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Sailor Hellsing: The Manga

Sailor Hellsing: The Manga published on

Everything inside the framing device.

Volume I

Act 01 † Integra
In which our heroine, in the classic Sailor Moon style, is late to school and fails a test. This isn’t because she’s ditzy or lazy; it’s because she stays up all night watching vampire hunts.

Act 02 † Alex
In which we find the second sailor and are introduced to the fact that, since there aren’t enough female characters in Hellsing to make a decent Sailor Team, the author has switched a few genders.

Act 03 † Kim
In which the interference of an amateur reporter named Kim starts to cause some trouble for our heroines, and we have yet another encounter with that mysterious masked vampire.

Act 04 † Ghoul
In which the third sailor appears on the scene, and we discover that a ghoul who is innocent as a human is a little different from the standard walking-corpse fare.

Act 05 † J. H. Brenner
In which we pause the plot for some exposition and get some answers, although in the process we create more questions; and in which we have ice cream.

Volume II

Act 06 † Pip
In which the school football star introduces Alex to her favorite video game, and learns that the electronic exploits of “Sailor V” aren’t as far-fetched as most people think.

Act 07 † Seras
In which a castle full of freaks threatens to take out our Sailor Team for good, until the intervention of a new (but somehow familiar) member wielding a massive gun.

Act 08 † Cheddar
In which Seras tells her story, Integra understands her loss, and the masked vampire continues to pop up in unexpected places.

Bonus Act † Walter
In which Integra’s faithful family retainer only wants to make her smile.

Act 09 † Monster
In which the Enemy appears; our heroines suddenly find themselves in over their heads; and self-sacrifice comes from an unexpected quarter.

Act 10 † Master
In which Integra’s team finds her sadder, wiser, and taller; and giving up is ruled out as an option.

Volume III

Act 11 † Blood and Honor
In which our heroes descend to the depths of the Hellsing mansion, and find a message from the past awaiting them.

Act 12 † The Calm
In which, in preparation for the epic showdown, our heroes rest up, eat well, and keep their fingers crossed.

Act 13 † The Storm
In which the battle kicks off and the injuries begin.

Act 14 † Total Destruction
In which it’s all or nothing.

Act 15 † Rebirth
In which the sun rises again.

The Iscariots

The Iscariots published on

Sailor Iscariot

Name: Heinkel Wolfe
Age: 16
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Favorite color: Brown
Religion: Catholic
Race/ethnicity: Austrian
Likes: Guns, gold, Yumie/ko
Dislikes: Vampires, people who ask “What are you, anyway?”
Talents: Passing as either gender

Transformation phrase: Iscariot Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross bracelet
Attack phrase: Iscariot Order: Into The Depths!
Weapon: Dagger

Heinkel was created to be the next-generation Alex: a faster, better, stronger regenerator, out to do the Church’s dirty work. The current quest: finding three Holy Relics, which will be used to summon the Messiah and bring about the Apocalypse. The Iscariot Organization want this done by any means necessary…but is Heinkel really ready for the world to end?

Sailor Berserker

Name: Yumiko/Yumie Takagi
Age: 15
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Favorite color: Blue
Religion: Catholic
Race/ethnicity: Japanese
Likes: Killing things (Yumie); flowers and stained glass (Yumiko); Heinkel (both)
Dislikes: Killing things (Yumiko); flowers and stained glass (Yumie)
Talents: Self-defense (Yumie); grace and benevolence (Yumiko)

Transformation phrase: Berserker Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross glasses
Attack phrase: Berserker Order: Tougen Battou Ryuu! (Island-Plain Drawn Sword Style)
Weapon: Katana

Sweet nun-in-training Yumiko has an alternate personality, Yumie, whose ruthless defensive abilities were cultivated by the Church to make her an assassin. She’s accompanying Heinkel on the quest for the Holy Relics. Her switching, like Heinkel’s passing for male when not transformed, helps keep up her secret identity.

Yumiko doesn’t want the world to end, but may believe it’s God’s Will. Yumie, meanwhile, doesn’t care one way or another about the rest of the world…as long as she gets to keep Heinkel.

Max | Sailor Millennium

Max | Sailor Millennium published on

Name: Montana Max
Age: ???
Zodiac sign: Aries
Favorite color: Dark red
Religion: “Who guarantees the sanity of your God?”
Race/ethnicity: well, according to him, the Master Race
Likes: War, bloodshed, violence, destruction
Dislikes: Peace, quiet, long walks on the beach
Talents: Making dramatic speeches

Transformation phrase: Millennium Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold-and-red brooch
Attack phrase: Millennium Order: Let Us Have War!
Weapon: Armored zeppelins

Sailor Millennium is the final villain of the series, and, as it turns out, the power behind all the others. He craves destruction for destruction’s sake, and to that end he commands a small army of Sailor Knights, who wear mind-controlling FREAK bracelets to place them under his control.

