to make cryptic remarks and help Integra, then vanishing before anyone can get any answers. Never seen in the same panel as Alunacard/Alutimis. Or Brenner, for that matter.

J. H. Brenner
A creepy fellow Integra can’t seem to stop running into, mainly because every time she tosses a wadded-up piece of paper behind her, it hits him. Calls her “pointy-hair.” Probably too old for her.

The Bad Guys
A whole bunch of Freaks-of-the-Week, led by a mysterious but powerful vampire with terrible fashion sense.

Nonexistent Future Arcs

Laura | Sailor Dhampir

Helena | Sailor Ghost

Heinkel & Yumiko | The Iscariots

Rip | Sailor Huntress

Max | Sailor Millennium


Downloads published on

Manga and scans. Including lots of Hirano’s wacky pre-Hellsing hentai.

Read more Hirano scanlations at Hiranomoe.


Young King Ours illustrations
Text-free YKO Hellsing covers. A gorgeous, high-quality collection. Plus the “everyone is maids” drawing.

2002 Hellsing calendar
Compilation of the best scans I could find. Lots of random illustrations, including a young Alucard from 1443.

BESM Ultimate Fan Guide
Episode summaries, character profiles, worldbuilding, and speculation based on the TV anime.

Translated Hirano Manga

WWII-era hentai featuring proto-Pip and proto-Major.
Full version
Hentai-free version

The Legends of Vampire Hunter
Hentai short, a prototype of Hellsing Order 01 with a black-haired proto-Seras.

Hellsing: The Dawn
Canon backstory of Hellsing, with Walter and Girlycard.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Desert Guardian (“Captain’s Story”)
WWII-era hentai short about a proto-Captain. (Wildly offensive, but included here for completeness.)
Clean version

Most scanslating by The Birds of Hermes. The Dawn 2-4 by frozen_drops; 5 by ATU-BOTI; 6 by Hiranomoe. Desert Guardian by Hiranomoe.

Raw Hirano Manga

Angel Dust: Revenge Bible
Hentai story where a teal-haired nun is rescued from abuse by a proto-Anderson.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Doc’s Story
Hentai short in which a proto-Doc, working for Hitler, summons a catgirl demon named Azmodeus.

Daisoutou Sabasaba
More hentai. Some Nazis capture a catgirl. You can see where this is going.

Dai-Doujin Monogatari (Volume 1)
A story about a would-be mangaka and the secret organization out to get him. Features several prototypes of familiar faces.

Hirano Miscellaneous
Covers and panels from random, increasingly-old Hirano works.

The Eagle of Hermes: Characters

The Eagle of Hermes: Characters published on

A quick’n’dirty cast list. Might get pictures later. We’ll see.

Stephen Colbert: None has ever caught him yet, for Stephen, he is master.

Bobby the Stage Manager: Just looked so delicious.

Jon Stewart: Colossal waste of Emmy prestige.

Heinkel Wolfe: Makes “Father Maccabee” sound like “kid.”

Seras Victoria: World’s most powerful vampire.

Integra Hellsing: They say she taught Chuck Norris the roundhouse kick.

Miranda: Will not allow herself to be intimidated.

Ripley Scroll Explained

Ripley Scroll Explained published on

An extensive analysis of the Alucard-related passage of Ripley Scroll, compiled and sent to Shine by Doctor Nightfall. Other sites have the full text and relevant illustrations.

Now I shall here begin
For to teach thee a ready way
Or else little shall thou win
Take good heed what I do say

“This way works. Pay attention to what I’m going to say, or you’ll muck it up.”

Divide thou Phoebus in many parts
With his beams that be so bright
And this with nature him convert
The which is mirror of all light

Phoebus = Phoebus Apollo = The sun. Sunlight is required.

“…the which is mirror of all light” – Darkness. Illuminate the whole room with sunlight, with no darkness there at all. Presumably with mirrors.

This Phoebus hath full many a name
Which that is full hard to know
And but thou take the very same
The philosophers stone ye shall not know

Here it gets allegorical/metaphorical.

