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by Americangothic on Wed Dec 06, 2006 10:15 am

Poor Integra…growing up way, way, way too soon. I secretly hope that somewhere, deep down in that mature, logical mind of hers, she keeps a little bit of her younger child self in there….and I hope someday that inner child struggles to the surface and breaks free before she crashes and burns.

I always think of her as a re-incarnation of the Virgin Queen– struggling to keep England strong, pushing away every hope of a king/consort for herself. Must be lonely at the top.

Sorry for the musings. I’m avoiding work. I have a bad case of vacationitis.

by SailorPtah on Wed Dec 06, 2006 11:40 am

Oh, I know. It’s tough, as a writer and an Integra fan, because I want her to keep that strength and that maturity but I also want to believe she has that inner child. And it’s hard to bring the inner child out without undermining that strength.

Of course, while this is a Hellsing fancomic, you know that it’s more idealistic than Hellsing itself . . . Sailor Moon canon is folded in on some level, and love will win out in the end ^_^

I like the Virgin Queen comparison. She’s the Virgin Knight. I hope I can keep her that cool throughout.

(It was especially interesting in this storyline, where – starting today – you literally see her inner child struggling to hold up that adult standard.)

by Americangothic on Wed Dec 06, 2006 4:02 pm

I can so see Cate Blanchet doing Integra. She was a perfect Queen Elizabeth in “Elizabeth” (1998), and the last scenes where she states that she is married to England…..she’s got Integra’s voice and resolve…that certain tone that Integra gets that sends shivers down one’s spine.

And I guess that is why I can never seriously IXA. The thought flitters through my mind on occasion, but never for very long. I’ve read your page on IXA, and liked many of it’s points both on logic and emotional appeal, but at the same time, she still reminds me too much of Elizabeth I.

It’s the way she sits in her chair, the way she gives her commands, the way she deals with those around her. The parallels are many– the round table/Nobles, Walsingham/Alucard, Cecil/Walter, Section XIII/Spain/Spanish Embassidors, Hellsing/England…heck England/England. hummm…who would be her Robert Dudley? Maxwell?

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