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Raid the Sketchbook: Nurse Seras

Raid the Sketchbook: Nurse Seras published on 1 Comment on Raid the Sketchbook: Nurse Seras

Only once have I started drawing a storyline that I didn’t finish. It consisted of Integra getting the flu, Walter being helpful, and Seras bumbling around in a nurse uniform. I don’t remember what Alucard did. (Pip had yet to appear on the scene. This was, after all, back in 2003.)

A few months ago, putting together the current storyline, I decided to revive the long-abandoned plot point. Unfortunately, with all the other drama going on, there wasn’t room in the story for Nurse Seras. Please accept this bit of vintage art in apology.

As for this one…Well, let’s just say “Integra gets sick” isn’t the only plot point I’ve been sitting on for five years.

1 Comment

Ghiz on Sun Aug 24, 2008 5:09 am

No room for Seras in a nurse uniform? There’s always room for Seras in a nurse uniform 🙁

Count Crucis on Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:45 pm

I SEE! The fire makes perfect sense now. The original day when people were supposed to collect the plant, Kupala, is a day in honour of the Slavonic goddess of herbs (and sex 🙄 ) and it was a day which was a celebration of fire and water.
I wonder if Integra ever tried smoking the leaves in a makeshift cigar, considering the fire aspect of it. Tea works too, of course.
Looking back at my old artwork I find myself laughing, but my brother sometimes says, when I draw a new piece based on the old, that the old piece is better. Does this happen to anyone else?

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