All the names of a specific deity (or spirit, or entity, or… oh, you know what I mean!) can be hard to track down. Some are forgotten. But the INTENT is there, and that’s important as well; if you earnestly believe that you have uncovered all the various names – and thus also all the aspects of said entity, then your results should be as you want; likewise, here it is warning you to keep your mind on what all the aspects and properties of the Philosopher’s Stone are.

Therefore I counsel ere ye begin
Know it well what it should be
And that is thick make it thin
For then it shall full well like thee

“Refine your terminology. Make it simple and concise. If you are muttering a mantra of the qualities to yourself, you want a short version, not one that takes ten minutes. If the final conversion takes thirty seconds, you want a mantra that finishes within that time.”

Now understand what I mean
And take good heed thereto
Our work else shall little be seen
And turn thee to much woe

“Assuming you have completed all the prerequisites for this course, these instructions should be clear…”

As I have said this our lore
Many a name I wish he hath
Some behind and some before
As philosophers doth him give

“This has had many names, and will have many more.” (Seriously. Look up Paracelsus’ version of the Philosopher’s Stone, and then look at the descriptions of the Apocryphal modern Red Mercury. Similar much?) “But there are no better names as yet for what we do.”

In the sea without lees
Standeth the bird of Hermes
Eating his wings variable
And maketh himself yet full stable

And now we get to the meat of it… ready for this? The imagery has multiple layers in places and requires some thought to keep straight in your head.

The Sea without Lees: A Philosopher’s Egg. A primitive piece of glassware for certain reactions, which later evolved into the round-bottomed flask. You sealed the top by blowing molten glass over the hole, in the case of this particular action, when the fumes had filled the flask and were pouring out of it. It has no “lees”, no areas of shelter within it, and the contents would be mostly (if not all) fluid.

The Bird of Hermes: in this case, multi-layered imagery. It’s in an Egg, so a bird is the obvious metaphor for the reactants. Secondly, it also can be used to refer to the movements of the vapours within the flask; forming wing-like shapes as it heats.

Finally, there’s the important info: Hermes = Mercury. Mercury (Quicksilver) is well known as an important component of the Philosopher’s stone. Also to be noted: Alchemy was sometimes called “The Art of Hermes”.

Eating his wings, etc.: After a certain amount of time, the mercury vapour condenses and reacts fully, and is no longer dangerous. The reaction consumes itself and becomes stable.

When all his feathers be from him gone
He standeth still here as a stone
Here is now both white and red
And all so the stone to quicken the dead
All and some without fable
Both hard and soft and malleable

When the reaction is complete, the Philosopher’s Stone stands there in the middle, among a little ash from combusted components. The stone is traditionally bright red.

“Quicken the dead”… more multi-level imagery. The base metals (Iron, Tin, Lead) were considered “Dead” in essence by the thought at the time that this would have been written. Gold and Silver were “Living” metals, and Copper was considered very close- they warmed easily to the touch, and were very malleable. So the Stone, by turning base metals into Gold or Silver (depending on the quality of the work… but that’s a lecture for another day!) “quickened the dead”.

But then there’s the OTHER aspect of the Philosopher’s Stone. It provided eternal life, a certain amount of eternal youth, and immunity to all diseases. Theoretically, if used correctly, it could be used to restore life to the dead.

Understand now well and right
And thank you God of this sight

“Got that? Good! Thank you and goodnight!” (essentially.)

Now then… a little more background and understanding. Alchemy was (and is) more than just “Get rich quick”, as it has been broken down to. It’s a spiritual-philosophical discipline – a kind of Zen Chemistry if you like. The REAL Philosopher’s stone is not the red lump (or powder) that you end up with. It’s in the soul, in the spirit, in the heart. The processes are as much metaphorical for the journey of the soul towards enlightenment as they are about boiling mercury with sulphur and phosphorous. It is once you are enlightened – once you have attained a state by which you can understand the ways and mind of God – that eternal life is yours, that you get the wealth you desire (the gold of the spirit – knowledge) and you become unchanged by any disease (because you know it is only a transitory and unimportant thing of the flesh).

Monotheistic religion brought Alchemy to the fore, in a way; if there is one God, and he made everything, and leaves it running – then there must be rules that all things follow. The Philosopher’s Stone is, if you like, the first ever Hacking/Modding attempt, only on a very large scale.

So, what does this mean for Hellsing?


