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Shine Ultimate Collection

Shine Ultimate Collection published on 2 Comments on Shine Ultimate Collection

The updated version of the Complete Collection.

High-res versions of every daily And Shine Heaven Now strip, every Sunday Edition, every page of The Eagle of Hermes, and every last-minute omake. Plus: missed bits that were found during the strip-by-strip re-upload, and all-new bonuses, including some drawn in 2018.

It’s free to download, but a donation (suggested amount is $5) would be welcome!

Download all files through Gumroad

Volume 1 (514 MB) Daily strips and storylines.

Volume 2 (434 MB): Sundays and holidays, The Eagle of Hermes, and other bonus material.

Hellsing 21st Anniversary

Hellsing 21st Anniversary published on No Comments on Hellsing 21st Anniversary

On April 10, 1997, Young King Ours magazine published the first chapter of a certain manga by an artist known mainly for his hentai. For the next ten years he would keep drawing, with lots of delays and stalling and begging for assistants – but even as he worked slowly, the idea was caught up by animators and merchandisers and translators and ever-increasing legions of fans, who took it and ran with it.

Happy birthday, Hellsing.

Seras: Why the big splash for the 21st anniversary, and not the 20th?

Integra: The artist is American.

Alucard: Which means that this is the year Hellsing can celebrate . . . being old enough to drink.

April Fool’s 2018

April Fool’s 2018 published on No Comments on April Fool’s 2018

Not a joke: over the past year or so, I’ve had a few dreams where I was doing Shine again. I would wake up and think “all right, time to draw the next part of this storyline” before realizing the storyline didn’t exist and I couldn’t remember any of the details it supposedly had.

…And then this idea came along, and suddenly I had an absolute deadline for when to get the website and the Ultimate Collection in presentable shape. April 1 or bust!

Alucard: These borders look familiar.

Integra: It’s been such a long time . . . is this really . . . ?

Seras: Look! It’s the old logo!

[And Shine Heaven Now: Resurrected]

Integra: What are we doing here, Erin? You’re not seriously going to start up Shine again.

Erin: And why not?

I did this strip six days a week, for almost nine years! Never skipped an update — even during weeks when I literally didn’t have a computer. And in all the years since, I’ve never stopped loving Hellsing and its characters. Plus: I can still draw Seras’ uniform perfectly from memory down to the last button. What makes you think I’m not perfectly ready to jump back in?

Integra: Today is April 1.

Erin: . . . okay, fine.

I just . . . I wanna qualify for the TVTropes Webcomic Long-Runners list!! I’ve been making webcomics continuously for the past fifteen years, but no individual comic has made it! The minimum is 10 years — well, Shine ran for 8 years and 10 months! If I post a new strip in 2018 and tell the TVT admins it was on a really long hiatus, maybe that’ll count!

Integra: You’re asking the admins to accept one hell of a technicality.

Alucard: I can . . . encourage them to see things our way. Give me an order.

Seras: Master! We talked about this. You be nice to the Internet. [pat pat]

Sailor Hellsing: Arc Summaries

Sailor Hellsing: Arc Summaries published on No Comments on Sailor Hellsing: Arc Summaries

If you just finished reading the entire Sailor Hellsing doujinshi: congratulations!

If you skipped straight here, because you didn’t want to slog through every poorly-drawn page: yeah, I don’t blame you.

Here’s an executive summary of the fun bits.

Scroll past Season 1 for the plot outlines of all the never-written arcs that would have come next.

Sailor Hellsing

Integra Wingates Van Helsing is having a tough teenagerhood. First she gets put in charge of a national vampire-hunting organization. Next her uncle tries to kill her. Then a talking dog shows up and reveals that she has magic powers.

It’s Alucard, of course — he’s all over this story. Under the names Alunacard and Alutimis, he awakens Sailor Hellsing and Sailor Vampire. As the mysterious Masked Vampire, he helps the Sailor Knights in battle. And as a “human” under the alias J. H. Brenner, he bothers Integra on subways.

Integra finds most of the Sailor Knights as classmates at school:

Sailor Regenerator — Alex Anderson, tough transfer student. Already had vampire-hunting experience as an experiment of the Iscariot Organization. Has some angst about whether she’s truly human.

Sailor Ghoul — Kim, school gossip and would-be reporter. Alucard kills her and turns her into a mindless ghoul, then Integra and Alex have to figure out how to activate her mindful sailor powers.

Sailor Human — Pip Bernadette, feisty captain of the football team. She’s also a big fan of the Sailor V video game, and introduces it to Alex, who realizes it’s a shockingly accurate depiction of vampire habits.

Together they fight various monsters-of-the-week, and have prophetic dreams about an invading Enemy.

