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This update was late because I unexpectedly fell asleep at 8 PM the night before. Mono sucks.

Seras: I guess it’s my turn to take the inbox. This letter says, “Hey, Erin, don’t you have a new website?”

Why, yes! Yes, she does! With the imaginative URL of, her site is a pretty new hub for all of the cool stuff she does. You may have noticed that the URL on each strip has changed. Shine is still hosted on ComicGenesis, but it has the shiny new address of “”.

Of course, she hasn’t told many people about it, so unless someone noticed the URL, there’s no reason they would ask…

Erin, did you write that letter yourself as a setup to do some self-promotion?

Erin: Uh…maybe?

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Tommygunner70 on Sun Nov 18, 2007 5:10 am

well that was was creative.

i would love to reply to Saras about that.

“so what if she did? its better then letting Captian Pip make fun of you” XD

crap, i am must be losing my mind, i’m starting to act as if they are actually real…

Abadon XXX on Sun Nov 18, 2007 8:46 am

Good idea making your own site with the whole comic genesis fiasco and all *nod nod*

Tommygunner70 on Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:01 pm

Ok… i am shocked…

i went to Erin’s Page and i ended up at her YouTube account. and in her favorites there i saw one vid titled “Kinderen voor Kinderen song – Two Fathers”

i had the cold chills running down my spine.
ok maybe you lot cant imagine why, but as a lative to the language…
lets just say that some people need a barf bag because the singing is so… how do you say… Croket? off tune?
but even though a cat screaming its brains out sounds better, they still watch it because of the cute kids who preforms it.

it’s even worse then our anthom or some of our Local Music.

You realy, REALLY scare the crap out of me for just having it in you’re favorite’s there Erin…

SailorPtah on Sun Nov 18, 2007 8:14 pm

In this country, if a kids’ show included any sort of kid singing about a same-sex couple, the episode would be dropped, a campaign would be held to cancel the show, the creators (and the kid) would get hate mail, and there would be at least one death threat.

I love my country, but it has far too many crazy people. The existence of that song demonstrates that your country has less. That’s why it’s in my favorites.

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