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Act 16 Page 11

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Integra: Alucard! What just —

Walter: Welcome home, Miss Laura! We were starting to get worried about you. Shall I fix you some tea?

Integra (thinking): What the hell?!

Integra: Seras? Kim? Aren’t you surprised?

Kim: surprised?

Seras: Why would we be?

After all . . . we’ve met your little sister.

Act 16 Page 9

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Walter: So who is she, Integra?

Integra: That’s just it. I don’t know.

She just fell out of the sky and —

Laura: Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing!

I’ve decided . . . to just observe you for a while.

Integra: Hey! What do you think you’re —


Act 16 Page 8

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Walter: Good to see you back, Sir Integra! There’s some inventory and media statements that need attention in your office.

Why, where’d you pick up this child? She’s so cute . . . she reminds me of you when you were little.

Kim: eheheh . . . was integra ever “little”?

Seras (thinking): I can’t even imagine Sir Integra being that young . . .

Seras: Say — doesn’t that toy look a bit like “Alutimis”? Or “Alunacard,” for that matter . . .

Act 16 Page 7

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Integra: . . . Carry her.

Alucard: This is a ridiculously simple task to waste my strength on.

Integra: Just do it.

Alucard/Laura: . . .

Laura: You’re cold . . .

Integra (thinking): Well, of course he is!

Integra: Let’s go.

Act 16 Page 4

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Integra: . . . your reaction was truly pathetic. The Hellsing Organization has no use for a vampire . . . who can’t hold on to a little girl.

Alucard: You certainly are inconsistent, Master. Only a moment ago you were praising me.

Integra: Alucard? Shut up.

Your actions at the time deserved praise. Your loss of the girl did not.

You’re going to have to act intelligently all the time if you want to earn and keep my respect. And, as I understand it, it doesn’t matter what you think of me — inconsistent, childish, or anything else. I am still your Master.

Act 16 Page 3

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Integra: So much for vampiric strength and reflexes . . .

Alucard: She surprised me. She is stronger than she looks.

Integra: So, is she one of you?

Alucard: No. That child is no vampire.

Integra: Well, in that case . . .

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