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Hellsing 21st Anniversaryd

Hellsing 21st Anniversaryd published on No Comments on Hellsing 21st Anniversaryd

On April 10, 1997, Young King Ours magazine published the first chapter of a certain manga by an artist known mainly for his hentai. For the next ten years he would keep drawing, with lots of delays and stalling and begging for assistants – but even as he worked slowly, the idea was caught up by animators and merchandisers and translators and ever-increasing legions of fans, who took it and ran with it.

Happy birthday, Hellsing.

Seras: Why the big splash for the 21st anniversary, and not the 20th?

Integra: The artist is American.

Alucard: Which means that this is the year Hellsing can celebrate . . . being old enough to drink.

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