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Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves? 34/60

Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves? 34/60 published on 1 Comment on Isn’t That A Little Bit Dangerous, Jeeves? 34/60

Narration: The next day I didn’t see Arthur until dinner, and I wasn’t going to make a scene before all of Anatole’s delicious courses had been served.

But Jeeves is so impressive that he can commandeer a conversation even when he’s nowhere nearby.

Dahlia: Bertram is a bit of a writer, aren’t you, dear? Why don’t you share one of your Jeeves stories?

Bertie: Oh, Aunt Dahlia, I really don’t think–

Mystery woman: Did you say Jeeves?

1 Comment

Xuanwu on Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:24 pm

I wonder if the female vampire is an agent for another vampire hunting group? And Jeeves is involved in helping them, which is why he’s gone?

Kazokuhouou on Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:53 am

I don’t know, remember at the beginning Bertie said she was smashing dinner tables. If she IS working for another vampire hunting group it’s probably Iscariot.

Though I’m thinking Jeeves is current or former Hellsing.

FelinaofL2 on Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:27 pm

Your Honor, that testimony clearly contradicts these pieces of evidence:
….and the Iscariot organization’s very Modus Operandi.

Ace Attorney foolishness aside, from the way Walter’s spoken, it sounds like he IS indeed learning more than just butlery from Jeeves.

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