With the masked vampire out of the country (supposedly on a cruise…but why hasn’t Integra heard from him?), our heroines are on their own, and Sailor Millennium takes the opportunity to pick them off one by one.

Can Sailor Hellsing bring herself to fight her own friends (even if they are wearing snazzy new dark pinstriped uniforms)? Can she win this battle even after losing an eye? Only time (and several multichapter battle sequences) will tell…

Rip | Sailor Huntress

Rip | Sailor Huntress published on

Name: Rip Van Winkle
Age: Unknown
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Favorite color: Violet
Religion: Atheist
Race/ethnicity: Dutch-Jewish
Likes: Opera
Dislikes: People with no appreciation for art
Talents: Singing, dancing, possibly destroying the world

Transformation phrase: Huntress Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross jeweled brooch
Attack phrase: Huntress Order: Magic Bullet!
Weapon: Musket-shaped staff

Rip is the subject of Doc’s experimental attempts to summon Samiel, the dark counterpart to the Messiah. The three Holy Relics can summon either, so Doc is out to get them first, and Rip’s body is meant to be Samiel’s vessel.

But there’s another role for Rip to play in this drama. If only our heroes can get the sheet music to her in time…

Helena | Sailor Ghost

Helena | Sailor Ghost published on

Name: Helena
Age: Ancient
Zodiac sign: Unknown
Favorite color: White
Religion: Unknown
Race/ethnicity: English
Likes: Old books, classical music, being alone
Dislikes: Crowds, loud noises, fire
Talents: Languages, history, keeping a cool head

Transformation phrase: Ghost Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross headband
Attack phrase: Ghost Order: Eternity!
Weapon: Fire

In the far-future paradise of Crystal London, where vampires and humans live together in relative peace, the ancient Helena was a respected recluse. Sometimes she was approached for advice, which she gave, but all she really wanted was be left alone and read.

To everyone’s surprise, she developed a bond with the Countess’ daughter, Laura.

When a mysterious enemy attacks the city and Helena is killed, her sailor powers awaken. As the time-and-space-bending Sailor Ghost, she sends Laura back to the safety of the past, then works to bring the Sailor Knights of old to the future, where they can keep the enemy from taking the rest of Crystal London down as well.

Laura | Sailor Dhampir

Laura | Sailor Dhampir published on

Name: Laura Van Helsing
Age: 903
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Favorite color: Green
Religion: Church of England
Race/ethnicity: Half-human, half-vampire
Likes: Dogs, her parents
Dislikes: Time travel, never aging
Talents: Being cute, hiding her deviousness with cuteness

Transformation phrase: Dhampir Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross pin (matches her mother’s)
Attack phrase: Dhampir Order: Red Rose Vertigo!
Weapon: Alu-P; a miniature staff

Laura is the daughter of the future ruler of Crystal London, Countess Integrity. A dhampir, she only grew to the physical age of ten before she stopped growing. When a mysterious enemy attacks the city, the time-bending Sailor Ghost sends her to the past, where she searches for the Staff of the Master of Monster, which she believes has the power to save her family.

She is briefly kidnapped by the enemies and artificially aged into an evil form known as White Lady. Given her Hellsing blood, she is technically able to control Alucard, which leads to a battle of wills between her and Integra.

After the enemy is defeated, Laura returns to her normal body, is reunited with her family, and begins to grow again. However, now that she has awakened as Sailor Dhampir, her parents decide to send her back into the past to train with the Sailor Knights of old….

Seras | Sailor Vampire

Seras | Sailor Vampire published on

Name: Seras Victoria
Age: 13
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Favorite color: Blue
Religion: Non-denominational Protestant
Race/ethnicity: British all the way!
Likes: Stuffed animals, her father, having someone to follow
Dislikes: Being on her own, violence
Talents: Defying gravity (with her, um…hair. Yeah. Hair.)

Transformation phrase: Vampire Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross ring
Attack phrase: Vampire Order: Transcend Force!
Weapon: The 30mm Anti-Midian Harkonnen Cannon. Exploding bullets included.

Seras is the sweet, sensitive, young girl – “schoolgirl” to Alucard – who becomes a vampire in the town of Cheddar after the death of her father. With the help of a guiding hellhound, Alutimis, she battles vampires on her own for a while as “Sailor V” until she meets the rest of the Sailor Team.

She’s very glad to meet them. She doesn’t do well on her own.

