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London’s Last Stand 6/32

London’s Last Stand 6/32 published on 1 Comment on London’s Last Stand 6/32

Gossips: I hear she’s some kind of exotic princess he met on a hunt in India. / Really? I understood he picked her up in a brothel.

Arthur: Shelby! Have you met my wife?

Richard: …was all set to inherit the lot, then he up and brings home this [bleep] gold-digger…

Islands: Now, Richard, don’t be crude.

Arthur: Just one more helicopter! How can you resist this face?

Penwood: Stop using your daughter to beg for more supplies!

Penwood’s daughter: Daddy! That kid isn’t just hunting for eggs — she’s attacking them!

Penwood: Now, pumpkin, she’s just too little to know better.

Integra: I’m not doing it.

Arthur: Just one dance, honey? Sir Penwood hasn’t had a single partner all night.

Penwood: Hey!

Penwood: W-Walter?! This girl is supposed to be the new family head of Hellsing?

Integra: “This girl”?

I am the leader of the Hellsing Organization, Integral Wingates Hellsing. I killed my uncle to inherit this position. I’ll thank you to stop referring to me as “this girl.”

Knights: Do you think it’s true that Arthur’s “monster” is back? / If Lord Hellsing couldn’t keep whatever it is in check, what chance does a teenager have?

Penwood (thinking): This list is even longer than the last one! She’s worse than Arthur!

Integra: They dare attack this house built on blood and honor? I will see them roast in the deepest pits of hell! Alucard!

Penwood (thinking): Sorry, pumpkin…your dad’s not going to be the one to save the city. But she can. And if I made it that much easier for her, then I did a job you can be proud of.

Gun spirit: Shelby…?

1 Comment

BigKwell on Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:46 pm

Erin, I hate to nitpick (as always), but you’ve made a slight error in the introduction scene. Integra should have said, ‘Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing’.

Please forgive me! šŸ™

Kazokuhouou on Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:29 am

Honestly, even canon was inconsistent sometimes.

Xuanwu on Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:20 pm

I like to think of how she states her name as an emotional barometer. The more terse it is, the more screwed you are. So when she says her full name, she’s relatively happy and relaxed (by Integra standards). When she only uses three, it means she’s being cautious, but you’re not in any danger yet. When she uses two (Integra Hellsing), you’d better start watching for moving shadows around yourself. And if it’s one (Sir Integra or Sir Hellsing), expect her to arrange your visit to that special circle of Hell sometime soon. And like a circle, when she states her full name while pointing a gun at you, Rule of Cool says that there’s no chance to survive, make your time.

(Obviously canon disagrees with this, but it’s fun to think of.)

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