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One Two Three Four, I Declare A World War 2/26

One Two Three Four, I Declare A World War 2/26 published on 1 Comment on One Two Three Four, I Declare A World War 2/26

Van Helsing: Your castle and your kingdom are gone. Your servant Renfield and your followers are dead. And the mark on her forehead is gone. She will not become yours.

You have nothing left, Count!

You poor “no life king”, you have nothing left!

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BigKwell on Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:57 pm

Abraham Van Helsing can be heartless!

Keito_Hime on Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:59 pm

*Is busy playing Kingdom Hearts 385/2 Days* Maybe Anderson can defeat him with his Keybayonet?

­čść ((Oh for the love of all that is Shine, can someone please draw a pic of Anderson like that?))

Michigami on Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:41 am

i did something vaguely like that a looong time ago, but i have no idea where it is to scan it anymore since i moved. i did a whole commissioned fic with illustrations of anderson becoming a heartless and a nobody after his death, and the org finding him, and there were paladin nobodies that served him and could summon up blades and cast holy magic and stuff.

it sounded better as a fic than as the description of the fic, because it also had org members 14-437, AKA the “nobodies who never were”, who were all rejects who either got killed as cannon fodder saving the original org’s butts, did something stupid to kill themselves, were eaten by one of vexen’s experiments, or were occasionally thrown off the closest tower of castle oblivion for asking xemnas too many stupid questions.

it also had bad joking comparisons by ander-nobody about xemnas and integra using the same beauty salon, (dark skin, light hair, bad joke, you get the idea) and that xemnas, maxwell, and major would get along well, since they both like to pontificate for hours about their chosen paths to greatness. and poor anderheartless turned into anderplant-shadow-heartless and marluxia kept him in vexen’s lab.

now that i think of it, i might have to find it in the compy and repost it somewhere, i had it on my geocities fanfic library, but geo kinda go bye-bye and ate the site.

and yes, i ramble, and write fantardy stuff occasionally, but i get bored with my real novel universes sometimes, and need to go play in someone elses’ for a while to get back in the mood sometimes. and this one was a birthday request from a veeeeery weird friend, which is the only reason it got written.

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