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London Third Eye 14/19

London Third Eye 14/19 published on 1 Comment on London Third Eye 14/19

Pip: It’s loot. The spoils of the ransacking of Europe.

Seras: Watches and candlesticks and china. Rolls of marks from a government that no longer exists. Even gold and silver fillings plundered from teeth.

Werewolves are vulnerable to plain silver. But Reseda’s right — this is holy. I can feel it. How is that even possible?

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Starcat5 on Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:59 pm

Actually, our resident drone flyer called him a “Female Dog”. …which is equally incorrect.

Too bad Seras is too nice to draw this out. It would have been a nicely Ironic “Kick the Son of a Bitch” moment. …and, yes, that IS an actual Trope. Look it up.

Also, The Colbert Report did a “Shout Out” to the MLP:FiM “Brony” community. Make of it what you will:

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