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Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves? 45/60

Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves? 45/60 published on 1 Comment on Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves? 45/60

Narration: Fortunately, Mr. Wooster’s relatives soon came to my aid.

Jeeves: Bind it securely, but don’t choke him.

Dahlia: Yes, Jeeves.

Walter: Mr. Jeeves? Hellsing’s team is on its way.

Jeeves: Very good.

Walter: Is Mr. Wooster gonna make it?

Jeeves: Only if he gets a transfusion in time.

If not, he will have died to protect you. Walter…I hope that you now understand why this is a man whom I am proud to serve.

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KLCtheBookWorm on Fri Nov 07, 2008 9:55 am

Okay, I’ve been a little distracted and unable to respond properly to the storyline, once my brain reboots after the sheer awesomeness of the strip. (Stupid real life always getting in the way.)

If there is an award out there for unlikely crossovers that shouldn’t succeed, but the writer’s sheer brilliance pulls it off, we need to nominate Erin. If it’s not an award, we need to create it so we can give it to Erin. I’m not kidding about the brain needing to reboot after each mind-blowing, awesome strip.

So my guess (because I have been distracted and have not done my homework on the other half of this crossover), Jeeves worked for Hellsing before working for Wooster (fuzzy pop culture reference, Jeeves wasn’t a family retainer but hired by Wooster, that I need to double check) and is retired but is still called out by Arthur for delicate/special missions. Fuzzy pop culture reference again, but I always got the impression that looking after Wooster was a bit more full-timed than the job description described, and therefore Jeeves wouldn’t have that much vampire killing time if he wanted to keep it a secret.

Just from the sheer awesomeness of this storyline, I want the real version of the “Sussex Vampire.” Which I have read and own, and my Holmes trivia a lot sharper than Jeeves universe knowledge.

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