Eventually they meet up with Seras, already Sailor Vampire, who bonds with Integra over the trauma of having recently-deceased fathers. (Seras and Kim both get their own rooms in Integra’s basement.)

All this time Walter is helpful and supportive, and knows more about what’s happening than he lets on.

The Big Bad of this season is Incognito, who manages to catch our heroines off-guard in battle. Alucard gets temporarily dissolved while saving them, prompting Integra to awaken to her true identity as the Master of Monster. Part of her power is to know that Alucard isn’t dead. He’s just resting.

The team finds a secret message from Integra’s father — the previous Master of Monster — in the basement. Also, a cool sword.

They regroup and go after Incognito again — it still gets off to a bad start — Alex loses an arm (it’ll grow back) and Pip loses an eye (it won’t). Eventually they turn things around and stab Incognito with the cool sword. He did manage to summon Sett, but Integra summons Alucard, and together they take him down too.

Happy ending! Right?

In the aftermath, Integra finally learns that J. H. Brenner = Alucard = creator of the Sailor V game.

Just as they’re starting to bond, a tiny child falls out of the sky, crashes onto Alucard’s head, and demands Integra’s staff…

Sailor Hellsing R(omancia)

That’s right, in this AU the baobhan sith is Alucard and Integra’s child from the future.

With the help of high-tech gadget Alu-P, she hypnotizes Walter and the other Knights into believing that she’s “Integra’s little sister, Laura.”

I…had not actually worked out who would be the Big Bad this season.

It’s been suggested that Enrico Maxwell would make a good Prince Diamond — white-haired pretty-boy with an equal rank to, and unhealthy obsession with, our main character. And that works very well! But with most of Iscariot already cast as Sailor Knights, it’s tough to fill in the rest of the Black Moon Clan.

In the few pages I actually drew, Luke and Jan Valentine took the place of the Ayakashi Sisters. Can’t remember if that was supposed to go anywhere.

Point is, mumbletymumble is attacking the future city of Crystal London: a paradise where vampires and humans live together in harmony, ruled by Countess Integrity and her Count.

During the attack, [car horn] kills the respected vampire recluse Helena, who promptly awakens as Sailor Ghost, and uses her powers to send the Countess’ daughter Laura safely into the past.

At first Laura plans to yoink the staff of the Master of Monster. When the Sailor Knights gain her trust, she decides to bring the whole team to the future instead.

She gets briefly kidnapped by [loud coughing] and artificially aged into an evil form known as Highland Lady. (It’s a baobhan sith pun.) Thanks to her Hellsing blood, she has some control over Alucard, which leads to a battle of wills between her and Integra. Also she probably tries to make out with Integra at some point. Things get weird like that.

Finally Laura gets rescued and awakened as Sailor Dhampir, a Sailor Knight for future generations.

So obviously her parents decide to send her back into the past for training.

Sailor Hellsing U(ltimate)

Herr Doktor is a mad scientist with an evil plan: turn Rip Van Winkle into a vessel for the Dark Messiah, known as Samiel. He’s going to put her original personality to sleep and then summon Samiel using the Three Holy Relics.

That’s why the Iscariots have come to town: they’re determined to find the Three Holy Relics first. No matter who they have to kill to make it happen.

Sailor Iscariot — Heinkel Wolfe, intersex dagger-wielder and regenerator mark 2.0.

Sailor Berserker — Yumie Takagi, alternate personality of Yumiko Takagi. Only Heinkel really understands and appreciates both of them.

Enrica Maxwell — not a senshi, just their handler. Beautiful girl who looks like a handsome boy. Tries to kiss Integra. Gets punched for her trouble.

For an extra twist, all of this causes a minor crisis of loyalty for Alex. (I didn’t work out her backstory in too much detail, but I think technically she never stopped working for Iscariot.)

Anyway, it turns out the Relics were inside our heroines all along! Heinkel has the Belt of Thomas, Yumie has the Sword of Saint Peter, and Alex has Helena’s Nail.

They use them to summon the Holy Grail, which lets Integra power up into Ultimate Sailor Hellsing.

Also, they rescue Rip, and awaken her as Sailor Huntress. Working together, the full team takes out Samiel (and Doc along the way).

Bonus: The She is the corpse of Doc’s previous attempt at a Samiel-vessel. He was sure he’d get it right the second time. Honest.

Sailor Hellsing: Read or Dream Arc

Someone on TVTropes suggested the R.O.D characters get involved in Sailor Hellsing, just as they did in And Shine Heaven Now. I like it. And of course season 4 is the natural place for the characters from the Read or Dream manga….

So in place of the Amazoness Quartet, let’s have a young Yomiko, Michelle, Maggie, and Anita as the Paper Quartet. Their monsters-of-the-week this season are I-jin rather than vampires, and they’re run by the Dead Book Circus.