Alucard, who we all KNOW fine well is Vlad Tepes, Dracula. (He has had many names in the past, and will have many more…) Alucard, who is dressed all in scarlet – like the stone. Alucard, who grants life eternal – like the stone. Alucard, who grants immunity to all diseases, who brings knowledge, and whatever other powers you might want to name. He is the weapon of the Hellsing family; he is the fount of their power/wealth. He IS the stone in the traditional sense, the original sense.

On an interesting tangent, Alucard is a Vampire. Vampires, in modern pseudo-mythology are creatures of Lilith – the Sumero-Hebraic deity/demon. In Hebrew, Her name is written Liloth. The Italics are important, and the name comes to be broken down as “(feminine form) Spirits of the Air”, or “Aerial Spirits”. And we have had Aerial Spirits of Mercury already…

Finally, go and look at the illustrated version of the manuscript. And look at the picture that is captioned with the quote that comes in Alucard’s coffin.

Vampire Literature

Vampire Literature published on

To fully appreciate Hellsing, you need a solid grounding in vampires and related myths. Start with Dracula. But Stoker drew ideas from earlier books, and Hellsing‘s range of sources goes beyond that.

Fortunately, most of them are old enough to be out-of-copyright.

Vampire Stories

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The classic novel; Hellsing is a direct sequel to its events. Get this in, if nothing else. Just don’t believe the ending.

Dracula’s Guest, by Bram Stoker

A short story, said by Florence Stoker to be an excised first chapter of Dracula, although scholars have since cast serious doubt on this. (Note that it’s in a very different style.) Still, it’s clear that Hirano’s seen it.

Carmilla, by J. Sheridan LeFanu

One of Stoker’s direct inspirations. Read this and you’ll be able to sort out the confused allusions in Hellsing Order 09: Red Rose Vertigo – even though the translators couldn’t.

The Vampyre, by John Polidori

The original vampire story, spawned from the same brainstorming session as Frankenstein. Featuring Lord Ruthven.

Varney the Vampire, or, The Feast of Blood by James Malcom Rymer

An 1845 penny dreadful – that is, a cheap horror publication released serially, sort of the predecessor of pulp horror comics (or soap operas). A rousing read, and popular enough that it kept going for 237 chapters.

Other Useful Texts

The Ripley Scroll

An alchemical text, lines from which are found on Alucard’s coffin. (“The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame.”)


The song that Rip Van Winkle sings aboard the H.M.S. Eagle approaching London.

“Lenore” by Gottfried August B├╝rger

A poem which is quoted in Dracula (“Denn die Todten reiten Schnell” – “For the dead travel fast”).

Hellsing Summaries

Hellsing Summaries published on

Just so you know where to look for what screenshots and which scans, here’s a brief rundown of the contents of the tankōbon and DVDs.

American DVD Release (Geneon)

Every DVD contains a collection of concept art, and some trailers for other Geneon (then Pioneer) releases – plus of course the original Japanese audio, the English dub, and optional English subtitles.

Volume 1 cover

Vol. 1 – Impure Souls

Order 01: The Undead
Integra introduced; Alucard introduced; Hellsing introduced; Seras runs away from ghouls; Seras captured by vampire priest, saved by Alucard; Seras becomes a vampire; Seras to join Hellsing

Order 02: Club M
Seras hesitates to shoot vampire attacking Kim; Hellsing given exposition; Leif and Jessica drive around and shoot people; Alucard releases to level five and creates illusions; Walter introduced; Seras gets used to living with Hellsing; Seras shoots Jessica

Order 03: Sword Dancer
Boarding-school young adults turn vampire; Alex comes to England to deal with them; Integra makes a joke; Captain Gareth killed; Seras stabbed by Alex; Alex and Alucard fight until Integra interrupts


  • Psalm of the Darkness (music video/trailer/thing)
  • Creditless opening
  • Action figure info

Volume 2 Cover

Vol. 2 – Blood Brothers

Order 04: Innocent as a Human
Seras refuses to drink blood; new captain introduced; footage of Hellsing makes it onto the Internet; Seras plays detective, meets Harry Anders; Kim reports on Hellsing’s activities on TV; Kim, captain, and vampire-film makers tracked down; Kim’s blood drunk