Seras attaches herself to authority figures, most recently Integra. Her insecurities have only multiplied since becoming a vampire; she’s uncomfortable in her new form and worries about losing her humanity altogether. In battle, though, she wields her massive cannon with ease, which is helpful to say the least.

As characters go, Seras definitely falls in the cute, huggable, lovable category. But she needs to learn to rely on her intuition more, and she needs to develop some backbone. Her second-guessing and fretting lead to hesitation that could get her killed. (Again.)

Pip | Sailor Human

Pip | Sailor Human published on

Name: Philippa “Pip” Bernadette
Age: 13
Zodiac sign: Aries
Favorite color: Bright green
Religion: Agnostic
Race/ethnicity: French by birth; grew up British
Likes: Video games, football, action
Dislikes: Boredom, dullness, being alone, her full name
Talents: Athletic, agile, fast, resilient

Transformation phrase: Human Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross hairband
Attack phrase: Human Order: Kill a Monster!
Weapon: Braid-shaped whip

Pip is the energetic, enthusiastic captain of the Wild Geese: the school’s all-girl football team. In addition to sports, she loves video games, especially the cryptic Code Name: Sailor V, which is why she adores the idea of being an honest-to-goodness real live Sailor Knight.

Her athletic prowess helps her keep up with her stronger and more experienced teammates. She’s the second tallest girl in school after Alex, and still has the longest hair; she’s probably never cut that impressive braid.

Pip is impulsive and extroverted, but accepts Integra’s leadership of the Sailor Knights, and proves that she knows how to be as good a team member as she is captain. Her strength and emotional resiliency make her a good shoulder to lean on.

kim | sailor ghoul

kim | sailor ghoul published on

name: Kim
age: 13
zodiac sign: Leo
favorite color: Yellow, pink
religion: Atheist
race/ethnicity: Part Hispanic, all dead
likes: Gossip, shopping, clothes, girl stuff, people to talk to
dislikes: Loneliness, seriousness, schoolwork
talents: Talking, spreading information, filming

transformation phrase: ghoul power, make up!
transformation item: Gold cross earrings
attack phrase: ghoul order: cogito ergo sum!
weapon: Nothing, but she has the ability to think, which for a ghoul is pretty impressive

When Kim was alive, she was the school’s biggest gossip, friendly and talkative but always out for a story. She was never the best student, but she was pretty handy with a video camera. Her father runs a local tabloid, and she wanted to break into the business early. Though generally liked, she was never trusted except by the most naïve of people: she couldn’t keep a secret to save her life.

Then she made the fatal mistake of trying to film the actions of a vampire while Integra and Alex were on the job. After destroying her film, they discovered that she was destined to become a Sailor Knight as well. Turns out a prerequisite for becoming Sailor Ghoul was to become a ghoul herself – by being the masked vampire’s midnight snack.

Kim is currently a walking, talking (though all in lowercase letters) dead girl living in the Hellsing mansion. Her order is the power to retain her mind, making her more like a low-level vampire than a ghoul (which is just an animated corpse), but she is a ghoul nevertheless. No matter how fashionable the clothes over it, her cold, grey skin and hollow eyes mean she can never go home.

Anyone else would be deeply depressed by this. Kim is either too cheerful or too airheaded for that. (Nobody is quite sure which.)

Alex | Sailor Regenerator

Alex | Sailor Regenerator published on

Name: Alexandra “Alex” Anderson
Age: 14
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Favorite color: Brown
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race/ethnicity: Scottish
Likes: God, gym class, knives (the bigger the better)
Dislikes: Vampires, heathens, waiting
Talents: Hand-to-hand combat, yelling, superhuman healing powers

Transformation phrase: Regenerator Power, Make Up!
Transformation item: Gold cross pendant
Attack phrase: Regenerator Order: Dust to Dust!
Weapon: Baptized silver blades

Alex is a leftover from the Vatican’s regenerator program. She was embedded with advanced healing abilities, which allow her to close gunshot wounds within minutes, along with a deep mistrust of vampires and a hair-trigger temper. Shipped off to England to get an education at a private Catholic institution, she quickly got expelled for fighting.

Though Alex hasn’t gone hunting since getting that scar on her cheek, her skills are as sharp as ever. Her tendency to be over-the-top, especially when it comes to her most deeply held beliefs, can be abrasive in person, but it helps in a fight. She doesn’t make friends easily, but she will fight tooth and nail to protect the ones she has.

Alex’s independence means that she often clashes with Integra, especially on the matter of the masked vampire. Nevertheless, she does genuinely admire her leader’s strength and courage. And her loyalty, once earned, runs deep.