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The Cursed Storyline 62/111

The Cursed Storyline 62/111 published on 1 Comment on The Cursed Storyline 62/111

Anthy: When that girl left the school, so did I.

Timothy: Did she transfer here?

Anthy: No. I don’t know where she is. There was…

….a conflict.

And when it was over, she had disappeared.

1 Comment

Urahara on Fri Jan 25, 2008 3:18 am


Why did I suddenly think of psyche-locks?

Xuanwu on Fri Jan 25, 2008 3:53 am


NeonProdigy on Fri Jan 25, 2008 4:33 am

I’m right there with Timothy. That was scaaary…

and kind-of reminded me of ROD…

Urahara on Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:33 am

(Looks like I need to gather more evidence before I attempt to break her psyche-locks…)

Black Mantha on Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:44 pm

SailorPtah wrote:
My guess is that all of those fall under the director’s self-admitted category of “stuff I put in because it looked cool” ^_~

That was pretty much my opinion of most of the series until I started reading the discussion forums. I’ve seen a 3500 word analysis of the ending song, and then another 4000 words on the body language shown there. Weather all the symbolism found was actually put in there or if Utena’s the greatest Rorschach test ever remains to be seen, but either way, it elevated this series to one of my favorites.

SailorPtah on Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:07 pm

Black Mantha wrote:
Utena’s the greatest Rorschach test ever

That’s actually my opinion of Evangelion šŸ˜€

Utena comes a close second. But I should emphasize that I think it’s a fantastically cool series. I just don’t think it means as much as people think it means.

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