Order 05: Brotherhood
Harkonnen Cannon, Jackal introduced; Valentine brothers hang out with scantily clad women in eerie bars; Valentine brothers attack Hellsing mansion; Knights of the Round Table introduced, rag on Integra; Integra out-awesomes them all

Order 06: Dead Zone
Luke challenges Alucard; Aluchard releases to level one, starts shapechanging; Luke gets whipped; Jan brings in ghoul army, smokes Integra’s cigars; Walter holds Jan off while Seras battles ghoul army, including former Hellsing soldiers; Integra shoots Jan


  • Staff interview
  • Creditless ending v.1

Volume 3 Cover

Vol. 3 – Search and Destroy

Order 07: Duel
Mess from 05 and 06 is cleaned up; Integra hears reports on troop loss, meets with Enrico Maxwell in museum; Seras and others chase vampire into a subway; Alex kills vampire, several Hellsing soldiers; more information on FREAK chips given; Alex attacks Seras, who is saved by Alucard; Alucard beats Alex again; Integra pwns Enrico

Order 08: Kill House
Seras introduces new troops to the idea of vampires; Seras goes back to old apartment, encounters Harry Anders, taken to see Helena; Helena waxes philosophic; Alucard messes with Integra’s dreams

Order 09: Red Rose Vertigo
Regular Army attempts
to do Hellsing’s job, fails miserably; Alucard distracted by first appearance of Incognito; baobhan sith shows up, hypnotizes Walter, unnerves Seras, poses as Integra’s sister; Incognito gains small army, inducts Paul Wilson in odd rose-petal scene; baobhan sith undresses, bites Integra; Alucard kills her; Integra stabs self


  • Japanese cover art
  • Creditless ending v.2

Volume 4 Cover

Vol. 4 – Eternal Damnation

Order 10: Master of Monster
Integra goes through surgery, has dream-flashback: Young Integra takes lessons from father, watches father die, chased by Uncle Richard & minions, finds Alucard in basement, awakes Alucard, kills uncle; Seras realizes Integra is Alucard’s master, their relationship is special; Alucard waits until Integra’s awake to leave

Order 11: Transcend Force
Attempt to trap the bad guys leads into counter-trap; Seras goes to find Helena, finds her eaten; Helena pwns Incognito, burns down own house; Integra does cool knight-ceremony thing; traitor in the Round Table sends British military to Tower of London to attack Hellsing; Helena gives Seras information; Seras runs to save day

Order 12: Total Destruction Counter-trap springs into full force; Ferguson killed; Seras shows up, shoots things, meets Paul Wilson; Alucard gets to Incognito, battles; Alucard shot to pieces with own bullets

Order 13: Hellfire
Integra and Walter arrive via helicopter chase; Walter, in helicopter, shot down; Integra, still recovering from surgery, captured, used in demon-summoning ritual; Alucard’s full power released; big scary battle; Dracula Alucard wins; Integra held in prison pending investigation, offered vampirism by Alucard; cliffhanger left


  • Magazine ad art
  • Weapons art
  • Creditless ending v.3

American Manga Release (Dark Horse)

Volume 1

01 – Vampire Hunter (Hellsing introduced; Seras vampirized)
02 – Master of Monster (Flashback to Integra finding Alucard at age 13)
03 – Murder Club (Leif and Jessica dealt with; idea of artificial vampires surfaces)
04 – Sword Dancer 1
05 – Sword Dancer 2
06 – Sword Dancer 3
(Long battle between Alucard and Alex)
Bonus story: Crossfire (Heinkel and Yumiko/Yumie introduced, kick butt)

Volume 2

01 – Dead Zone 1
02 – Dead Zone 2
03 – Dead Zone 3
04 – Dead Zone 4
(Valentine Brothers attack; word “millennium” surfaces)
05 – Balance of Power 1 (Wild Geese introduced)
06 – Balance of Power 2 (Enrico Maxwell introduced; intelligence points to South America as source of Millennium project)
Bonus story: Crossfire 2 (Heinkel and Yumiko/Yumie kick further butt)
The Afterword, A Merry Manga: Luke’s and Jan’s Life’s A Paper Balloon Beautiful People Corner (don’t ask)