Eventually the paper-users get rescued from villainy and awakened as the Library Quartet, a team of auxiliary Sailor Knights who protect Sailor Dhampir in the future.

Sailor Hellsing: The Dawn

This isn’t a full season, it’s a movie. Or a bonus volume. Something like that.

We already know Arthur Hellsing was the first Master of Monster. This is where we find out that Alucard, in Girlycard guise, was the previous Sailor Vampire. Joining her on the battlefield was Young Walter, who ran around in a tuxedo and threw a lot of roses.

To squeeze in a full team, I’d cast a genderswapped young Shelby Penwood as the previous Sailor Human. Keeping with the Shine crossovers, Madeline de Paris would make a good original Sailor Regenerator…and, well, if Sailor Ghoul should be ditzy-but-cute, a genderswapped Bertie Wooster would fit the bill.

They fought Sailor Millennia, but weren’t able to actually defeat him. (Also, they lose track of the young Sailor Huntress in the process.) They only managed to send him into hiding. He’ll be back eventually…

Sailor Hellsing: Sailor Wars

Sailor Millennia is back — and he wants a great war.

Schrödinger, the Captain, Alhambra, and Zorin round out the Shadow Battallion. Give them some names like Sailor Millennium Nyanko, Sailor Millennium Wolf, Sailor Millennium [Card] Shark, and…okay, I don’t know how to squeeze Zorin into this pattern. In canon she did an illusion of morphing into the Hellsing grounds, so maybe Sailor Millennium Lawn.

More crossover possibilities:

Vampire Hunter D — a mysterious lonely soldier from far in the future — can be the equivalent of Sailor Cosmos. Instead of Chibi Chibi, imagine a tiny form who goes around saying nothing but “Didi.”

Count D (the one from Pet Shop of Horrors) would make a beautiful stand-in for the Chinese-influenced Kakyuu, wouldn’t he? I don’t know if we can pull off all three Starlights, but Leon(a) Orcot would definitely cross the galaxy to find D if he had to. And it’s not hard to see him getting an awkward crush on Integra for a while.

Act 16 Page 16

Act 16 Page 16 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 16

Sailor Vampire — Knight of the Undead.
Sailor Regenerator — Knight of Life Artificial.
Sailor Ghoul — Knight of the Dead.
Sailor Human — Knight of the Living.

Alucard: And Sailor Hellsing . . . knight of the divine.

Integra: So that’s it. I fit the pattern after all.

Alucard. We’ll call you if this little girl does anything we can’t handle.

But that doesn’t seem likely.

Alucard: Knock on wood, Master . . .

[Act XVI – End]

Act 16 Page 15

Act 16 Page 15 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 15

Integra: All right. New holy objects . . . I think I can do that.

Let there be new keys to unlock the powers held within these four: the power of the Sailor Knights, to banish impure souls into eternal damnation. In the name of God and Her Majesty — Amen.

Act 16 Page 14

Act 16 Page 14 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 14

Integra: Just stay on your guard. This toy of hers is powerful. It might not be the only surprise out there.

Seras: Sir Integra? I have a question . . .

Integra: Yes, schoolgirl?

Seras: Our crosses got a bit destroyed in the last battle, so . . .

What can we do to defend ourselves?


Integra: Seras, you’re a vampire! Alex has regeneration powers! Kim can survive being reduced to a pile of dust. And Pip is strong, coordinated, agile, and fast.

As for me — I can use a gun. And we still have Alucard, if we need him. We can do plenty without our Sailor Knight powers.

Alex: That’s all very true, Integra. But . . .

Integra: But, what?

Alex: But I miss my bayonets.

Act 16 Page 13

Act 16 Page 13 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 13

Seras: I knew something wasn’t right . . .

Alex: It’s all hazy.

[Laura got to them too. ]

Kim: i don’t know! it ‘s so weird!

Pip: Well, if she confused Kim, she must be real powerful, huh? But seriously — she sounds like bad news.

Integra: And yet, somehow, even now . . . however little sense it makes, she doesn’t feel like a threat.

There’s nobody like her in Hellsing’s records. But she knows about me, the Master of Monster, and my staff.

And she’s made herself completely at home here — in my home. She even wears my old clothes . . .

It’s no use talking to Walter. He’s gone silly over her.

Walter: and what should I make you for dinner tonight?

[latent wish that Integra was young again, perhaps? ]

Integra: But she’s not hurting him, so I’m not going to take any action against her — for now.

Act 16 Page 12

Act 16 Page 12 published on No Comments on Act 16 Page 12

Jan: So . . . that’s the Hellsing house.

Luke: Yes. Yes, it is. Our prey will have reached it by now. Let’s give her time to settle in . . .

Let her start feeling safe.

Integra: Whatever you think you remember — I don’t have a sister. I’ve never had a sister.