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Raid the Sketchbook: Cat’s Cradle

Raid the Sketchbook: Cat’s Cradle published on 1 Comment on Raid the Sketchbook: Cat’s Cradle

– Some kind of fancy dress party, interrupted by an attack. Integra and her thigh holster to the rescue!
– Rip Van, also in formal wear. (Maybe she’s the one who attacked the party…?)
– Young Walter mixes up “attack” and “cat’s cradle.”
– Feet. (…I was in class, and I was bored.)
– Your doujinshi-ka is getting some notoriety for wearing the cat ears around campus…(It’s just a headband…nothing special…really!)
– Colbert inna blanket, looking snuggly.
– Enrico’s got his archbishoply vestments. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop him now. (Unfortunately.)

1 Comment

Xuanwu on Sun Dec 20, 2009 3:34 am

Rip van in the dress. Rowr. I would definitely take her to the opera.

You wear the cat ears around campus? That’s an awesome display of otaku-dom. And it’s cute. How do you fend off the fangirls/fanboys who want to hug you for it?

SailorPtah on Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:19 am

I, er, don’t. They don’t approach me. They just make posts about me on the Wheaton FML site ^_^;

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