Volume 3

01 – Balance of Power 3 (Walter and Alucard reminisce; Pip and Seras bicker; Pip, Seras, Alucard set off for S. America)
02 – Elevator Action 1
03 – Elevator Action 2
04 – Elevator Action 3
05 – Elevator Action 4
06 – Elevator Action 5
(In S. America: regular police sent against Alucard and Seras; they get killed; someone mildly useful, Tubalcain Alhambra a.k.a. The Dandy, sent to fight Alucard)
The Afterword, A Merry Manga: Luke’s and Jan’s Paper Snow Storm Of Humanity God Is In The TV
Bonus story: Crossfire 3 (Heinkel and Yumiko/Yumie do what they do best)

Volume 4

01 – Elevator Action 6 (Flashback: Integra gets advice from her father; The Dandy defeated)
02 – Age of Empire 1 (Enrico interrogates Vatican authority on the Vatican’s Millennium connections)
03 – Age of Empire 2 (Millennium discusses plans; Alucard, Seras, Pip plan to get out of Brazil)
04 – Age of Empire 3 (Higher-ranking Nazi officers than the Major show up, try to muscle him out; Major has them eaten)
05 – Call to Power (Alucard has dream-flashback to capture by Van Helsing; Schrödinger crashes special Round Table meeting with the Queen, delivers message from the Major)
06 – Ultima On Line (Major finishes message; Schrö shot; Hellsing given royal order to defeat Millennium)
07 – D 1 (Alex fights off Millennium agents tailing him, complains; Schrö snarks; Millennium advances on H.M.S. Eagle)
08 – D 2 (Rip takes over H.M.S. Eagle; Seras attempts to eat until ordered to drink some of Integra’s blood)
09 – D 3 (Rip finishes takeover; Major makes his famous “I Like War” speech; Operation Seelöwe – the advance on England – begins)

Volume 5

01 – Flash Point (Alucard has “Willis” dream)
02 – D 4 (Security Council sends regular troops to H.M.S. Eagle; Rip shoots them down)
03 – D 5 (Integra pwns Security Council folks; Alucard sent to H.M.S. Eagle on adapted one-seater jet)
04 – D 6 (Alucard approaches; “Samiel” monolog by Rip)
05 – D 7 (Alucard lands on H.M.S. Eagle; Rip has flashback, trembles)
06 – D 8 (Rip fights back; Alucard gets upper hand)
07 – D 9 (Alucard finishes off Rip; Millennium members salute her)
08 – Xanado (Attack begins; vampires invade Security Council, are pwned by Walter and Integra)
09 – Final Fantasy 1 (Major gives out orders, pep talk, “Destroy Everything” speech)
10 – Final Fantasy 2 (Things blow up; Sir Penwood stays in danger zone to issue orders; Integra and Penwood have “mutual respect” moment; other officers, inspired by Penwood, stay; Integra prepares to head home)

Volume 6

01 – Final Fantasy 3 (London attacked)
02 – Final Fantasy 4 (Penwood attacked, has flashback, dies; Walter encounters Captain, stays to fight him; Integra drives off)
03 – Final Fantasy 5 (Integra drives, chased; faces down tons of ghouls with sword; joined by Alex and bayonets)
04 – The Screamer (Iscariot forces give speech)
05 – Aubird Force (Enrico, in France, gets news of London burning; orders Iscariot forces into England; gets news of H.M.S. Eagle approaching)
06 – Gun Bullet (Integra pwns Iscariot characters; Seras fires on zeppelins with Harkonnen II)
07 – Balloon Fight (Pip and Seras take out zeppelins, much to Joleen’s dismay; Pip remenisces)
08 – Soldier of Fortune 1 (Pip has flashback; Joleen’s forces walk over minefield)
09 – Soldier of Fortune 2 (Joleen creates giant-self illusion; other soldiers panic, front troops annihilated; Seras sees through it)
10 – Soldier of Fortune 3 (Seras undoes illusion; Pip almost kisses Seras; Seras heads downstairs to replace first line of defense)

Volumes 7-10

Hellsing Goodies

Hellsing Goodies published on

General Hellsing fanstuff, as it gets brought over from the old site.

– Resources relating to Hellsing music

– Collection of the shippiest AxI moments

– a baobhan sith character fanpage