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The Cursed Storyline 51/111

The Cursed Storyline 51/111 published on 1 Comment on The Cursed Storyline 51/111

Yumi: {And this is our chapel. The tour ends here. The confessional is all set up for you. Thank you very much for coming!}

Yumiko: {Your tour was very lovely, Yumi-chan.}

Yumi: {It was an honor!}

Heinkel: While we handle this, explore the campus. Take note of anything unusual.

And stay out of trouble! That’s an order!

Timothy: Yes, sir!…ma’am!…sir?…uh, yes!

1 Comment

Tommygunner70 on Thu Jan 10, 2008 7:30 am

*Reads todays comic*

Now that is a nice brew for trouble.

you have you’re japanese all girl school, a rookie Section 13 agent with the task to go exploring a little, plus the rookie is a boy and he doesn’t speek the native language.

now thats what i call the perfect brew for trouble and mayhem.

I hope reading that Italian-Japanese language guide on the flight was inough to keep him self out of trouble. .

Here, just for fun and Kicks.
as i am bored out of my mind anyway :p

Thimothy, following his first solo task goes exploring while trying to find out any and all detail he can on his own, along with stict order to stay out of trouble.

after looking thru one boring room after another he comes to a room that had a special name plate fixed to it.

with all the other rooms he just passed having nothing of the sort, Timothy figure that something important must be inside. as just looking isn’t considered a crime he opens to door and takes a look.

however as the door opens he was met by a small group of girls. his face turns bright red. his nose would have let loose a small stream of blood if Tomithy wasn’t so shocked. the girls were in the nude, busy dressing.

they all looked at him with angry eyes. what was sorry again in japanese? he thought while trying his best to remember. “Ahem… Umm… Gomen Nasai?” he said, still not sure if it did ment sorry or not.

The girls screamed out. “HENTAI!!!” all the while throwing objects at Timothy. A block of soap, a shoe, a few bottles of shampoo. anything solid was thrown at him.

just in time Timothy was able to snap out of his shocked state to close the door before all the things that were flying toward him had a chance to come to close.

Lightly terified he ran back to Yoriko and Heinkel, who were still doing the confessions to all the school girls.

from the looks of it, they had just finished up. Timothy, being the good catholic that he was entered the confession booth.

“Father heinkel… i have sin’s.”

“speak you’re sins and they will be forgiving.” heinkel answered, all the while wondering why his ward would want to have a confession while he gave him a job to do.

“I have failed my orders, I have caused problems by entering a room where girls where changing cloths.”

“all you’re sins will be forgiven, if you pray for them, but was there anything good in this sins? something meaningfull, something you learned?”

“I learned how Girl dressing room is written in japanese…”

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